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6 Mar
My last paid gig was in Dec. Unemployment (which doesn’t come close to covering monthly living expenses) is supposed to transfer every 2 wks, but is only depositing once a month. I’m 2/mo behind on rent. And $1400* is supposed to bring relief? How are the rest of you doing?
Other countries are giving their citizens thousands of dollars a month to survive while our elected officials fight over decreasing $400 to $300 to motivate people to “get back to work.” I’m ready & willing to work, but the gigs aren’t there. What if I had a family to support?
I’m struggling, but I can’t imagine what others w/ families to support must be dealing with. And yet our politicians can’t do a fucking thing. They give tax breaks to billionaires but can’t give pennies in comparison to the people who are responsible for building that wealth.
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23 Feb
Landed on an anti-Semitic article about Hollywood written by someone named Diego Vida for the Tehran Times. This person (who I don't think actually exists) appears in earlier articles as an "Italian filmmaker" who worked on Hollywood films & moved to Iran.…
This is Diego Vida's LinkedIn... stating he does not have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
Here is an "interview" he did with the Tehran Times a couple years ago...…
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17 Feb
“Liberals should not be allowed to buy guns, nor should they be allowed to use computer keyboards or typewriters, word processors or e-mails, and they should have their speech controlled." - Rush Limbaugh
“When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult — it’s an invitation.” - Rush Limbaugh
“[African-Americans are] 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?” - Rush Limbaugh
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21 Jan
Hannity’s opening monologue tonight was incredibly dangerous.
“I don’t want Joe Biden to succeed.” -Pete Hegseth on Hannity just now
Fox News now showing video of about 30 protesters in Seattle walking peacefully and calling it a “far-left riot”
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20 Jan
THREAD: My photos/videos from around Washington, D.C. today.
This is David Wood and he still thinks Donald Trump will be president.

“The guy who got the most legal votes is going to be president. I believe Donald Trump got the most legal votes... I don’t know how God is going to do it... but Donald Trump is gonna serve four more years.”
“The Egyptians, which was a Communist regime, was chasing the Israelites and Moses... they came right to the edge of the Red Sea and they had nowhere to go... then God said ‘Stick out your staff’... and the Red Sea parted... so that’s exactly what’s going to happen here.”
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18 Jan
I’m on the ground in Richmond where armed protesters are gathering outside the Virginia State Capitol. Follow thread for updates or watch livestream here…
Bunch of boogaloos present now - Proud Boys on way
YouTube has shut down my stream for “inappropriate content”
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17 Jan
I’m outside of the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA. Rumors of a possible armed protest have led to a bunch of press folks hanging out... not much else.
Gene Stilp, an activist from Harrisburg, pulls down a “statue” of Trump in front of the PA Capitol.

Gene told me, “In dictatorships across the world, statues of dictators are ripped down when democracy is restored. So today we will be ripping down a statue of Donald Trump.”
Only two Trump supporters showed up outside the Capitol. This one guy (who wanted to remain anonymous), refused to say he was in D.C during the riot... only to admit it shortly thereafter.
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11 Jan
Thread on some of those arrested.

Lonnie Coffman, 70, Alabama. Drove to DC packed with a loaded M4 assault rifle, 3 handguns, and 11 Mason jars filled with homemade napalm.

