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since we're talking about anti-vaxxers & calls to "debate me", I will add that anti-trans activists use this exact same playbook. you can't "debate" a scientific consensus, b/c it's not based on one study & can't be undone w/individual "questions/concerns"…
...I will add that the anti-trans parent movement is eerily similar to the anti-vaccine parent movement in their tactics and dynamics – I detail those parallels here:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science
...ppl are sharing this great thread on further similarities with the "subliminal Satanic messages" moral panic of the 1980s. TL;DR: there is no satisfying conspiracy theorists b/c they're not evidence based & will never be swayed by "debate"...
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#Information cascade alert!

The US #intelligence agencies are supposed to reveal all information they have with respect to the #OriginOfCovid

I wanted to use the opportunity to explain exactly what you will see happening in the media, no matter the content of those reports
🧵 Image
First, let's talk about expectations.

From the get-go, it is absolutely clear that there is no #smoking gun or similar to be expected.

The intelligence services all had access to the same information and most assessments are low confidence, with 4 agencies favoring #zoonosis. Image
Within the 'manmade' mythology, too many unverified stories are taken as gospel truth.

Overall, the best LLs can hope for is that the IC can verify some #circumstantial evidence that they have spun into their #mythology; but honestly, I highly doubt that.
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Our bodies are constantly at war, fending off pathogens at the microscopic level. The innate immune system is our body's first line of defense in this never ending battle. It is non-specific and fights anything that tries to invade. Let's dive in deeper!⬇️(1/6) Image
If a pathogen breaches physical barriers like skin or mucus, our Complement System comes into play. It identifies, tags, and even perforates pathogens! Tagged pathogens attract macrophages to engulf and destroy them. Complement helps distinguish self from non-self.⬇️(2/6)…
Another weapon in our arsenal is defensins, tiny peptides (short strings of amino acids) that imbed themselves in the membranes of bacteria and viruses, causing damage.⬇️(3/6) Image
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Want to know why the moral panic around #videogames still persists 50 years since their popularization?

Because of articles like this. A thread.…
This week a new article came out discussing a "new resource for #videogames and #mentalhealth started by a concerned parent.

While I am all for parental advocacy and education, this is more of the same moral panic, witch hunt we've grown accustomed with video games.
The opening line: 8% of kids and adolescents that are younger than 18 are addicted to playing video games.

Wonder why there is no source to this claim? Because there literally is no scientific evidence to support this. Image
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🕵️ Why are they cool?

· Perceptually uniform
· Perceptually ordered
· Colour-blind friendly
· Readable as B&W print
· Highly compatible
· Versioned & citable
🧑‍🎤 What‘s new?

· #glasgow, #lipari, #navia & #managua
· Improvements to existing palettes
· More formats (e.g., .pal for ODV)
· Colour hand-picker for discrete & categorical palettes

See details about all new additions:… Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...
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🚀 Day 2 of One Planet Fellowship’s #Science Week is on at the #Corum of @montpellier_ !

This morning focuses on #Climate in #Africa with several GIEC (@IPCC_CH) speakers 🎤

Let’s go! ⤵️
@AWARDFellowship @Agrofondation @Cirad Image
🫶🏾 First introductions by Damien Conaré, General Secretary of @UnescoChairFood, Mylène Aycard-Gueydan, General Secretary of @Agrofondation, and Vincent Blanfort, Co-leader of the Strategic Scientific Field « Climate Change » in @Cirad ImageImageImage
Let’s dive in the most recent @IPCC_CH #ClimateReport w/ a focus on the impacts of CC on the African continent

🎤 To start off, Aida Diongue Niang, Meteorologist and Technical Advisor @meteosenegal, set the scene walking us through « Physics and CC » (IPCC/GIEC Group 3 writer)
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In 2018 I created an ongoing #ClimateEd thread about the #ClimateCrisis.

Five years later, it's time for an update.✅

This #ClimateAction thread has a TON of info to help EVERYONE get #ClimateBrainy about the #science and facts of #climatechange.📊

Save, share and visit often! Image
Here's the old thread, which I'll no longer be updating:

It still contains MANY informative articles and links from reputable sources, so it's worth revisiting, even if some info isn't all that up-to-date.

