The capital of the United States of America has been turned into a military zone and there’s a massive fascist movement threatening shared society because the wealthy and powerful created an alternate reality where they could maintain power and direct anger away from themselves.
Really let that sink in, because that’s the truth.

Trump, the Right, their poisonous media ecosystem, these grifters and bad faith politicians.

All of it part of a toxic stew of designed, tested, and weaponized conspiracy theories to hide boundless greed and inhuman cruelty.
We have to hold Trump accountable and change material conditions in this country, but nothing will change if we don’t investigate white supremacy, the paranoia that accompanies it, and that wealthy and powerful people have constructed an alternate reality to keep a grip on power.
If you want to understand what’s happening, go back to 2010 when billionaires like the Kochs used racism to create an angry mob in order to get tax cuts, deregulation, and undermine government. There’s a direct line and it’s all about redirecting anger for power and profit.
Trumpism, QAnon, all of it, is just an alternate story that redirects anger from the wealthy who plundered this country to shadowy conspiracies using whites supremacist paranoia and fascist tropes.

It’s a con, a misdirection. A game within a game.

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15 Jan
The fascist movement in this country currently controls the White House and the Senate and believes the government is so far beyond its control only violence and the destruction of democracy will fix it.

They’re losing both very soon. The violence will only get worse.
A lot of what we’re dealing with is perceived persecution, angry people who believe society has been wrested from them by conspiracies and nefarious crimes. These movements, as the move with New World Order/Patriot Movement from Bush to Clinton, thrive with “opposition” in charge
One of the hardest tricks for fascists has been to have Trump as president and still sell the idea they were fighting the government. To square that circle the Deep State and QAnon twisted logic into incredible knots.

Now they have a “stolen election” and an “illegitimate” POTUS
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13 Jan
People are going to try their damnedest to tell a story that Trump was the cause of this crisis and a total aberration.

The truth is that America’s history is lousy with fascism, that the Right and the wealthy created an environment of fascistic lies to expedite profit and power
This symbolic outrage from a party who has gleefully used Trump to dismantle government, fundraise, and stock the courts right up until the last week of his term will help build that narrative.

This lie will only grow the very real danger we’re in.
We’re facing fascism because of our weaponized mythologies of American exceptionalism that spurred on oppressive empire and hid white supremacy, we’re here because of planned economic inequality and because fascism is a means of suppression of reform.
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12 Jan
Let's put it simply.

The people who ruined this country, who grew inequality, who destroyed government as a public good, who made our lives miserable, all for profit, hid their guilt by whipping up a fascist movement with weaponized, white supremacist conspiracy theories.
The wealthy and powerful plunder a country for everything it's worth, damn the people to lesser lives, and when it all starts to come apart, they rely on fascists to reinforce their will and attack reform movements.

We've seen it before. Here and abroad.
We can't keep pretending like this isn't what happened, that the wealthy and powerful aren't using fascists radicalized by their own weaponized misinformation, and that it just...appeared.

This is why we're here. This is what's happening. Address this.
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12 Jan
The Right has no principles beyond pursuit of power and wealth.

They’re not pro-life, they’re not for free markets, they’re not fiscally or socially conservative, they’re not pro-troops, and after their people murdered cops we know they’re not actually pro-law enforcement.
We have passed the point where Republicans can engage in good faith, cooperative government. It’s a fascistic, anti-democratic movement that exists to protect white supremacy and the power of wealthy men and corporations by weaponizing poisonous conspiracy theories.
There is no uniting. There’s no reaching across the aisle. THERE IS NO AISLE. Those of us in the building are watching the Right break down the doors and burn the house down.

It’s not a political party. It’s an existential threat.
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12 Jan
It’s not just whether there will be violence or another attempted coup over the next nine days. It’s the absolute certainty there’ll be more violence and more intentional undermining of government and shared society if this existential crisis isn’t addressed.
We’re watching a fascistic movement. It’s not just a moment of violence or a brief window. It’s a sustained, coordinated, coalescing movement that’s feeding off weaponized conspiracy theories and societal alienation and anger. It’s not just going away.
We have to be ready for more violence and more coup attempts in the very near future, but if they’re avoided, if they don’t happen, we can’t just believe we’re out of the deep, deep water, because this has been building for years and it’s only getting worse.
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10 Jan
We're facing a fascistic movement that's backed by the wealthy and powerful who want to dismantle government, an administration and party desperate to cling to power, a racist evangelical base, and a mob lost in weaponized conspiracy theories.

This video is a primer and explainer of the complicated and frightening moment we find ourselves in, a crisis that is a long, long time coming and that won't simply stop unless we address it and the underlying factors.

Have the hard conversations about this. Reject this.
Talk to the people around you about what this coup attempt was, the fascist movement growing in this country, and the very real history the wealthy and powerful don't want you to know.

The only we way we're going to escape this is to expose what it is and fight against it.
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