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I think its hilarious that Bucky aka Winter Soldier/White Wolf has way more swag than Sam Wilson aka Falcon.

it's also wild to see Marvel go from #WandaVision to
#FalconAndWinterSoldier regarding its presentation of Mental health care (latter being trash).
So the new Cap is basically your typical white American patriot who believes he's entitled to whatever opportunities come his way, entitled to have anyone he wants work for/with him, & if they choose not to he turns cold towards them, but has a black side kick so he's not racist.
We can finish entire series in one more episode. Old man Steve shows up and slaps Falcon for giving the shield he gifted him to a museum/government instead of to Bucky or Wakanda. Old man Steve takes Shield back & gives it to Bucky. The End. #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier
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Because I'm feeling a little spicy, I wrote about Marvel, the Snyderverse, and America's response to cataclysmic events:…
I don't necessarily think Snyder's superhero movies are better-made than Marvel's, per se: they're more personal and weird and I hate the action style in them.…
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In the last year, TV has become more than just entertainment. It's now the center of our cultural lives.

That's why @thefilmgoer, @LorraineAli, @LATimesTVLloyd, @GeBraxton and @tracycbrown are here to share the finer points of TV watching.…
We want to hear from you during this special TV edition of We Can Teach You That.

Share your questions for our panelists in the replies and they'll answer during the broadcast.…
You can also watch this webinar and share your thoughts with us on YouTube:
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35.01/ Week thirty-five, March 13-19 2021, begins here. Last week's thread is below.
35.02/ An accurate thread of Ashkenazi culture on #Passover. [Hint: we rabbis haven't forbade potatoes yet. But don't provoke us]
35.03/ Thread about #PiDay, Albert Einstein and the movie IQ. Because, of course
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Vamos a hablar un poco de los efectos especiales y visuales de la genial serie #WandaVision que tanto me ha gustado. De cómo se ha rodado, qué es real y qué es digital. ¿Os parece? Abrimos hilo.
#EfectosVisuales #VFX #Marvel #EfectosEspeciales
Para el rodaje de las secuencias de los primeros episodios se rodó curiosamente a Paul Bettany llevando un maquillaje azul, en lugar de su característico granate, ya que el acabado al pasar a blanco y negro es mucho mejor. Y la máscara se acabó digitalmente.
#WandaVision #VFX
Pero no en todas las tomas la máscara de Vision es digital. El actor Paul Bettany tuvo que pasar muchas y pesadas horas de maquillaje y postizos porque en muchas secuencias su caracterización es casi enteramente real.
#WandaVision #VFX #EfectosEspeciales
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#WandaVision Spoilers


I’ve seen Dottie described as a red herring and that’s true. Particularly Emma Caulfield being cast as her makes it seems as if she’ll be more crucial than she is, to draw attention away from Agnes. But there’s something I haven’t seen discussed.
#WandaVision Spoilers


Which is that it’s not her only narrative purpose. Another thing she does is confirm that Wanda isn’t yet aware that she’s created this reality. She would have no need to appeal to the ‘queen bee’ in town if she had.
#WandaVision Spoilers


She could’ve just made herself the queen otherwise. What this shows is that the seeds of Wanda’s fantasy falling apart were always there from the start. Her subconscious didn’t create a perfect dream reality for her and Vision.
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#spoilers for #wandavision and #ww84 follow...
Watched the WV season finale and WW84 yesterday. There were more similarities between the two than not, especially with both protagonists reanimating their lovers after their respective tragic deaths. #spoilers 1/
WV is the far better of the two, imo. The writing and acting were superb, and while WV started slow as a series, it eventually pulled me in. The chemistry between Olsen and Bettany is fantastic, and I hope to see it again. #spoilers 2/
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Посмотрела десять минут последней серии Вандавидения и уже НЕ МОГУ.
(Тут будут спойлеры с картинками.)
Я не понимаю.
Всё было бы просто, если бы сюжет сам себя не осознавал, но он осознаёт! Пытать людей плохо, это ужасно печально, когда люди страдают, но почему же… почему же они страдают… За что сражаются герои, в чём виноваты злодеи, есть ли между ними разница?
Добрая героиня Ванда промыла мозги целому городу и не пыталась ничего исправить, даже осознав это. Злая ведьма Агата… следила за Вандой? Пыталась отобрать у неё силу? Освободила заложников Ванды? Зловеще гладила кролика? Ух, кровь в жилах стынет.
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Terminó #WandaVision, la primera serie del Universo Cinematográfico Marvel y una apuesta diferente en términos de producción y riesgos. En la monotonía de las franquicias, apostó a que la audiencia, fanatizada por las películas interconectadas, iba a bancarse semanas de intriga
En mi humilde opinión, terminó siendo de los productos más interesantes y redondos de Marvel. Si no la viste, este hilo tiene spoilers muy menores del octavo episodio.
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Luthien: Just finished to my husband...which ABSOLUTELY sent my emotions into overdrive, lol. THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!

