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26 Jan, 6 tweets, 2 min read
Every person who works in PR for TV & film should read this. Obv editors at many publications too. But this kind of PR gatekeeping is keeping talented critics & writers from marginalized communities -- especially POC -- on the sidelines or driving them out…
I'm white, I have a track record at known outlets, so even as a freelancer, I automatically get or *can* get most TV screeners. I have heard SO MANY tales of Black, Asian, disabled, queer, Latinx critics--among others--having major obstacles to getting them. It's a major problem.
Add to that even more obstacles to getting on: Red carpets. Other premiere events. Panels. During the pandemic, just getting screeners, having interview requests granted, being among first to be able to cover TV/films. The gatekeeping & obstacles are CONSTANT to marginalized folk
If you reach out to writers & critics from a particular community only when you want coverage of a project w representation from that community... don't do that.That's insulting & biased. Writers of color, LGBTQ writers, disabled writers--they can & want to write about everything
Also, critics/writers/reporters from marginalized communities NEED to write about everything, certainly if they want to be able to pay their bills and ever get hired on staff anywhere. PR/marketing gatekeeping has a role to play in all this & it needs to be talked about.
Various TV/film promotional efforts have tiers: Those of us in the industry know this. There are lists--who gets screeners, who gets invited to (even virtual) events, who they want to write features etc. Not a great look if your top tiers are mostly/very white/abled/straight/cis.

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25 Jan
I was lucky enough to serve on #AFIAwards jury again. PLOT TWIST: Everyone on 2020 jury considered both TV & film (that was eligible; FYI some shows/movies not eligible, I literally don't make the rules). Anyway I can now issue a ruling on whether film or TV is better... 1/2
...unexpected development: They are both Good.
#Minari, #Nomadland, #BetterCallSaul, #OneNightInMiami, #TheGoodLordBird, #TedLasso, #TheCrown, #SoundofMetal #TheQueensGambit = just a few of the projects on the 2020 roster of #AFIAWARDS. They are excellent! Listen to Ted! 👇…
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23 Jan
Regret to inform you that President Biden issued an executive order today. There’s a minimum 1-year ban on starting your episode of television with an in media res action sequence putting key characters in unexplained jeopardy, followed by the on-screen words “36 hours earlier”
The text of the executive order reads as follows: “I love you knuckleheads but you have all overused this trope. It was once fun, but it got out of hand a long time ago. I’ll ban this malarkey for a decade if I need to!”
Sources close to the administration report that there is one exception to this ban: If a series has supplied a minimum of 3.5 seasons of consistently good television, that series gets to use this device ONCE. As a treat.
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10 Jul 20
I support @emilyvdw.
I do not support those who use weak, strawman arguments to prop up intolerance & transphobia. Especially if some making those arguments have silenced and harmed marginalized communities. And have massive platforms with which to do so. #TransLivesMatter
A powerful layer of established people cannot stand that newer forms of media have given voice to those they’d comfortably ignored in the past. These high status folks do everything in their power to delegitimize & discredit voices they don’t like while bleating about free speech
Should established folks be able to share their opinions? Sure. They already do! To them the bigger problem is they do not solely control the discourse anymore &that makes them nervous& angry. So they dress up their gatekeeping in noble principles. Nice trick, not falling for it.
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19 Jun 20
Nicole Beharie on #SleepyHollow: “Sometimes I think that some people I was working with didn’t like that I was unwell but loved by the audience. ...everyone of color on that show was seen as expendable and eventually let go.” Yes. That happened in real time & it was so awful.
I think a lot about the many terrible decisions made & thus enabled from on high at #sleepyhollow. Black women boosted SH online/on social media & helped make it a phenomenon. Watching their hearts get broken in real time is one of the worst things I ever witnessed as a critic.
2 leads had great chemistry, but #SleepyHollow was one of the few genre shows I ever saw w Black sisters as a core relationship. The excitement when folks saw how that was central to the mythology! Over time, that relationship got less time so a white witch could... be useless.
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17 Jun 20
Been working hard on something that means a lot to me, so a thread is incoming!
Some Hollywood TV studios came after the pay of lowest-level assistants & support staff after the pandemic hit. For @vanityfair, I talked to 20+ industry people abt what happened, 1 studio changing course & why this affects marginalized folks most severely…
Many assistants I spoke to said their income fell by a third to a *half*. And these folks were already not making much. And contrary to what some above them might think, for support staff, working remotely *not* easier/faster +…
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27 May 20
Adding to this thread on a pattern of misconduct -- and coverups -- at one entertainment media conglomerate. This 2 yr old thread is on CBS. But these ingrained patterns can (and do) exist all over the industry. Some context for this Criminal Minds development:
In 2018, Variety's @gdanielholloway reported on a years-long pattern of alleged abuse by DP of Criminal Minds. 19 sources on "a toxic environment on set, groping male staffers, threatening them physically, and firing anyone who complained" per Dan's story…
Not long after that first CM story, @gdanielholloway reported on how below the line crew are especially at risk re Hollywood-style abusive/toxic behaviors. This is a story the media has barely touched on, but it's important.…
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