Brexit also brings UK pork sector to standstill. Surprise eh? @RichardAENorth ๐Ÿ™„
UK pork processors are experiencing significant issues in exporting products to the EU, which has already brought part of the industry to a complete standstill, risking knock-on impacts on farm.
The widely seen footage of overzealous Dutch (*my edit: "no they were not"*) inspection officials confiscating ham sandwiches transported by British hauliers is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the UK pig sector is concerned.
The NPAโ€™s processor members have reported that
excessive (*my edit: only for non-EU members*) bureaucracy associated with paperwork requirements are causing delays at Dover, Calais and other ports. With pork being a perishable product, these delays are making UK shipments unattractive to buyers in the EU, forcing processors
to reject shipments and cancel future orders.
Despite the trade deal agreed between the EU & UK just before Christmas, the UKโ€™s formal departure from the EU Customs Union and Single Market was always going to mean additional checks, new labelling and certification requirements
and delays at ports. While the full overall impact of the new rules is yet to be felt, as UK export volumes remain lower than normal for the time of year, the UK pig sector is already feeling the effect. Processors have reported a number of issues, including:
โ€ข Officials at ports in the UK, France, Ireland and the Netherlands are taking a far more stringent approach to assessing paperwork, which in itself appears to be excessive. (welcome to 3rd country status)
One load was caught at Calais for 20 hours undergoing vet checks and then
rejected upon finally reaching its destination in Germany because of the delay.
โ€ข Additional paperwork is causing major delays for processors โ€“ one processor said it took nine hours to prepare the paperwork for one shipment to the EU last week.
โ€ข Another processor reported that when sending product to the Netherlands, each Export Health Certificate (EHC) needed 12 stamps for the English, Dutch and French versions required in duplicate.
Therefore, for a 15 tonne load, the vet had to stamp paperwork 72 times.
There is no electronic option at present โ€“ all EHCs have to be in hard copy
โ€ข Another processor reported that as we are now a 3rd country, new rules require inspectors to check labels on each box in a consignment of pork products meaning that the whole pallet has to be offloaded
and broken apart to check the boxes in the middle, adding more time to the process.
โ€ข The Eurotunnel needs to process 500 lorries an hour but only has the veterinary capacity for 150 an hour which will slow things down even more.
โ€ข The administrative burden of EHCs means that
vets are struggling to meet the demand and the costs for exporters have increased.
โ€œWe are seeing a bureaucracy overload and it is already having a big impact on the pig sector,โ€ NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said.
โ€œThis is partly an inevitable consequence of Brexit โ€“
we always knew it would mean more red tape, checks and delays. But there is a political element, too. Why are 30% of all UK consignments to the EU are being checked? This is far more than many other 3rd Country exporters to the EU - for New Zealand, for example, the figure is 1%
(*my edit: yes that's because of the *negotiated* deal and the fact NZ is not wanting the right to *diverge* on standards. It's not fekking hard to understand surely?*)

Dr Davies explained that the delays were forcing processors to cancel some shipments, with
the cull sow trade particularly badly hit. Processors are currently wary of sending shipments out in case they are rejected due to deterioration of product following severe delays. โ€œThe concern is that the situation is only going to get worse as export volumes increase over ...
he coming weeks, putting more pressure on a system that is already buckling,โ€ Dr Davies added.
โ€œFor the pig sector, this comes on top of an already very difficult situation with processing plants hit by COVID-19 outbreaks and therefore unable to process pigs at the usual rate,
meaning pigs are already staying on farms longer than they otherwise would.โ€
In the first 10 months of 2020, the UK exported more than 180,000 tonnes of pork to the EU, a vitally important trade for the sector accounting for 44% of UK pork exports.
โ€œIf this trade grinds to a standstill, on top of the COVID issues, we are going to see some serious problems across the sector,โ€ Dr Davies said.
โ€œThe Government does not appear to think there is a problem. The clear message we are receiving from our processors is that there is โ€“
and we want to see some concerted action and political will to speed the processes up on both sides, with greater priority given to perishable products, such as pork.โ€
While UK products going to the EU are subject to additional checks, the same rules wonโ€™t be applied to products
coming the other way for some time, as the UK is phasing in its checks. (*my edit: because HMG knows it does not have the capacity do so. More peak chaos coming around 1/4 and esp around 1/7*)
โ€œWhile this delay is convenient for a Government that wants to ensure there are no
empty shelves in supermarkets, UK producers are being placed at a huge disadvantage and we have absolutely no leverage to convince the EU to change their position.
โ€œIt is clear that the Commission wishes to make Brexit as painful and as messy as possible to prevent any other
country from following suit, so we have very little hope of improving things. (**My edit: The Commision is there to protect the better interests of member states over *competitor* non-member states..& to appy 3rd country rules consistently Why *is* this so hard to understand??**)
โ€œThe Government needs to accept we have a situation here that needs to be resolved, and quickly,โ€ Dr Davies added.

