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The reporting period covered by #TDoR2022 (1 Oct 2021 - 30 Sep 2022) is now over.

This is what we know so far about those who we will be remembering on this Transgender Day of Remembrance (20th November 2022):…

#SayTheirNames #TransLivesMatter #TDoR
A homeless #trans woman victim was found with two stab wounds in Guayaquil, Guayas (Ecuador) on 1 Oct 2021.

She was 34, and was identified only by the alias "La Pocha". #SayHerName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR…
Royal Poetical Starz was shot inside her vehicle in Miami Gardens, Florida (USA) on 2 Oct 2021.

She was 26. #SayHerName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR…
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I bet he didn't need a letter of approval from a therapist or psychologist for this gender affirming surgery.
This whole page is full of gender affirming (or masculinization) surgeries that likely don't require any pre-approvals by therapist or psychologist.
Since some folx don't seem to comprehend the comparison, having "a small(er) jawline & then utilizing plastic surgery as means of widening or squaring your jaw, is quite literally a gender affirming surgery. & one that likely doesn't require a therapist to validate your gender 1/
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Thread re: Republican U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn’s question to Ketanji Brown Jackson— Let’s talk about how utterly absurd it is to give the following command to another person: “Define woman”. The word ‘woman’ isn’t something that can easily be defined, due to the fact that 1/
it’s A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. After all, just give it a try. Please just try to define the word ‘woman’. And as you’re doing so in your mind, I invite you to keep reading…
If you say a woman is someone who was born with a vagina, that statement is very obviously not always true. 2/
If any person who claims “women were born w/ vaginas” were to look at the person in this picture I’ve posted, they would *definitely* assume that she’s a woman. They’d *definitely* be referring to her with “she/her” pronouns and would believe she’s a woman. And they’d be right.3/
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For those disheartened by the wave of anti-trans laws sweeping the nation, I wanted to offer a little ray of hope from the front lines. With all the headlines getting attention, it's easy to feel like the world has turned against us. But...
The reality is somewhat different. First, these bills, while different in every state, are all being championed by the same, small group of bigots going state to state. So small, in fact, that they can't find state specific experts for these bills. They bring their own.
Seriously. It's like two quack doctors who have never treated trans patients, two de-trasitioned adults, and a few "experts" who can't stand up to the most basic of cross examination. A traveling band of idiots funded by groups like the bigoted ADF and AFA. It's an absolute joke.
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The Wyoming Senate has voted 16 to 14 to eliminate the U. of Wyoming Gender Studies program. (Bill below). This will not only eliminate not only the gender studies department, but also courses and non-academic programs related to gender.

Please re-tweet to amplify and stop this
This is an unlawful government overreach and attack on academic freedom that would affect 30 academic programs and 105 courses, and limit the ability of students to learn about the many ways gender affects our past, present, and future
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One of the most challenging parts of the last month is the sheer number of trolls who have targeted me. Logically, I understood that these people exist but it still boggles my mind that there are people who spends minutes, hours and days debating everything from
My mental health, whether I am a real person, how I can be pregnant, why I identify as both trans nonbinary and a lesbian. I honestly just don't understand how folks find the time to spend this much time on me
Moreover, we’ve started to get more concerning threats necessitating that we hire teams to provide security including monitoring threats against us. And the threats aren't even about the special the are about #Cuties and that conspiracy.
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Suzanne Moore discovered a letter condemning the new transphobia in the @guardian had been written & signed by a significant number of the the staff. She leaked the letter with all of the names, & quit in a snit to write for the Spectator & the Torygraph.
Suzanne Moore watched a video of a bigot wearing bigot-merch proclaiming his membership of anti-trans hate group LGB Alliance, in which the #LGBTPride crowd chanted "Trans Lives Matter" & the bigot stopped the march to shout back & was then removed by police liaisons. /2
Suzanne Moore's conclusion was not "When on a march, you keep walking with the crowd, because if you obstruct or stop the march deliberately you can get removed from the march by the police" - as any #LGBTPride or other protest marcher could have told her! - but instead ... /3
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I took the day off yesterday. Today I learned that one of our #AsylumSeekers clients, a #translatina from El Salvador, was stabbed 14 times and nearly killed in an act of hate. My staff didn't tell me until today, because they knew I needed a day off. This is the job.
Hatred towards #immigrants and #transphobia, legitimized by our government leaders, makes the US a place where often times #AsylumSeekers don't find the safety they seek and desperately need.
If you're a black, LGBTQ, or Latinx immigrant, often times you experience racism, hatred, and violence in the US. The govt lies, calling you rapists and murderers, and making others believe your life matters less. That you can then be killed with impunity.
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Earlier this year, the Trump admin’s Dep. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a rule that would roll back protections for transgender people experiencing homelessness. The rule would allow taxpayer-funded shelters to turn away transgender people.
Fed. agencies like HUD allow public comment on proposed rules. The comment period closes on September 22. We urge all ACLU People Power supporters to make a public comment denouncing the proposed rule because shelters funded by taxpayer dollars should be open to all –– period❗️
Tell @HUDgov to protect transgender people experiencing homelessness:…
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I have had way too much rage since posting Live to my Facebook to be able to make a coherent post but I will one because now this has become too much.…

