Senate Dems represent 41 million more Americans than GOP but Mitch McConnell wants 21 small state GOP senators representing less than a quarter of population to be able to block laws supported by huge majorities of Americans with filibuster…
This is how undemocratic US Senate is:

-15 states with 38 million people elect 30 GOP senators

-California with 40 million people elects 2 Dems

-By 2040, 30% of America will elect 70 senators. 70% of America will elect only 30 ImageImage
-Senate split 50-50 but Dems represent 41 million more people

-majority of SCOTUS justices appointed by presidents who lost popular vote & confirmed by senators representing minority of Americans

-GOP legislatures hold power despite winning fewer votes b/c of gerrymandering Image
Violent mob that stormed Capitol represented extreme version of longtime GOP strategy: a blatant disregard for will of the majority

Unprecedented attempt by Trump and his allies to overturn election results is prelude to new era of GOP minority rule Image
“In the 87 years between the end of Reconstruction and 1964, the only bills that were stopped by filibusters were civil rights bills" writes @AJentleson

Filibuster is Jim Crow remnant that McConnell now wants to use to preserve white GOP minority rule Image
Trump tried to throw out millions of Black votes & GOP already doubling down on voter suppression in states like Georgia

This is why Dems need to get rid of filibuster to restore Voting Rights Act & make it easier to vote Image
"the unprecedented attempt by Trump & his allies to overturn the election results is mere prelude to new era of minority rule, which not only will attempt to block agenda of a president elected by an overwhelming majority but threatens the long-term health of American democracy" Image
“the GOP has dropped any pretense of trying to appeal to a majority of Americans. Instead, it caters to a conservative white minority that is drastically overrepresented in the Electoral College, the Senate, and gerrymandered legislative districts”…
How to reverse GOP minority rule:

-abolish Electoral College

-statehood for DC & Puerto Rico

-kill filibuster

-expand voting access & pass constitutional right to vote

-restore Voting Rights Act

-end gerrymandering

-expand the court

• • •

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10 Jun
New data: GOP state legislatures have passed 24 new laws in 14 states this year making it easier to overturn elections, interfering with election administration & criminalizing efforts by election officials to make it easier to vote. This is terrifying…
216 bills introduced in 41 states this year making it easier for GOP state legislatures to interfere with elections, including potentially overturning election results
Here’s chart showing how GOP state legislatures interfering with free elections in 14 states:

-Seizing election oversight

-Meddling in election administration

-Imposing criminal penalties for election officials…
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9 Jun
Thrilled & honored to win @SidneyHillman award with @NickSurgey for breaking story in @motherjones showing leaked video of dark money group Heritage Action bragging to donors about writing GOP voter suppression bills. Big thanks to everyone who read story…
In leaked video Heritage Action brags to donors about writing voter suppression laws for GOP state legislators in GA TX etc

“we actually draft them for them or we give them the model legislation so it has that grassroots, from-the-bottom-up type of vibe”…
Heritage Action told secret donors they “had a bit of fun” with Joe Manchin & held rally in WV pressuring him to oppose HR1 & keep filibuster

Connection between dark money & voter suppression exactly what For the People Act intended to stop…
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7 Jun
I cannot get over the fact that Joe Manchin says voting rights legislation must have “bipartisan” supermajority when Republicans brazenly changing the rules in the states to prevent Dems from ever winning another fair election. Total unilateral disarmament
Republicans are engaged in greatest roll back of voting rights since Reconstruction but we’re supposed to believe 10 GOP senators will support new Voting Rights Act? C’mon Joe Manchin
I don't recall Republicans asking for bipartisan support before they introduced 400 voter suppression bills & enacted 22 new voter suppression laws in 14 states so far this year
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2 Jun
Memo to @SenatorSinema: in 1890s states like Mississippi rushed to disenfranchise Black voters, House passed bill to stop it but Senate filibustered legislation protecting voting rights & we got Jim Crow. Now history will repeat itself if Dems don’t act…
"The same pattern that existed during Reconstruction—the enfranchisement of Black voters, followed by the manipulation of election laws to throw out Black votes, culminating in laws passed to legally disenfranchise Black voters—is repeating itself today"
In 1890 Mississippi rewrote constitution to disenfranchise Black voters

That year House passed bill to protect voting rights but killed by Senate filibuster

By 1907 every Southern state had changed constitution to keep Blacks from voting & Black turnout fell from 61% to 2%
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2 Jun
New cover story @motherjones: GOP enacting greatest assault on voting rights since end of Reconstruction and if Congress doesn’t pass federal legislation to stop new wave of Jim Crow 2.0 voter suppression laws Second Reconstruction will end like the first…
“The same pattern that existed during Reconstruction—the enfranchisement of Black voters, followed by the manipulation of election laws to throw out Black votes, culminating in laws passed to legally disenfranchise Black voters—is repeating itself today”
"the vicious white backlash that has followed Biden's victory—an attempt to overturn the election, an insurrection at the US Capitol, a record number of bills to restrict voting rights—has all the makings of a concerted attempt to end the second Reconstruction"
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31 May
If Texas House Democrats can walk off the floor to kill voter suppression bill, then Senate Dems can kill filibuster to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act
"This is a now-or-never moment in American democracy," said @JoaquinCastrotx. "If we don’t act now, then our democracy is not going to look the same either in 2022 or 2024"…
Texas Dem Rep @TMFtx: "Breaking quorum is about the equivalent of crawling on our knees begging the president and the United States Congress to give us the For the People Act and give us the John Lewis Voting Rights Act"…
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