1. When the bible says with one mouth you can't bless God and then curse men created in his image. The mouth as the vessel through which our spiritual sacrifices go up to God becomes corrupted as a sacred vessel when we use the same tongue to speak evil of others.

2. The mouth becomes incapacitated and unable to adequately perform that spiritual task. satan therefore will leave us to sing but earnestly seek to contaminate the vessel by provoking us to develop enmity in our hearts towards others and speak evil belonging God's image in them.
3. This is why differences must never become personal where the image of God in others is blurred by the words you speak out of pain. When incense was offered in the temple unto God it was a blend of spices. All the species were fragrant except one which had an unpleasant aroma.
4. If that incense was however prepared without the unpleasant one it was unusable. God tests us in our love for him and the beginning of true worship with our love for those who opposed us or speak ill of us. He wants us to forgive and bless purifying our tongue as a holy vessel
5. God insisted on the inclusion of the unpleasant aroma in the mix. This is how we have one negative person in our circle whom God uses to purify our hearts and to demonstrate our love for him truly indeed and not just in word.

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31 Dec 20
1. Thread about Cross-over services.

Some have asked is December 31st really a special day and what about cross-over services? This they say is a Nigerian thing. There is nothing sacred about it some have said
This may be true however let's read from the words of Apostle Paul.
2. Paul in his day must have faced a similar challenge as some must have still observed days in the Jewish calendar. When he was asked about some people who were still observing certain days as being more important than others and they criticized those individuals Paul's response
3. Romans 14:4-6King James Version

4 "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand."
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4 Dec 20
1. When the Scriptures says, I have seen an error that proceeds from the ruler, servants riding upon horses and princes walking as servants. This is the law of exchange. The prince walking actually owns the horse the servant is riding upon. Wrong people accessing powerful places
2. The way this happens is through the sly practices of the "servant" and the naivety of the prince. The servant first gets into close association with a prince and uses his name. With the relationship in the bag, any mistake he makes, he secretly throws the prince under bus.
3. The servant refuses to take responsibility for his errors and adjust his character but eases himself out by speaking ill of the prince behind his back convincing others about the error of the prince. By this he takes the eye balls off him and points people at the prince.
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2 Dec 20
To be authentic you must speak from your journey, seek deeper interpretations to the events in your life and teach from that. Reason is, there is nothing new under the sun in terms of human experience. We may toay use more sophisticated tools but the emotions behind are the same.
Whoever is "successful" & gives advice their words must be consistent with who they are and their own experience. They can counsel out of their failures or successes but it must come from somewhere authentic. There was a reason why Jesus went to the temple to hear the Pharisses.
2. The reason he sat and allowed the Pharisees who had flaws to teach, asking them questions is that life is a continuum. Even the failures of the previous generation are meant to be lessons for the new and the new can only stand on the successes of the old to make real impact.
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30 Nov 20
This is not about being for President Trump or against him. It is about why & how he surprisingly emerged and won 4years ago against all odds and this time with 73m votes, inspite of a pandemic shocked everyone with his followership. This was broadcast the day before the election
It sends a message to political leadership who may be cut in the bubble of governing thinking only in terms of political friends, catering only for the elites with influence. Its about the mass of people who feel forgotten which will give rise the unexpected happening.
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19 Nov 20
One of the worst things in leadership is to create an echo chamber around you where only those who agree with your point of view are allowed into your inner circle. Those with honest but different ideas are punished with exclusion. Every other person suppresses their convictions.
2. However what causes this is not as straight forward as many may think. The leader may have been betrayed in the past by those he trusted. His first experience with difference in opinion may have come through a very cantankerous person with the intention to break cohesion.
3. By removing the scorner, strife did cease and there was great cohesion within the group and through the power of agreement, great things were achieved. His institutional memory of "diversity" is therefore negative and makes him shy away from such opposing view points.
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13 Nov 20
The Church cannot afford a liberal theology that is not founded on the written word of God. If that is allowed, we may increase our popularity but at the expense of spiritual power. In obeying God, we will have to contend with a dual opinion report some will say good others bad.
Am sure it will have been more popular for the apostles to have been directly involved in helping widows but in Acts 6:2 they said this, "Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, it is not reason we should leave the word of God and serve tables"
They had to clarify to the people God's intended role for ministry and then delegate the social work aspects to the laity. The force that propelled any minister into a place of influence is his or her prayer life and quiet times with the word. This is the root of our influence.
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