@lexfridman 12:37 This guy has too many brains for a place like Harvard, mentioning God right outta the box.
@lexfridman 15:10 This guy gets it with the scales of ants, grains, lifespans and gratitude.
@lexfridman 22:00 It's a light-pumper. They tend to **reflect** because it's how they move. twitter.com/i/events/10849…
@lexfridman 24:40 Yeah, "ice". Baby to go. Turn off the lights and I'll glow.
@lexfridman 28:00 Water ice. Big H component in H2O.

Pooshes like a water cloud is pooshed from puddles.

Frozen, liquid, "gas", engineered into graphane, what's the dif?

@lexfridman It's not gas here. Just light. Not stored, pumped.
@lexfridman 29:00 The "possibilities" are what Kelly has said for years.

See above.
@lexfridman Arghhh. Not a SAIL, a PUMP.

How do you "sail" underwater? You don't.

You're in space, not on it.

@lexfridman 34:00 Shiny is why it floats.

He gets it about what's moving and what's floating.
@lexfridman 37:58 Her name was Sally.
@lexfridman Water bottle lmao.

One from the vaults...
@lexfridman 46:00 Pity to see this wasted at a mindless parrot factory like Harvard.
@lexfridman So much more would get done from a barstool beside any community college.
@lexfridman PRAVDA of Harvard. ROTFL
@lexfridman Only NATURE could possibly be dumber.
@lexfridman 51:00 "Dark matter" now.

As phony as "natural selection", speaking of the moronic, superstition-mongering NATURE.
@lexfridman Feedback from reality isn't woke, chief.
@lexfridman Theology is more testable post-modern fake #science.
@lexfridman Suggest you triple check certain histories.
@lexfridman Don't be Wikipedia-informed.
@lexfridman Falsify on this and get back to us.

Show your work. Use both sides of the paper, save a few trillion trees.

Here's the Readers' Digest version.
@lexfridman Besides, theology is above mere #science in the hierarchy of knowing, as every schoolchild can tell you.

You don't test it, it tests you.
@lexfridman Back in your lanes with Drake. Good.
@lexfridman 1:05 Good anecdote about MIT and gravitational waves.
@lexfridman "Long arc" is right.
@lexfridman Galileo's telescope told him the sun controlled tides, which was wrong.

So knock it off with that pedestrian strawman.

But don't take my word for it...

@lexfridman UFOs are another God-shaped hole for too many of these people.

@lexfridman They move on light. Of course the images are fuzzy.
@lexfridman People tracking UFOs with sensors is happening now.

See ➡️ @SkyHub10
@lexfridman @SkyHub10 1:26 When you and Yuri tire of the Rube Goldberg stuff, you know where I am.
@lexfridman @SkyHub10 1:30-ish

Doesn't seem like the next big leap would come that way though, does it?

How would you engineer such a breakthrough, were you orchestrating or simply allowing things to happen naturally?

Serious replies only.
@lexfridman If humans can survive the Boogie Down Bronx, we're ready for aliens.

They'll love that place.
@lexfridman This "Great Filter" sounds like a rumor. I'll PASS.

@lexfridman More Harvard imbecile tales. Red meat.
@lexfridman 1:44 It's why monoculture is crashing.
@lexfridman 1:46 Yes, dump the stupid "extraordinary" stuff about claims.

It is what it is, or it isn't.
@lexfridman Astrology, lol.
@lexfridman Black holes can walk and chew gum.
@lexfridman Selfies at a black hole.

Take me now.
@lexfridman String theory 🙄
@lexfridman Let's face it, folks. This galaxy is circlin' the bowl.
@lexfridman "Spaghettified"
@lexfridman Let go of the wheel.
@lexfridman Why pretend?
@lexfridman "Merit of the argument"? Also, not woke.
@lexfridman Was that a p-wave shoutout?
@lexfridman Baby universes?
@lexfridman They don't have JACK SQUAT.
@lexfridman 2:28 Dismissive "experts" roundly trashed. Red meat on a stick.

"To hell with the experts."
@lexfridman Existentialism is good to learn when young, but ultimately is somehow lifeless, IMO.
@lexfridman What is life, but a cowbell you'll never meet?
@lexfridman "Purpose of life", you probably meant, in hindsight.
@lexfridman Oh no! Religion and science in harmony? So not woke.
@lexfridman TLDR; a few tweets are here on this Twitter Moment.

All are on the link below...

• • •

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