The old tag was #Climate_Ed.

New: #ClimateEd👍
This NEW thread will contain PLENTY of top-tier posts from MANY solid #climatescience contributors, so come back regularly to see what's been added.

#Climatebrawl folks especially, as you can use these posts to #refute #deniers handily.

Don't argue with any trolls, however! 🧌 Image
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Right before the French Days of #Agriculture 2023, let’s dive in the One Planet Fellowship’s #Science Week!

💚 Follow me for 2 days amongst the inspirational programme’s Laureates!

#OnePlanetFellowship #JNAgri #research #climate Image
🚀 First, a global overview of the #OPF programme - @FondationBNPP has been supporting for 5 years! - by François Pierrot, Acting Director & Ly Ann Kauv Project Officer, from @Agrofondation, Olivier Dangles (@ird_fr) & Michèle Mbo’o-Tchouawou, Deputy Director @AWARDFellowship ImageImageImageImage
🌟 Key notions, challenges and issues reminded:
- New generation of researchers
- Gender equality in science & agriculture
- EU 🔁 Africa
- From local to global
- Capacity building
- Network
- Collaboration (North-South, AND South-South!) Image
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@ir_rkp #Korsakov @MikaLintila
#Gasgrid. #LNG alus ei tuota #kaasua, vaan varastoi #Venäjä'n, aiemmin #Baltiasta ostettua, n. 3x hintaan.
- 10v. ajalta terminaalin kokonaiskustannuksiksi arvioidaan noin €460 miljoona, eli noin €126 000 päivässä
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #GreatReset=#SuurTyöttömyys-#Hätätila
#WEF-#Marxist -ideologia lahtaa yritykset #kaasu'lla. @valtionomistus
#Gasgrid Imatra #Räikkölä vs. #Korsakov
- Korsakov on satamakaupunki ja piirikunta #Sahalini'n saaren eteläpäässä Venäjän  Sahalinin alueella. 
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #Uniper-#Gasgrid #skandaali.
#YGLs veijarit keksivät roudata kaasun #Räikkölä'n sijasta näin. @TyttiTup
#Prigorodnoje'n satama 10km #Korsakovi'n itäpuolella on #LNG'n vientiin erikoistunut satama
From: Port of #Korsakov
To: Port of #Gibraltar (->#Inkoo)
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📢NEWS - Incredible news as @BBSRC and @UKRI_News Infrastructure Fund confirms £317.7 million investment to secure the future of world-leading plant and microbial science @TheSainsburyLab @JohnInnesCentre at the heart of the @NorwichResearch Park.

Read ➡️… ImageImageImageImage
@GeorgeFreemanMP “I am delighted as Minister of State for Science, Research and Innovation that we are announcing this major investment into @JohnInnesCentre and @TheSainsburyLab (…) investing even more into this vital asset for the Norfolk and UK economies.” @NorwichResearch Photo of George Freeman MP ...
Nick Talbot @talbotlabTSL @TheSainsburyLab Executive Director “The investment from @BBSRC @UKRI_News will enable us to harness the collaborative environment on @NorwichResearch Park, catalysing new research initiatives and creating a unique asset for #UK #science #innovation.” A photo of Nick Talbot in t...
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EMA's last regular press briefing on #PublicHealth emergencies…
Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our final regular press briefing on EMA’s response to #COVID19 pandemic and other public health emergencies. Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing.

Follow #EMAPresser.

During the pandemic media have helped us maintain trust in our work. Through their questions about #Covid19vaccines and #science, their follow-up of citizens' concerns, the public was kept informed about the approval process and the role of the medicines regulator. #EMAPresser
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🔥 AI is changing the world faster than ever. Here are some of the most mind-blowing AI news from last week that you don't want to miss:

🧵 A thread
1/ AI Builder: a new app by Microsoft that lets you create and train AI models without coding. Use them for image recognition, text analysis, and more.…

#microsoft #aibuilder #windows #programming #artificialintelligence
2/ Neural Filters: a new feature by Adobe that adds generative AI to Photoshop. Apply realistic effects to your photos, such as changing facial expressions, hair styles, age, and lighting.…

#adobe #photoshop #neuralfilters #generativeai #photography
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Thesis Writing 101

I have edited 100,000+ words and tens of theses in science and history (more than I can keep track of!) over the last ten years.