*My edit: None of above should be a surprise as the rules are not "new" but *existing* rules for non SM/CU members... just needed to study *these* non-member rules
adding further weight to the realisation that most of the UK somehow rather idiotically/unforgiveably throught the "deal" (any FTA) was going to match that of SM/CU membership*

Extra popcorn supplies will be purchased ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข

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More from @vivamjm

13 Jan
Remarkable the number of brexiters who are generally saying now that UK is subject to non EU/EEA member/3rd country rules ("diktat bureaucracy"/UK helped create) it is "justification" for be subjected to the non member rules.. they detest
The mindset is incredible.
Reporting doesn't help in not pointing out here, Dutch seizing of ham sandwiches is same Brits can expect on entering any EU.. or EFTA country or Oz/USA/Canada ...*or NI* ...or upon returning to GB
(from 1/7 only with regards to EU/EFTA because HMG hasn't provided the capacity)
Which again leads me to the UK official 6 months "border facilitation" flow over compliance smugglers charter.. that UK media so reticent to report on all.
Right now anybody bringing goods into GB does not need to lodge full customs declarations until 1/7 and
Read 7 tweets
12 Jan
Eric 71 former shipyard worker from Newcastle
"There's a lot of average working guys that have done exactly what I've done and it's just not going to be possible now. I don't think anyone expected the rug to be pulled from under them so quickly."
Why so Eric? UK votedย Leaveย EU
& then voted for Johnson as *impatient* to 'Get Brexit Done'?
BBC misleading reporting of "new rules" here and not the *accurate* *existing rules* for *non EU* citizens. The term "Freedom Of Movement" not used i.e. the thing @Conservatives have "proudly" stopped. I wonder why?
Fucking BBC. This is also where people should feel badly let down by @Keir_Starmer & @LabourParty . They should be explaining clearly to people like Eric why they can no longer enjoy the benefits of the richer and more priveleged. How a vote for leaving the EU meant this...
Read 5 tweets
9 Jan
"...but letโ€™s be clear, there is not going to be a famine".

so count yourselves lucky

Brext benefitsโ€ฆ
Haulage firm boss Lorenzo Zaccheo, managing director of Alcaline UK in Lympne near Hythe is expecting deliveries to take two-and-a-half days longer than last year when the country was still following EU rules.
He said vehicles were currently getting stuck at ports for seven hours
and European hauliers were turning down work in the UK, even when offered twice the usual rate.

Mr Zaccheo told Today he thought the problems would go on for โ€œmonthsโ€ longer.
โ€œFirst of all there are not enough clearing agents out there โ€“โ€œIt is just a complete mess.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jan
Most don't yet seem to be grasping same will befall GB/EU trade...same GB/NI *customs & regulatory barriers* are now here too.
& as with GB to NI...greater in one direction (GB to EU) than in the other (EU to GB)...

The lack of balanced to/from circular (back-load) flow the same
Before I learned about even M&S/major companies caught unawares by the new adverse trading conditions I'd have expected more general readiness for what's coming GB/EU over GB/ not so sure.
Once the Dec. stockpiling reduces the approach to end of Jan will be *interesting*
& btw worth pointing out yet again the official 6 months HMG "border facilitation" flow over compliance policy is a euphemism for "smugglers' charter"...
and as above won't actually work (a la GB/NI) unless it's in balance both directions.
Read 5 tweets
8 Jan
From a friend
"Wanted to message you: as of right now DPD has completely suspended road transport into Europe and ParcelForce has suspended their Euro Priority service into Europe (this being their only service that offer DDP)
Thus... I am royally fucked
2/ as I have promised this to customers. Also.. Amazon has demanded this from their sellers.
Only other potential option is to use flight options costing upwards of ยฃ25-30 per shipment (for the little 300g packages I send). God bless UK sovereignty!"
...another friend worked at DPD many years. None of directors believed they'd be fucked trying to send 25 trailer loads with 1000s of consignees all needing separate customs declaration clearances. They told her businesses wouldn't let it happen and that she should vote leave
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
From another friend:

"Currently we've got 20 loaded trailers parked at XXXXX. but not ready to go because XXXXX and XXXXXX having a row over whose job it is to sort the customs declarations out. We also have multiple loads (near where I used to live ๐Ÿ˜ฌ) . The same problem
On Monday we sent 4 trucks to XXXXX to load export. Once loaded, the trucks then spent 20 hours waiting for to customs stuff to be sorted. Business is totally unprepared for this
Also got 4 loads at a warehouse in XXXXX but we can't take them to the port because.....
Yep that's right, the customs stuff isn't done
I'm having a few days on containers because regular work pulling Tautliners quiet. I'll be back on that soon & we load a lot of trailers for Ireland. These always ship out of Bootle. I'll let you know how get on with the Irish stuff
Read 4 tweets

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