So I’m going to start a weekly MCU thread for every show/movie coming out this year. This week we’ll go over #WandaVision episodes 1&2. If you haven’t watched yet, please ignore.
SPOILERS AHEAD. If you’re not familiar with the overall premise of Wandavision, it takes place post Endgame & each episode will visit a new era in TV. So far episode 1 was influenced by the 50’s and The Dick Van Dyke Show/I Love Lucy. Episode 2 was influenced by Bewitched.
We know that this series takes place in 2023 and we’re in a 50s and 60s setting with Wanda and Vision (who is dead). Means 1 or 2 things. Wanda’s psyche is fractured after all of her loss and she’s created a new reality to cope...or Nightmare or Mephisto are influencing her.
Who are Nightmare & Mephisto? Nightmare is the ruler of the Dream Dimension & a Doctor Strange/GR Villain. He feeds off of people’s dream energy/fear. Mephisto is basically Marvel’s Devil. He’s recently been a Spider-Man Villain & he gave Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider powers.
So why the fuck do we care about Mephisto or Nightmare? We know that Wandavision is the 1st part in a Multiverse trilogy according to Kevin Feige at Disney’s Investor Day might ask what are the other 2 parts to that story? Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2.
At the end of Far From Home, Mysterio and JJJ dropped a dime on Spidey & revealed his secret identity. In the comics, this has happened to Peter before but he is able to reverse if in exchange for never getting his happily ever after with MJ...Mephisto is the one who reverses it.
Back to Wandavision. We know that the Multiverse is a real thing thanks to Doctor Strange 1/Endgame. However these realities are separated. Wanda is the strongest Avenger & it’s very possible by the end of WV she will have broken the separation of all those individual realities.
In comics, the most recognizable Wanda story is House of M. In that storyline, the death of her children along with Vision and some outside influences drive her crazy & she re-writes reality to where Mutants are the ruling class and humans are minority. Lots of crazy shit happens
We know that Mutants don’t exist in MCU...yet. But it’s possible that MCU introduces them via the Snap, Wanda or the Multiverse. In House of M, Wanda reverts reality back to normal but she says “No More Mutants” and basically like 99% or mutants are dead or lose their powers.
#WandaVision is planting the seeds for House Of M/Young Avengers. Wanda’s twins are members of the Young Avengers, Speed and Wiccan. The wine bottle in Episode 1 translates to House of Contempt...if we half translate it...House of M...shit getting crazy.
Episode 1’s commercial shows us how much Wanda’s psyche is influencing this reality. Some of the only color used is the red from the toaster. The toaster beeps constantly sort of like a bomb ticking’s also a Stark Industries product like the bomb that killed her parents
At the End of Far From Home we saw Nick Fury in space with what looked like the S.W.O.R.D. forward to the end of #WandaVision and we see that someone is watching Wanda like us. The S.W.O.R.D. logo is visible on their screen and their notebook.
SWORD is basically space SHIELD. As we move into episode 2, there are some interesting connections, the biggest being Monica Rambeau. Remember the little girl from Captain Marvel? This is her on the right all grown up & she works for SWORD. How did she end up in Wanda’s reality?
So the little girl from CM is Monica Rambeau aka Photon. Her powers include transforming herself into any energy form, energy generation/absorption & moving at the speed of light. We don’t know if she has those powers in #WandaVison, but we do know that she works for S.W.O.R.D.
So remember when S.H.I.E.L.D. lost Loki’s scepter after the Battle of NY? That scepter was used to experiment on Wanda by none other than Hydra Scientist Baron Von Strücker. Wanda is remembering her time with Hydra. Notice the time on the clock and the number for their house.
In comics when Hydra fell, Strucker founded AIM which is a group of evil scientists that seek to rule the world. In MCU, we already saw AIM in Iron Man 3. In comics AIM soldiers are always shown in Beekeeper’s costumes 🧐. Notice the SWORD logo on the back of his suit.
Also don’t forget, we’ve possibly already seen AIM soldiers/tech in #TheFalconandtheWinterSoldier and #BlackWidow trailers. The paraglider suit in Falcon and the Winter Soldier and AIM is on the surgeons table in the Black Widow. Whatever it is, that Beekeeper can’t be trusted
Continuing #WandaVision, I’m stumped on why red was the only color we saw in the second episode and why it was only shown during the cut and on the toy helicopter with the S.W.O.R.D. logo on it. Everything is not as it seems.
Agnes has me perplexed. People think it’s short for Agatha Harkness. In comics she’s an ancient witch and she ends up acting as a mentor/mother figure to Wanda. However she does possess real magic and isn’t a mutant, so this might be where we see Wanda become the Scarlet Witch.
A lot of this was just general speculation and pointing out Easter Eggs. If anyone has any questions I’m happy to answer but I’ll try to stay more on topic for Episode 3. New thread or just add to this one?

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