I hate to break it to the people/men who couldn't UNDERSTAND this series finale...but this was not made for you 1/13
Or, maybe it was, but you are too ignorant and blind to open your mind to the female story, the female gaze, the female grief....the female TRUTH. 2 years ago, I underwent my finale surgery to remove ALL of my reproductive organs in an effort to eradicate the Stage 5 Endo... 2/13
that was ravaging my body. I made one of the most ultimate sacrifices to give myself as much quality of life as I could. My husband stood by me 100%...but that did not 100% quell the thoughts of "I will never bring life into this world...I will never experience childbirth...3/13
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It's TIME: We about to watch #WandaVision #WandaVisionFinale BLERD style! Join @AshleyKSmalls @alamanecer @BritniDWrites @WeBeWatchingPod and I as we go through this episode LIVE!
THIS RECAP IS FUEGO and this LOGO is still a century and a day long. Wrap it up Marvel!!!

#Wandavision #Wanda #WandaVisionBlerd #WandaVisionFinale
Is this Wandavision or Harry Potter?

#Wandavision #Wanda #WandaVisionBlerd #WandaVisionFinale
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#wandavision #spoilers mute this thread if you haven't finished
Darcy's hit and run lmao
im still laughing
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#ShipOfTheseus is trending, prompted by the reference to it in the finale episode of #WandaVision.

I discuss the Ship of Theseus paradox in the book I'm writing on meditation, addressed to my young adult daughter.

It's fun. Image
2' Image
3' Image
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@AntMan @MarvelStudios @disneyplus @Avengers @captainmarvel @thorofficial @CaptainAmerica @Marvel And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming with Paul Bettany! 📺 Who else is rewatching all of the episodes before the #WandaVisionFinale?
@AntMan @MarvelStudios @disneyplus @Avengers @captainmarvel @thorofficial @CaptainAmerica @Marvel Hello again, #MonicaRambeau! Enjoy a special message from Teyonah Parris and share your favorite Monica moments in the comments below! #WandaVisionFinale
@AntMan @MarvelStudios @disneyplus @Avengers @captainmarvel @thorofficial @CaptainAmerica @Marvel Knock, knock! Who's there? It's Uncle P! 💥 We're just minutes away from the finale of Marvel Studios' #WandaVision!
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Folks: #WandaVision has no depth; it’s just a bunch of Easter eggs.

Trauma counselors: What you are dismissing as Easter Eggs are trauma triggers Wanda was creating to process her complex trauma. The writers were intentional and many trauma specialists & survivors understood.
The show is addressing this: What would it be like to experience unimaginable loss & have the power to gain back your loss in its most idyllic sense. Wanda has had complex trauma since childhood & on into adulthood. She has recreated an idyllic world based on childhood sitcoms.
#WandaVision has been a MasterClass at presenting this dynamic while including many of the dynamics of complex trauma thru means of what some see as “Easter Eggs”. What some of you see as “slow” is actually care. Processing trauma IS tedious, we are given a window into Wanda’s.
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#WandaVision spoiler-ish

Was named after Agatha Harkness, to give you an idea of who she is.

Think, Children of Earth.
They are both people who are long lived, who have seen all they love die while they go on. And on.

They are both fundamentally good people, capable of doing terrible things for a greater good.

What Jack does in Children of Earth is as unforgivable as it was...necessary.
He sacrifices a child, to save the world. And at the point he does it, there are no other options.