This is what happened!
The entourage begins arriving in "cars"...

@FriehaAltaf moves the water stall and limo soda vendors back from the road (one of the two was giving everything on discount to the protestors but was clearly too ugly to be in this celebrity protests press shots)...
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JK Rowling is trans-phobic, a betrayal of Harry Potter's message. #RIPJKRowling means the author who brought us hope is dead, not the person. She's a death eater. A thread @HarryPotterFilm #TransLivesMatter
Dumbledore's message:…
#Gryffindor (red & gold) is connected to fire; #Slytherin (green & silver) to water; #Hufflepuff (yellow and black, representing wheat & soil) to earth; & #Ravenclaw (blue & bronze; sky & eagle feathers) to air. #RIPJKRowling but #HarryPotterLives… Image
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Well, ran into a Qanon #savethechildren rally on Hollywood Blvd and Vine (8/22/2020). It was.... something. A thread of the footage:

#qanon #pizzagate #MentalHealth #mentalillness
Qanon Save The Children protest (video 2):

#QAnon #SaveTheChildren
Qanon #saveourchidren protest Hollywood (video 3):

#qanon #SaveTheChildren
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Trans Lives Matter march last night (8-20-2020) in Hollywood protesting the assault of three trans women this weekend.

More from the Hollywood Trans Lives Matter march.

#TransLivesMatter #TransRights
More vids from Trans Lives Matter march in Hollywood protesting the robberies and assault on Eden The Doll and her friends.

#TransLivesMatter #TransRights #edenthedoll
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Lausuimme koskien transnaisen henkirikoksesta tiedottamista poliisin ja median toimesta. SV: kuolema, väkivalta. Kiitos yhteistyöstä @Protukipiste @trasek_ry @transfeminiinit #Regnbågsankan #transmisogynia #RestInPower…
Järjestöt vaativat oikaisua transnaisen henkirikoksesta tiedottamiseen ja uutisointiin. Kesäkuun 12. ja 13. välisenä yönä 26-v transtaustainen nainen menetti Vantaalla henkensä puukotuksen seurauksena. Uhrin muistoa loukkasivat sekä poliisi että media väärinsukupuolittamalla.
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All the threads that didn’t happen …. there have been a few of them now.

Didn’t write about them because - well, I’m going to tell you now …
… one cold winter night, frazzled and hungry, I took myself to a university library to a group talk on how the LGB could help the tranz. Sat down next to infamous troon, who started up about his front hole and sex life.
… an online make-up tutorial, in which the make-up artist was so super nice and the things she said were so educational (I bought an eyebrow pencil the following day) everyone on the call was so polite and grateful, it just would’ve been plain wrong …
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BREAKING: @BurgerKing workers are ON STRIKE after Angela Martinez Gómez, a trans co-worker, died after working with COVID-19 symptoms

BK denied Angela died of COVID, despite having symptoms.

BK blamed Angela’s death on hormone injections without evidence.

Angela Martinez Gómez was 42 years old and was originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. She was a leader and loved by her family and community. Burger King exploited her for her labor until her final days. That's how companies like @BurgerKing and @McDonalds make billions of dollars.
Angela Martinez Gómez taught us to fight for our dreams and to be ourselves.