Here are 17 insights from my experience that can help you improve the quality of your #AcademicWriting 🧵
1. Read aloud: Reading aloud helps to catch errors that were overlooked during silent reading. Find the 'Read Aloud' feature on MS Word under 'Review.'

2. Bring coherency: Make sure that each paragraph flows logically so that the overall #thesis structure is well-organized.
3. Improve formatting: Format your #thesis according to your university's guidelines. Adjust the font type, size, header, and footer.

4. Use citation management tools: Using these tools (Mendeley, EndNote, etc.) can help you save time & avoid errors in writing your bibliography.
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Mitochondria: An Epic Origin Story

What are they? Where do they come from? And why are they here?

This 🧵unravels the mystery behind the origins of the most important and enigmatic organelle in our body.

#mitochondria #metabolism #science #biology Image
In the depths of time, when the universe was but a tender babe, an epoch unfathomable, there existed naught but primordial cells.

1.5 billion years ago, a singular ancient invasion by a eubacteria of an archea host occurred. Image
This invasion or engulfing, depending on who or what we give the moral high-ground, may have been the quintessential step in the most important evolutionary leap since the origin of life itself:

The transition from a primitive cell to a complex higher organism (eukaryote). Image
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محیرالعقول بحور عالم:
سائنسدان عالمی سمندر کے 5 سے 10% حصہ سے متعلق تحقیق کر سکے ہیں اب تک
چند معاملات پر مفروضہ جات کے علاوہ حتمی اور ثابت شدہ رائے نہیں بن پائی ہے
جیسے یہ کہ 4/5 ملی میٹر کی میڈوسا (جس کی تصویر دی گئی ہے)
جنم ، عنفوان شباب، ادھیڑ عمری، بڑھاپا
++ ImageImage
بڑھاپا /موت کے عام چکر سے کیسے بچ نکلتی ہے
جونہی اسے لگے کہ وہ فنا ہونے کو ہے وہ فوری جنم میں منقلب ہونے کی خاطر پیوپا کی شکل میں ڈھل جاتی ہے
یوں یہ واحد مخلوق ہے جو لافانی ہے
یا یہ کہ سمندر کی تہہ سے سیٹی کی سی آواز کیوں سنائی دیتی ہے ؟
یا یہ کہ آبی مامالیہ

وہیل ساحل پہ کیوں چڑھ آتی ہیں اور جان دے دیتی ہیں؟

یا یہ کہ کچھ سمندری مخلوق اپنے باقی ہم صنف
مخلوق سے سینکڑوں بلکہ بعض اوقات ہزاروں گیا بڑی کیوں ہو جاتی ہے؟

یا یہ کہ کچھ وہیلوں کا اک دانت سینگ کی طرح بہت لمبا ہو کر باہر کیوں نکل آتا ہے؟

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🌟 Let's meet one of history's most influential scientists.

Galileo Galilei, born in 1564, revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos.

Volume⬆️ [Note, I made this AI-generated content with #midjourney, #ChatGPT, #11labs, #Photoshopbeta]
2/ Galileo's use of the telescope changed everything. By peering into the night sky, he discovered celestial wonders, including the craters of the moon, the moons of Jupiter and the phases of Venus. His observations challenged the prevailing beliefs of the time. #Astronomy <<<
3/ Galileo's discoveries clashed with the teachings of the Catholic Church. His heliocentric views, supporting Copernicus' theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun, brought him into conflict with religious authorities, shaped his destiny and the course of science. painting of Galileo Galilei...<<
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To this day we don't have a picture of our home galaxy, from the outside. This is because it is so large that sending a probe far enough to grab the selfie would take far too long. If we can't see it from the outside then how do we know its size and our location within it?⬇️1/6 Image
Harlow Shapley, an American astronomer (1885-1972), began by studying the distribution of globular clusters (dense collections of ancient stars) in the sky. He noted that these clusters were not uniformly distributed, but instead were more concentrated in one part of the sky⬇️2/ ImageImage
Shapley used variable stars within these clusters to estimate their distances. These variable stars have an intrinsic (actual) brightness and apparent (what we see) brightness. By comparing the intrinsic and apparent brightness, Shapley estimated how far away they were.⬇️3/6
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Tack @Kvalitetsaktie för er ovärderliga utbildning och inspiration. Satt i helgen lyssnade, antecknade & njöt när ni diskuterade er filosofi (avs 108), världsklass! Tänkte dela med mig av en summering av KAP-filosofin. OBS: är en glad amatör så res för div fel & misstolkningar Image
KAP citat #1

