I’m on the ground in Richmond where armed protesters are gathering outside the Virginia State Capitol. Follow thread for updates or watch livestream here pscp.tv/w/ctRbqzk0MTM5…
Bunch of boogaloos present now - Proud Boys on way
YouTube has shut down my stream for “inappropriate content”
I’ve ended my stream as we are moving to the Robert E Lee statue. All in all, there were just as many (if not more) press than all Proud Boys, Boogs, and other militia groups. I witnessed no incidents or arrests, even though all those armed were in fact, breaking the law
Made it to the Robert E. Lee memorial where I witnessed Richmond Police on bikes ride up to a car of black locals to search them “under suspicion of concealed carry”... they confiscated two guns and a knife. A crowd is beginning to form, saying cops targeted them b/c theyre black
Continued... police confiscate firearms
A local man asks the police, “Why do you all keep bothering us... they all ride around with guns and you ain’t do shit!”
A local raises the question of how the city has groups of armed (white) visitors and yet the police still find the time to go after black locals. “The shit they’re doing is legal, but it’s illegal for the people that’s born here!?”
“...Motherfuckers driving down the street from other states that are crossing state lines without a concealed weapon permit, riding around my city with a fucking gun, but you care about us that live here? Not the people visiting... visiting to kill us?!”
Some 2A militia groups are gathering at a Lowe’s parking lot down from the Robert E Lee statue
A group of VCDL people have decided to have a meeting in the Lowe’s parking lot to decide where their caravans should go next.
Here is the scene at Lowe’s. The crowd quickly started to leave as more press arrived.
Richmond Police have shown up after the majority of VCDL/III%rs/etc left, now telling BLM + press that we need to leave because we’re on private property
One of the vehicles in the caravan:

“God bless us”
“Faith, family, freedom”
“We are good trouble”
“2nd Amendment Rights Matter”
“God, we ask you to protect our rights. Amen”
Another vehicle in the caravan:


Posting more from earlier. The crowd was fired up that a group of police on bikes decided to harass four black men re: concealed guns when the city has groups of armed far right/violent groups openly carrying in areas where deemed to be illegal per RPD
I saw only FOUR Proud Boys in Richmond today. They were looking to join forces with other marchers.
Watch as a member of the Proud Boys ask if they can march with another group in Richmond today, only to get shot down multiple times.
The Boogaloo Bois, whose 1st major public appearance took place here a year ago, showed up w/ a small crew. These b bois call themselves the "Last Sons of Liberty" & are led by this guy, "Mike Dunn."

Asked if they'll shoot cops who try to arrest them: "We will defend ourselves."
"The media continues to say we are far-right... we attribute it to the fact that generally, the people comfortable open carrying are white people... they don't seem to understand that there is a lot of us out here that don't identify w/ the right or the left."
This is very alarming.

"We've had a very high increase in interest... We've received over 14,000 emails since January 6th... I can't get to them all. My team is trying to handle it now."
One of the more amusing interactions from today.

Local: Get the fuck out of my city. Fuck outta here you seditious Nazi fucks.

2A guy: Uh no. Actually, I hate Nazis. But thanks. Have a wonderful day!
Just to confuse you some more.

"ActBlue finances BLM/ActBlue is financed by George Soros and George Soros is Jewish... they [Jews] honestly don't have no grand conspiracy to take over the world... just a few bankers who happen to be Jewish..."
Oh my god - this is fucking perfection to above 🤣 @socialistdogmom
"One book...I'm reading...I'm not gonna tell you the name of the author. Most people just simply hear the name."

Me: I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it's Hitler. Am I correct?

"Yeah. That's true. But when you look at history, what pushed him to become more radical?"

• • •

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17 Jan
I’m outside of the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA. Rumors of a possible armed protest have led to a bunch of press folks hanging out... not much else.
Gene Stilp, an activist from Harrisburg, pulls down a “statue” of Trump in front of the PA Capitol.

Gene told me, “In dictatorships across the world, statues of dictators are ripped down when democracy is restored. So today we will be ripping down a statue of Donald Trump.”
Only two Trump supporters showed up outside the Capitol. This one guy (who wanted to remain anonymous), refused to say he was in D.C during the riot... only to admit it shortly thereafter.
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11 Jan
Thread on some of those arrested.

Lonnie Coffman, 70, Alabama. Drove to DC packed with a loaded M4 assault rifle, 3 handguns, and 11 Mason jars filled with homemade napalm.

He was charged with having Molotov cocktails in the bed of his truck. apnews.com/article/1806ea…
Cleveland Meredith Jr., (GA). The FBI found a compact X95 assault rifle, a 9mm handgun & ~100 rounds of ammunition. Agents also seized THC edibles & a vial of injectable testosterone. He’s charged w/ transmitting a threat, as well as felony counts for possession of firearms/ammo
Meredith was bragging to friends that he was “Headed to DC with a (s—-) ton of 5.56 armor-piercing ammo,” and “Thinking about heading over to Pelosi (C——’s) speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV...I’m gonna run that (C—-) Pelosi over while she chews on her gums...”
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9 Jan
Derrick Evans, the newly elected state delegate from West Virginia, has resigned from the WV House of Delegates as he now faces federal charges for entering the U.S. Capitol with a mob. wvmetronews.com/2021/01/09/der…
“I take full responsibility for my actions, and deeply regret any hurt, pain or embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends, constituents and fellow West Virginians.”
“I hope this action I take today can remove any cloud of distraction from the state Legislature, so my colleagues can get to work in earnest building a brighter future for our state.”
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9 Jan
It appears internet sleuths have found the guy photographed with zip ties in the Capitol faster than law enforcement could... this is mind blowing
Photo of the alleged zip tie guy leaving the Capitol with a woman
Screen-grab taken from a stream from the lobby of the Grand Hyatt in DC Image
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8 Jan
Authorities are more than twice as likely to break up a left-wing protest than a right-wing protest. fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-p…
“Instead of National Guard troops being posted en masse around landmarks before a protest even began, we saw the Defense Department initially deny a request to send in troops — and that was after the Capitol had been breached.”
“Instead of peaceful protesters being doused in tear gas, we saw a mob posing for selfies with police and being allowed to wander the corridors of power like they couldn’t decide whether they were invading the Capitol or touring it.”
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18 Nov 20
"The U.S. decline is an inevitable outcome of the structural problems the country has had over the years. If these long-standing problems cannot be completely uprooted, the decline of the U.S. will continue to be irreversible." globaltimes.cn/content/120715…
"...Nonetheless, Obama is troubled that adversaries have seen the U.S. weakened instead of spending more time and energy on figuring out a way to fix the problems. Such mentality of U.S. elites will push the U.S. decline further..."
"...The U.S. does have an adversary, and it is the U.S. itself. But American elites often overlook that. In the past, the U.S., relying on its strength, has created contradictions around the world to shift people’s attention, so it managed to cover up the accumulated unsolved..."
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