The threat this time is likely different. Too often governments prepare for the prior attack, so terrorists switch. A key to next attack @FBI @SecretService might come from the writings of neo-nazi William Pierce. The 1/6 attack strategy did. But Pierce writes of other plans.../1
...the 1/6 plan was closely based on The Turner Diaries. It depicts what white supremacists the Racial Holy War (what they call RAHOWA) where politicians/reporters are attacked in their building, arrested, dragged out and hung. (Remember the zip ties and gallows?) The other.../2
...part of RAHOWA in The Turner Diaries was bombing the @FBI headquarters, so Trump may have done a favor to the bureau by demanding that its planned move be canceled so that it stayed near his hotel. But there is a second book, called Hunter, which details the second attack.../3
...this one is more insidious and harder to stop. It lays out the approach that has been taken by the Tim McVeighs and Buford Furroughs of the world - lone wolfs attacking soft targets with the intent of using these mass, simultaneous attacks as a signal setting off RAHOWA..../4 other words, it is the threat that, in 2002-20010, most concerned experts on terror, but then re: radical jihadist terrorism. This means, unfortunately, that the home of every politician who enraged the supremacists by going against Trump needs to be given security.../5
...but we also have to be aware of other soft targets, none of which I will list here for obvious reasons. It is the same list that the @FBI and @CIA put together in 2002..../6
..Trump unleashed an evil in this country by cheering white supremacists. He also crippled our ability to fight right wing terror by cutting off @DHSgov work on the groups, which intel knew it was biggest threat. So, buckle up. Things could get very bad thanks to Trump & GOP.

• • •

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15 Jan
As Trump aides emerge from hiding, our worst suspicions of Trumps incompetence & the damage it inflicted on America are being confirmed. His 1st Secretary of State, Tillerson, gives a brutal interview this week to @ForeignPolicy. I’ll attach excerpts.../1…
....Tillerson gives the quick summary. Trump screwed up almost everything internationally, because he is stupid, didn’t want to learn, and made arbitrary irrational decisions based on how he felt about other leaders.... Image
...while idiots like @Franklin_Graham sing praises of Trumps foreign policy based on their mutual stupidity, Tillerson states that everything was squandered, nothing worked, because Trump understood nothing and was too stupid and lazy to learn.../2 Image
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14 Jan
The attack of 1/6 appears to have been very much like the attack on the Benghazi mission. There were protests across the Middle East because of the infamous video, including at Benghazi. The crowds were growing and enraged, and the terror group Ansar al-Sharia used that.../1
...strategically. The mission in Benghazi, just like the embassy in Cairo, was overrun by a bunch of people enraged by the video, but within the group at Benghazi were tactically trained terrorists from Ansar al-Sharia. They saw the opportunity and took it. This is why.../2 in early days was so uncertain - our informants on ground were saying it was video protesters, but the terrorists used that group to hide in plain sight. There were also at least 2 separate groups on 1/6. Both had been instigated to raid the Capitol, one had prepared.../3
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12 Jan
.@RepBonnie @RepJayapal @RepSchneider have to sue the @HouseGOP who recklessly exposed them to COVID for assault. And, since there was an organized effort to ignore safety rules, civil conspiracy.

Good thing is, a case I brought against a MAGA who assaulted me shows the way.../1
...assault requires "unlawful touching" which inflicts damage on others; thugs who assault without traditional "touching" have argued no assault occurred. My case changed that. Now, *projection of a microscopic object* is unlawful touching...
@RepBonnie @RepJayapal @RepSchneider
...the MAGA who assaulted me tweeted a strobe, knowing I have epilepsy & it likely would cause a seizure. It did. He argued - in criminal and civil court - that there was no unlawful touching. We argued PHOTONS touched my eyes. And we won.../3
@RepBonnie @RepJayapal @RepSchneider
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11 Jan
Ive been speaking to friends who have been frightened by the events of 1/6. I will share here what I tell them.

This country had a cancer. Many of us were screaming about it. Not as many were willing to listen. On 1/6, the cancer was proven. We have begun chemotherapy.../1
...people in power werent willing to confront the problem out of discomfort in calling it what it is: Fascism. That word describes a political tactic & system. The GOP has become fascist. The 4 elements of fascism: 1. Organizing around a single strongman viewed as infallible.../2 his followers. 2. Hypernatiionalism. 3. Separation of those followers from reality through relentless use of propaganda that places them in a delusional world separated from fact. 4. Creation of "the other" - almost always liberals, immigrants, "socialists," minorities.../3
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9 Jan
*The Rise & Continuing Threat of American Fascism*

It's not over. At least, MAGA fascists don't think so. If Trump is not removed, @GOP is greenlighting a terrorist movement & telling the world we've fallen.

Words below are from a real GOP official...1/xx
@tedlieu @RepRaskin
...posted on the official website linked from a state Republican Party website. The words are written by the chairman of a the country Republican Party. I will not link, because I don't want to send people there. However, this OFFICIAL @GOP site also declares Pence a traitor../2 the story they are telling is that Trump has now exposed traitors so he can move on them. Again, not a loony site, not Parler, an OFFICIAL GOP site with words written by that county's chairman.

Every delusion is there - the coup was Antifa, the election was a fraud.../3
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7 Jan
Since @VP @Mike_Pence is reported to by learning what it is like to fear for his/his families lives when Trump attacks, and since @FBI @SecretService seem unable to find evidence of threats on Parler, as a public service, here is what is building. A call to go to his residence... Image
...and the declaration that @VP @Mike_Pence is a child molester....(Again, this is a public service since Pence is reportedly frightened and @SecretService @FBI dont know how to see building threats, since this is exactly how the capitol raid started).../2 Image
...also, the labeling of @VP @pence as "satan" "Judas" "Benedict Arnold" (Again, this is a public service since Pence is reportedly frightened and @SecretService @FBI dont know how to see building threats, since this is exactly how the capitol raid started)...3 Image
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