He was charged with having Molotov cocktails in the bed of his truck.…
Cleveland Meredith Jr., (GA). The FBI found a compact X95 assault rifle, a 9mm handgun & ~100 rounds of ammunition. Agents also seized THC edibles & a vial of injectable testosterone. He’s charged w/ transmitting a threat, as well as felony counts for possession of firearms/ammo
Meredith was bragging to friends that he was “Headed to DC with a (s—-) ton of 5.56 armor-piercing ammo,” and “Thinking about heading over to Pelosi (C——’s) speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV...I’m gonna run that (C—-) Pelosi over while she chews on her gums...”
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9 Jan
Derrick Evans, the newly elected state delegate from West Virginia, has resigned from the WV House of Delegates as he now faces federal charges for entering the U.S. Capitol with a mob.…
“I take full responsibility for my actions, and deeply regret any hurt, pain or embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends, constituents and fellow West Virginians.”
“I hope this action I take today can remove any cloud of distraction from the state Legislature, so my colleagues can get to work in earnest building a brighter future for our state.”
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9 Jan
It appears internet sleuths have found the guy photographed with zip ties in the Capitol faster than law enforcement could... this is mind blowing
Photo of the alleged zip tie guy leaving the Capitol with a woman
Screen-grab taken from a stream from the lobby of the Grand Hyatt in DC Image
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8 Jan
Authorities are more than twice as likely to break up a left-wing protest than a right-wing protest.…
“Instead of National Guard troops being posted en masse around landmarks before a protest even began, we saw the Defense Department initially deny a request to send in troops — and that was after the Capitol had been breached.”
“Instead of peaceful protesters being doused in tear gas, we saw a mob posing for selfies with police and being allowed to wander the corridors of power like they couldn’t decide whether they were invading the Capitol or touring it.”
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18 Nov 20
"The U.S. decline is an inevitable outcome of the structural problems the country has had over the years. If these long-standing problems cannot be completely uprooted, the decline of the U.S. will continue to be irreversible."…
"...Nonetheless, Obama is troubled that adversaries have seen the U.S. weakened instead of spending more time and energy on figuring out a way to fix the problems. Such mentality of U.S. elites will push the U.S. decline further..."
"...The U.S. does have an adversary, and it is the U.S. itself. But American elites often overlook that. In the past, the U.S., relying on its strength, has created contradictions around the world to shift people’s attention, so it managed to cover up the accumulated unsolved..."
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22 Oct 20
A man was arrested in Kannapolis, NC with a van full of guns and explosives with plans to carry out an act of terrorism, including trying to assassinate Joe Biden.…
A search of the van found “approximately $509,000 of U.S. currency (believed to be Defendant’s inheritance), books (about survival, bomb making, improved weapons and Islam), drawing of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings” and five more guns.
When the suspect was arrested, officers found drivers licenses from three different states. The order said agents also discovered he had purchased the various weapons in states across the country, including Washington, Kansas, New Hampshire and West Virginia.
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26 Sep 20
I’m in Portland to cover the far right #ProudBoys rally. Follow along here for photo/video updates and/or check out my livestream on FB, Periscope, or YouTube.
Walmart stacked pallets in front of their windows and doors ahead of today’s rally. This woman was not happy to discover this. Image
Armed supporters of the Proud Boys, dressed in full military fatigues and wearing “body cams” are directing us where to go Image
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16 Sep 20
Trump says he has his health plan "all ready" after @GStephanopoulos presses him, saying that he has repeatedly told journalists it would be ready over and over again for the last three and a half years. Trump has never come out with an alternative plan. #TrumpTownHall
Trump says he has a 91% approval rating from vets. There is no evidence of that. But according to a recent Military Times poll, his rating among active-duty troops has dropped to 37.8%, while his disapproval rating climbed to 49.9% & rising. #TrumpTownHall…
Trump calls Mattis a "highly overrated general" and says of John Bolton, "all he wanted to do is blow people up." #TrumpTownHall
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27 Aug 20
Here is what The New York Times has mapped out with the #Kenosha shooting. Putting this into a thread for those of you who do not have access.…
"About 15 minutes before the first shooting, police officers drive past Mr. Rittenhouse, and the other armed civilians who claim to be protecting the dealership, and offer water out of appreciation."
"Mr. Rittenhouse walks up to a police vehicle carrying his rifle and talks with the officers.He eventually leaves the dealership and is barred by the police from returning."
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30 Jul 20
Adding to this: multiple mainstream networks that asked for permission to use my footage went silent or said they were no longer interested when I told them there is a fee to license my content. And so they just didn’t report on it... (continued)
I turned down Storyful, who offer indie journalists a rev share (which we can’t track) so that they can sell licensing of our content to nearly every major outlet that purchases content from them. It’s a bad deal to those of us who are risking a lot out there in the field...
CNN went around using my footage by writing an article & listed me as an unnamed “independent journalist” linking to my video on Twitter, which is legal. The kicker was the article stated they couldn’t confirm if it was police or feds... but neither reporter reached out to me. 🤦‍♂️
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29 Jul 20
Far right personalities like Jack Posobiec & Andy Ngo create false narratives that get amplified by trollbots, conservative papers/sites, Fox News/OAN, leading up to the president. They have built an entire system that creates, amplifies, and gives validity to fake news.
Meanwhile, there are people on the ground in Portland whose firsthand accounts aren't gaining traction. The support from "liberal" media / twitter / personalities pales in comparison to the operation that the right has manufactured.
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28 Jul 20
Some addtl photos/videos that I was unable to send out in real-time 👇

This first clip is one of many instances where paramilitary groups fire flash-bang grenades into the crowd. Proper use dictates these are to be fired above the crowd, not into them.…
One of the developers of the grenade (Bill Nixon) stopped selling them b/c officers are not sufficiently trained to use them. “I realized’s still going to hurt people.” In Nixon’s opinion, police are wrong to treat them like less destructive weapons such as tear gas..."
GRAPHIC: This issue was raised when Sophia Wilansky, a 21-year-old protester at Standing Rock, nearly had her entire arm blown off by one. Police denied responsibility. ImageImage
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28 Jul 20
Bill Barr said he's never heard of #ElijahMcClain. Barr clearly has no clue nor regard for what these protests are all about.
"Will you stop the burning and destruction of federal property and give Americans confidence without the risk of this terrorism?" @mattgaetz to Barr.
Bill Barr is asked about mail-in voting and if he's ever done it.

"Apparently I did once, I believe."
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