Two notes: 1776 wasn't the start of a revolution in defense of Democracy. Indigenous and Black and poor people of that era would not think of it as that. In addition, Britain already had a democracy. The colonists didn't get to elect members of parliament…
but again, when the US was established, women, the poor, Black people, and Indigenous people had no representation, so show me some who cared about King George and "taxation without representation."
2. You can't start a paragraph with "The bad news is" when your previous 25 paragraphs were filled with bad news, and in fact, your entire essay is.

These errors aside, this essay by Zeynep Tufekci is really really good: you should all read it.…
I hadn't remembered this section correctly:

"Boebert intended to compare the “Stop the Steal” rally to the Revolutionary War against England, and those who gathered on the Ellipse to the patriots who fought the redcoats in defense of their liberty."

That's even worse.
Colonists didn't fight the Revolutionary War for liberty. They fought for power. Tufekci, in that paragraph, conflates colonists defending their liberty with colonists defending democracy and they weren't defending either.
Boebert shouldn't be described as standing on the wrong side of that precedent, since it didn't have a right side.

• • •

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12 Jan
Proposing calling the Trump insurrectionists and Trump supporters in general neo-Confederates. I don't have a problem with somewhat imprecise terms. Just add neo which means new therefore implies changes, not just reprisal. Confederates were terrorists, racists, and slave owners.
We should not shy away from Neo-Nazi. I've noticed fascist is commonly used to describe people who probably don't call themselves fascists, but Neo-Nazi is infrequently used for people who don't call themselves Neo-Nazis. Why? If someone hates Jews, Black and Brown people, and
...Muslims, just call them Neo-Nazis unless you're calling them neo-Confederates instead because it fits better.

Also, I personally didn't learn anything about what the fascists did or believed in school, but did learn something about Confederates, slavery, and the Holocaust.
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15 Dec 20
#Lizzo believed that a temp. "detox" would help her health (which isn't just about weight) and people were angry at Lizzo, so her name's trending.

I looked up Lizzo's net worth: about 10 million USD

I looked up the alt med industry's value: about 70 billion USD globally (1/7)
While not everyone who is poor relative to the global alternative med industry believes that you can "detox" by drinking smoothies and eating nuts, many people do!! Some of them go to nutritionists who agree that their clients have toxins that "detox" diets will expell. (2/7)
(Dietitians and nutritionists are not the same thing and the former is a clinician and the latter is something else.)

The alt med industry benefits from placebo effects and customers, so they sell dietary "treatments" for having too much fat, but also for other things that (3/7)
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13 Dec 20
This article by Joseph Epstein, is complete with:

• calling Dr. Jill Biden kiddo
• asserting that Americans understand "Dr." to mean physician and not a person with a doctorate, which is beyond comprehension
• asserting universities have lowered their standards for granting
honorary degrees, but Biden's Ed.D isn't honorary
• asserting that political correctness must be to blame for Black women being awarded honorary degrees in any given year which doesn't just mean the author thinks that Black women are undeserving; because of the prev. point,
it means he thinks they are really, really undeserving!
• trashing American tennis and women's rights hero Billie Jean King
• trashing comedians Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers perhaps because they've interviewed and worked with women before, and the author would never do that
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7 Nov 20
Trump is a fascist terrorist who banned Muslims from entering the United States, pardoned war criminals and a concentration camp designer (Arpaio), ripped families apart, committed a terrorist attack on the people of DC using the military to assault them with aircraft, gas, and
other weapons, lost track of where the families he ripped apart were so they couldn't be re-united, made refugees wait in a dangerous country to seek asylum, inspired terrorism like the pipe bomber and the Tree of Life shooter, said Unite the Right had good people on both sides,
condoned genocide, called for the stopping of lawful vote counting, refused to condemn various violent actors and hate groups including Q-Anon blood libel promoters who worship him, fired six inspectors general within six weeks, can I stop yet?

I don't know what people like
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