"The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market's fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety. That's what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now, they will still be the cornerstones of investing," /Buffett Image
Marknaden är på kort sikt irrationell men rationell på lång. Detta använder man till sin fördel och utnyttjar felprissättningar. Sen tillkommer trender, flockbeteende och indexvikt. "Vem vill du helst sälja dina aktier till, en indexfond som automatiskt viktar upp eller Ola?" Image
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This is a threaded version of Ch 9:

“Civilization & the Travesty of Morals:

“*Gilgamesh, Enkidu, & the Uncivilized “Civilized” Man”

of *Who to Be: Identity, Authenticity, & Crisis* (2020)

by M. Adzema*

CLICK a link to read entire chapter...…

WTB 9/1
WTB 9/2 “…in taking away all freedoms & rights from Nature & all its planetmates, eventually the rights of any being were no longer seen as of any concern. What another wished, intended, or wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration… #psychology
WTB 9/3 “What another wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration, including, eventually, what a woman might want in terms of her body...& what a man might wish to do with his time...or his life. Power became the basis of morality”… #civilization
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brand new essay, many weeks in the making: "Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth Is Neither New nor Experimental: A Timeline and Compilation of Studies." no-paywall link, 15 min read + over 100 references – please share & give it "claps"!… #trans #science
...FYI most media outlets wouldn't have allowed me to publish this piece as is. so if you appreciate that I make essays like this freely available online, pls consider supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1/month! #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science
🧵my essay 1) provides a brief history of how gender-affirming care came to be, 2) debunks the most common anti-trans & just-asking-questions talking points & tactics, 3) provides a list of over 100 studies & reviews showing how established this field is:…
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Witness a new revolution in the field of #science.🚀

It's ok to be tired of the current scientific publishing system that favors gatekeepers and restricts access to knowledge because
the solution might just be here:


#Latesttrendnarrative #DeSci
#Desci leverages blockchain technology to develop scientific research and help solve scientific challenges that have tarried for long. 💯

In this thread, we'll explore what DeSci is, its benefits, and some exciting low cap projects to keep an eye on! 🤝

⚡ What is #Desci?

DeSci is a rapidly expanding initiative that encourages openness and decentralization in research.
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Marie Curie was a pioneer in researching radioactivity. This led to new treatments for cancer, improved our understanding of the universe, and paved the way to new technologies that have changed the way we live.

Volume ⬆️

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart…
2/ Marie Curie was born in Warsaw in 1867. She studied physics and mathematics at the Sorbonne in Paris, and in 1895 she married Pierre Curie, a French physicist. In 1898, the Curies discovered the radioactive elements polonium and radium.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈… Marie Curie as a 10yo child...< Curie, receives them ...
3/ In 1903, the Curies were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on radioactivity. In 1911, Marie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discovery of radium.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #Science < Nobel prize, Documentar...Marie Curie, receives them ...
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I want you to know that Alzheimer's disease-alleviating, neuroprotective effects of vitamin D have been replicated in recent clinical trials. (1/7) #AD #Alzheimers #VitaminD
In a 12-month randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, these researchers showed that compared to the AD group w/placebo the AD group w/vitamin D supplement (800 IU/day) had a significant reduction in plasma Aβ42 and related biomarkers. (2/7) #RCT #science #research
Plasma Aβ42 is a biomarker that is often used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease and track progression. It's a protein that accumulates in the brain and leads to the formation of amyloid plaques that can damage brain cells and disrupt cognitive function. (3/7)
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