He doesn't do this out of fear of death. Jack can't die. He doesn't fear death, he is denied it.

A lesser man would make the choice from fear. Or fear of personal loss.
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How do I think episode 9 will go? I think Agatha is going to try to siphon Wanda's magic and Wanda is going to flip it and drain hers. Aggie will get old and gray just like her coven, but Wanda won't kill her. She will let her go, because she's tired of death. #WandaVision
Fake Pietro stops being a puppet, everybody teams up to arrest Hayward, Monica gets her mother's jobhites Darcy and Jimmy who join SWORD along with the aerospace engineer who was Talos' daughter from Captain Marvel. #WandaVision
Vision will merge with his OG body, Wanda takes down the Hex, and the kids live happily ever after in the new and improved hex-free Westview. Because after everything that's been taken from her, Wanda deserves to keep the home and a family she made for herself. #WandaVision
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I know we all have justified critiques of the MCU being a massive cultural juggernaut etc

And I'm not saying a version of #WandaVision that was a purely scrappy indie project couldn't do a lot of things they can't

But it really does gain a ton of power from being in the MCU
It's just this unfortunate thing that there's no substitute for actual awareness of actual cultural relevance

You don't have to be a Christian or like Christianity to be aware that the world out there is soaking in Christian imagery, and therefore Christian symbols are potent
It means something to a typical Western audience to show a scene from the Crucifixion that, unfortunately, does not have the same automatic sense of weight and power if you took a similar scene from a religion with a much smaller number of adherents, or from one you just invented
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The Snap even took the home he bought for them. I can't believe I didn't realise that 5 years earlier that lot had a damn house on it and she was expecting to go HOME. #WandaVision
This is what happens when I watch things at 3:00 in the morning, then I nap when I wake up my brain feels in all of the missing information that I didn't process the first time. #WandaVision
The Avengers compound is dust. For real, the clothes on her back may very well be all she has in the world. The only homes she has ever known are gone, literally razed to the ground. I am so not OK right now. #WandaVision
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🚨 análise detalhada do episódio 8 de #WandaVision
dêem rt + fav no tweet principal (o de cima) para divulgar essa análise.

sigam a gente e ativem as notificações 🤧
Na introdução, vemos a logo da Marvel Studios se transformando com os poderes e cores de Agatha Harkness.
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I know the aesthetic and source material are very different but I feel like the themes and ideas in WandaVision, especially after the last episode, remind me very powerfully of a Miyazaki film
The juxtaposition of incredibly heavy raw emotion and childlike whimsy, right next to each other

The way Wanda's desperate desire to escape into fantasy is shown in all its dysfunction but we never lose our sympathy with her, the beauty of her dream
This is such a delicate concept and such an easy one to fuck up and turn into an annoying morality play

A huge part of making it work is how every aspect of the production design and cinematography has to be spot on

Westview never stops being a beautiful place
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Like everyone else I’m loving @wandavision! So my new project is to make an illustration for each episode in the style of cartoons from the time - so first up is episode 1: 1950s! Image
Time for episode two, this time inspired by 1960s cartoons & animation. Loved this moment in the show Image
Okay so it wouldn’t be a proper 70s animation tribute if I didn’t full on embrace Scooby Doo for this #Wandavision drawing inspired by episode 3. Hope you like it! Image
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Em #WandaVision somos jogados a várias referências, algumas muito diretas.

segue o fio
Agatha Harkness tem o poder de cor roxa, e as flores de sua casa são roxas assim como nos quadrinhos. ImageImageImage
Wanda tem a cor vermelha como primária de seu poder, e as flores de sua casa também são vermelhas, e é a cor dela nos quadrinhos também. ImageImageImage
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E vamos de Marvel no #TCA21

segue o fio Image
“Até agora eu vi 16 minutos de #FalconAndWinterSoldier e passei esse tempo todo me abanando sobre a sensualidade de Sebastian Stan e Anthony Mackie. Então sim. Espere muito. #TCA21
“Sam Wilson está tendo as cenas de ação mais brutais (e sangrentas !?) que vimos no MCU até agora. Não chamaria de Hard R, por si só, mas a ação é DIFÍCIL. E se você gostou da maneira como #WandaVision cavou no trauma de ser um super-herói, (+)
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