Thread: Can we be honest for a brief moment? There are 5 main arguments believers are having about racism. The conflict over race is not about CRT and its validity. The (1st) conflict is really over the evidence that proves or disproves the existence of systemic racism
What I mean is, who’s/what evidence is empirical to prove or disprove the existence of systemic racism? For those who affirm CRT, it is proof. And others go to Civil Rights Legislation for disproof. Saying that “Systemic Racism” ended in the 1964 Civil Rights
The second most prevalent argument is over the definition of systemic. And depending on the definition, it may be accurate to say there is no systemic racism. But that depends on the way one is using the word systemic. Yet ppl seem to rarely define what they mean by systemic
The third argument is over the validity of experience. How much does personal experience count in one’s evaluation of racism? Some say none. That is just Standpoint Epistemology. Personal Agency matters not Personal Experience. But how does one do that?
How does one say your personal experience is not truth, but your responsibility to act against that experience is? Personal Agency comes out of personal experience. There is no agency without experience. I’m responsible for what? My actions stemming from my experiences.
The 4th argument is over the validity of the church’s repentance of racism. Sure some progress has been made in culture. But when did the church have its “Civil Rights Legislation” moment? When did the church say we have repented of racism? Of course there has been some of that
For the most part churches aren’t intentionally segregating by race, but that’s not necessarily repentance. That’s just bygones. The reality is the church doesn’t know how to repent of long-standing issues that were pervasive bcuz we don’t have any historical examples of doing so
I’m not blaming anyone for this. We actually have inherited a gospel proclamation and demonstration that are unbiblical. It is individualistic not communal. By this I mean, our gospel cares about me as an individual, not about we as a church community set apart to glorify God
The Gospel we have doesn’t grieve over brothers and sisters suffering in different parts of the world, let alone across town. It’s all about me, my local church, and those who are like minded. But when we care communally, we have Peter’s mindset...
1 Peter 5:9 “Resist him, firm in the faith, knowing that the same kind of sufferings are being experienced by your fellow believers throughout the world.” We are connected, whether we like it or not. Lastly, all of these form one main argument that is the real argument over race
We’re arguing over who the enemy is. And we’ve so lost our biblical sensitivities that bringing scripture to bear on this is considered a cop out, soft, spineless etc. Say what you want, but you can’t say it better than Paul.
Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens”
There’s much more that could be said about these arguments, and I plan to address them in a separate thread. I just wanted to, for now, highlight the underlying arguments. Mainly bcuz I’m getting tired of CRT being the scapegoat. Seriously, if we take CRT out completely....
You still have a substantial discrepancy on race that you have to deal with. And “Just preach the gospel” isn’t cutting it. Why? Bcuz we were preaching the Gospel during slavery and Jim Crow too. It’s time to start living that gospel. Selah!

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13 Oct 20
Fundamentalism is s as greater threat to the gospel than CRT for a number of reasons. Here’s two:

1. Fundamentalism hides behind what Jesus did and ignores what Jesus said

2. Fundamentalism pits Jesus against Paul and has created a false dichotomy for Christian living 1/
Fundamentalism will say, “Preach the gospel!” But will ignore the ethical command to love even your enemies. So they think that bcuz they preach Christ crucified that they are fulfilling the Great Commission. When in reality they “neglect the weightier matters of the Law.” 2/
Fundamentalism will also put Jesus against Paul. Jesus taught us the ethic of our faith, love. Paul taught us the theology of our faith, Justification etc. They look at who Jesus is and what he did, but they look to Paul on how to live. Ignoring, his appeal to love as the way 3/
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9 Sep 20
I’ve been hearing a lot of ppl call what’s happening now the Neo-Civil Rights movement. I’ve heard it called the Cultural Marxist/Neo-Bolshevik Movement. I’ve heard it called a bunch of other things, a mixture of sorts, and I’m left to wonder, is that what is really happening? 1/
I think there is a significant misdiagnosis of what’s going on and that’s contributing to a lot of the confusion. What we’re seeing is definitely something new but this is not a new civil rights movement. It’s something much deeper 2/
We are in the Equal Psychological Rights Movement (EPRM). And in this movement you have ppl who want their psychological issues to be seen as normal, and given rights. Not legally per se’, but that my mental health has a right to exist and death to anyone who says it doesn’t 3/
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18 Aug 20
1/Quite a few ppl asked questions that I didn’t get to answer on my “How did we get here” thread I posted last week. By “here,” I mean the public vitriol within the church over the issue of race and justice. I want to address a deeper reason for what happened, starting from ‘08.
2/At T4G ‘08 Thabiti, the only black pastor in the speaking group, gave a sermon on the issue of race. But it wasn’t a white privilege sermon. In fact, he taught that race, as we knew it at that time, was not a biblical concept. Ethnicity was the point of Genesis 10, not race.
3/And that race has been used sinfully to create division when, biblically speaking, there is only 1 race. The human race. That audience had 7,000 white pastors in it. Many applauded his perspective. But a lot of black dudes that were there didn’t. They misunderstood his point.
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12 Aug 20
1/ With all the vitriol going back and forth between ideologies it can be easy to forget how we got here. I remember when everyone from Johnny Mac to Thabiti to Voddie Baucham to John Piper were all relatively friendly. People weren’t thinking of power structures at all.
2/ But there was a way to do things, a way to talk about things, a way to emphasize things, essentially a way to apply the gospel. It wasn’t bad. It was just that unity got confused with uniformity. When 9/11 happened, the country shifted from racism to terrorism.
3/ The emphasis changed, and for a while it really seemed like we were all Americans. The enemy was Bin Laden etc. Not police as much. Not inner city youth as much. In the church, partly due to Christian Rap, black ppl, young adults mostly, started going to reformed churches.
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