I told the Mike Omotosho Annual Lecture as it’s 2021 Keynote Speaker that if Nigeria’s new Vision2050 is to succeed and we are to lift 100 million out of poverty, we must first understand why Vision2010, Vision2020, Transformation Agenda, Economic Growth and Recovery Plan failed.
There are two main reasons, and they offer important lessons. First, a national vision is a joke if it is conceived and executed as if it is separate from the broader governance of a country in every aspect. This is what we have been doing. But EVERYTHING must work together
in order to achieve any Vision whatever year. The plan can’t exist in isolation from the everyday reality which, if not a positive one, will surely defeat the economic development plan. Second, the art and science of strategy must guide the development and execution of the plan.
Strategy is first and foremost about thinking.Thinking is more important than we think. We must think deeply first, before we make plans, and then before we execute. This is absent in Nigeria, where deep thinking about policy is often absent and we often take knee-jerk approaches
When we act as if strategy is about planning only without thinking deeply we won’t go far. The best way to develop strategy is to make a CHOICE. Choice determines the future to which all our effort goes to achieving. Nigeria is yet to make a fundamental choice about whether it is
or can become a real nation. When we make that choice first, then Vision2050 will have a better chance of success. I suggest that the obvious choice is constitutional restructuring back to real federalism that allows various parts of the country at regional or state/local levels
to develop and create wealth locally which in turn becomes Nigeria’s national wealth. The choice generates strategic possibilities and processes of strategy. Then we move to strategy execution, which calls for discipline, eliminating short-termism, creating buy-in, and so on.
And then we can’t take 100 million out of poverty if we are not prepared to control our population which is outpacing economic growth - the perfect recipe for entrenched poverty. If we say we want to take millions out of poverty while we allow our population to grow faster than
economic growth rate then we don’t even understand what it means to take our population out of poverty. The first things China did to move 750 million people out of extreme poverty were first to make a philosophical choice towards market capitalism and away from socialist
economics, and then to step up its control of its population. They did theirs by force. We in Nigeria can do it on a voluntary basis in which we massively educate our men and women to make better choices and create incentives for families that control their numbers.

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25 Dec 20
Arriving Genesis House, my country home in Akaboezem Community in Uruagu, Nnewi North LGA, yesterday. Since I built it in 2004 while a #UN official in Geneva, it’s been an oasis that connects me to my roots in my local community. ImageImageImage
It stands on the site of my late father Isaac Moghalu’s bungalow (Washington House) that he built in 1966 while he was a Nigerian Foreign Service Officer. We spent most of the Nigeria-Biafra civil war in this compound, which was different then- it also had an air raid bunker!
As is traditional with the Igbos, the grave of my late father is here also. It pained me to have to break down his house to build Genesis House because we did not have a large expanse of land. Many fond memories, including getting lost (and later found!) when,
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25 Dec 20
The winners of my giveaway quiz (1st 5 correct answers) for Wole Soyinka’s newest novel “Chronicle of the Happiest People on Earth” are:

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8 Dec 20
Widows in Nigeria have a hard time. They are first hit by financial and economic hardship. Next, husband probably left no will and his relatives will take over his property (including land she can farm). Then comes loneliness and depression. We have no social security in Nigeria.
If she is “fortunate” her kids may be grown and earning and can support her, but if they are young they may have to drop out of school, restoring a cycle of inter generational poverty. The economic impact of widowhood is not just financial. Poverty takes many forms including lack
of access to opportunities the widow may have had with her late husband’s support and protection. Then she faces social stigma, discrimination and possible sexual abuse. In patriarchal societies like ours women are often wrongly seen as second class, widows as third class.
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5 Dec 20
“What have you done for your village?” This popular question, asked of successful professionals, public servants, or political leaders, signifies corruption as inverted philanthropy. I am not the Anambra State Government or Nnewi North LGA. A failure of government to perform
its functions should not be passed off to individuals - especially those who are or have been public servants and not wealthy entrepreneurs. This misplaced expectation is partly why public officers steal public funds so that they can “do things” for their community that honest
income can’t afford. We Nigerians should not allow our paradigm perceptions to be distorted by the collapse of values that has happened in our country.
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14 Nov 20

1. It’s natural that President Trump and his supporters are shell-shocked by the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election which,according to the vote tallies confirmed (but not yet formally
2. certified) so far, as well as media projections and “calls” on the basis of the vote count, he has lost to Joseph R. Biden. It can’t be pleasant for any candidate to lose an election, let alone one with Trump’s well known temperament and personality. His favorite word for his
3. political opponents is “loser”. It must hurt and strain the limits of his relationship with facts, truths, and reality (always controversial even at the best of times) to be put into the same bucket by the outcome of an election which, in its 2016 edition, made him the winner.
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9 Sep 20
Our governments invest political and financial capital in infrastructure. Physical infrastructure is important but, as a development strategy, the most important investment, the highest priority, is human development: quality of life - health, education and skills, potable water,
life expectancy (how long a country’s citizens live on average). The development trajectory should be: 1. Human Development (mainly social infrastructure); 2. Economic Growth (which includes GDP growth and can be helped by physical infrastructure); 3. Structural Transformation
(a shift away from single commodity or natural resource dependency to a diversified economy based on complex, value-added production and services). Failure to proceed in this order is why real development has eluded Nigeria and many other African countries.
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