Today we honor her in silent protest and fight for safe working conditions.

Her family is raising money for her body to be transported back to Oaxaca:… #TransLivesMatter
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I support @emilyvdw.
I do not support those who use weak, strawman arguments to prop up intolerance & transphobia. Especially if some making those arguments have silenced and harmed marginalized communities. And have massive platforms with which to do so. #TransLivesMatter
A powerful layer of established people cannot stand that newer forms of media have given voice to those they’d comfortably ignored in the past. These high status folks do everything in their power to delegitimize & discredit voices they don’t like while bleating about free speech
Should established folks be able to share their opinions? Sure. They already do! To them the bigger problem is they do not solely control the discourse anymore &that makes them nervous& angry. So they dress up their gatekeeping in noble principles. Nice trick, not falling for it.
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This morning I made a joke that I thought was hilarious. Since then, at the prompting of many well-meaning social media advocates, I chose to take off my twitter-tinted glasses and go back and read what @JK_Rowling has said regarding issues of sex, feminism, and trans-advocacy.
After doing so, and taking the time to think about it, I have to say I was wrong. In an article posted to her public page, Rowling gives her support for the trans community, while addressing concerns she has as a woman.
In my white, cis-gender opinion (take it with a boulder of salt), she does not demonize trans people.
Don't get me wrong, she certainly doesn't help them here. But I think this calls for a solution that I, nor she, is capable of producing. How do (not can) we protect everybody?
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I finally understand quantum physics! This is great.
I know this was actually a challenge to biological essentialism and an explanation of non-binary identities but thank you @Glamrou for explaining quantum physics in such clear terms.
OK well I don’t have a Soundcloud, but
#TransLivesMatter, #NonBinaryLivesMatter, #BlackLivesMatter and there’s an important role for social theory and the humanities in STEM as this shows.

Oh yeah and JK Rowling can get in the bin.
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Today hurts.

Four years ago, we woke to a deep loss that scarred our communities. The moment was one of many reminders of the hate that is all too present for the LGBTQ+ community, and especially for our BIPOC trans siblings. (1)
Today, as we remember and honor the lives lost on June 12th, 2016 during the Pulse Nightclub shooting, we recognize the pain that continues to haunt the LGBTQ+ community. (2)
This past week, through more senseless acts of violence, we have lost the lives of Dominique "Rem’mie" Fells and Riah Milton, two Black trans women. We mourn for our Black trans siblings, who are disproportionately affected by hate-motivated violence. (3)
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On this first morning of #PrideMonth it may be especially relevant to remember riots are what got us here and even more relevant that it was on the backs of transwomen and people of color. pictured below Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera (and not the riot)
All Queers and allies should know Christopher Street Liberation Day, aka Stonewall Riots, aka Stonewall Uprising. #Smash #PrideMonth
All queers and allies should know Marsh P Johnson. She threw the first brick. literally. #BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter #PrideMonth
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At least eight states are currently deliberating bills that, if passed, would outlaw transgender minors' access to gender-affirming medical treatments.…

Gender-affirming treatment should be better known as "Suicide-Prevention Treatment"
Trans kids have ridiculously high rates of self-harm.

Giving them time to work out their true feelings by delaying puberty with hormone blockers saves lives.

Making sure kids have access to treatments that help them be their honest selves SAVES LIVES.
Let's not shove our heads into the dirt and imagine that trans people are just going to disappear. If you live in South Dakota, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois or Kentucky, please call your legislators now.
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I am a trans woman.
I was born with a vagina.
Yes we exist.
We are an even more vulnerable minority within a minority. We face all the same things as other trans women except many of us also menstruate and are vulnerable to pregnancy /1

We are at even greater risk of sexual and domestic violence than other trans women, but also we are trafficked, sold into marriage as children, and have our genitals mutilated in huge numbers globally /2

#translivesmatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights
We are subject to medical gatekeeping which prevents us from receiving gender affirming surgery, medical science has left us in the dust and surgeons refuse to give us neovaginas simply because we have vaginas.

#trans #translivesmatter
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