“BioNTech Impfstoff. Gefahren durch Lipid-Nanopartikel im mRNA-Impfstoff?” Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krüger bitchute.com/video/v5b2mgg1…
1/11 A friend's summarising explanation of the German video, 'The lipid nanoparticle covering stabilises whatever is inside during transport through the blood, and enables uptake into the cell. There are 4 ingredients to the covering. Two of these are already used ...'
2/11 ..'and known to be harmless: cholesterol and glycerine phosphorol. The other two have been secret until recently, they have never been permitted for use before: polyethylene glycerol and something else.

The PEG stabilises the lipid covering and carries the mRNA ..'
3/11 ..'(whatever is being used, if anything) in both the syringe and in the body. It does this by inhibiting the positive charge of the cationic lipid during transport. APO E in the body seeks out cholesterol in the body and takes it to the liver, so it attempts to take..'
4/11 ..'the injected particles to the liver. The cholesterol is therefore recognised and taken to the liver and into the cell by the APO E that swims around the blood to pick up cholesterol. Receptors are in the liver and other places and the APO E attach to these.' ..
5/11 'Cell membranes have a negative charge and the thing/injected molecule has a positive charge. The PEG inhibits the positive charge whilst it’s being transported in the body. Once inside the cell, the acid pH value splits the PEG linker off and it no longer inhibits the..'
6/11 ..'positive charge of the cationic lipid, the pH value goes down to 4.7, and water streams into the covering causing it to burst. The mRNA or whatever is inside the covering is released.

The claim is that the PEG part is responsible for the anaphylactic shocks that ..'
7/11 ..'occur 10 minutes after injections, however that is only a guess.

The Nanoparticles go to the liver, spleen, lungs mostly, but also to all other cells.
It was already noted in pre-clinical animal trials that the cationic lipid causes holes in the tissues.' ..
8/11 'Animal experiments (these were only short term)
after one day: lymphopenia (lymphocyte drop)
After 3 injections: Enlargement of lymph nodes and spleen, increase in lymphocytes in bone marrow
Oedema, tissue alteration, fibroses, dying of muscle fibres, necrotic tissue,..'
9/11 ..'blood vessel inflammation, massive destruction of cells in the liver, tissue is perforated.
Blood vessels - inflamed. With blood cells count - massive raised.

These reactions were generally considered to be showing a an ‘immune reaction’ and therefore that..'
10/11 ..'the vaccine was “working.”

Cationic lipid: production of oxygen radicals through release of the positive lipids
Change in calcium concentration, cytokine release, cellular stress, cell death
Massive inflammatory reaction in tissues and organs
Thrombosis in the blood,..'
11/11 ..'haemolysis (red blood cells burst) with fever, chills, shortness of breath, fainting.'

(Short video summary in English provided by a friend)

• • •

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