New: @stuartathompson and i received a trove of smartphone location data from 1/6. The set included about 100,000 location pings, revealing around 130 devices inside the Capitol at the time of the siege.…
The data tells a few stories. It offers granular details of how many people listened to Trump’ss speech and then went to the Capitol.…
The second story is about a broken, surreptitious industry in desperate need of regulation, and of a tacit agreement we’ve entered into that threatens everyone’s individual privacy. None of this data should ever have been collected.
This is the second location dataset @stuartathompson have had leaked to us. In the 13 months, we have seen the process the adtech industry uses to track and deanonymize this data has only gotten better...which is to say more invasive.
the justification for collecting this stuff is that it’s anonymous. it is a huge lie. instead it leads people back to their homes. ad IDs are easily cross referenced with other databases. it’s a joke.
If you take anything away: such data is collected & remains vulnerable to use and abuse whether people gather in support of an insurrection or they justly protest police violence, as happened in cities across America last summer. This industry is a threat.…

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29 Jan
I'm a broken record here but I feel weird about all the MTG coverage. It's obviously important & worth the outrage given her past and present actions and her election. But if it doesn't ultimately pressure the GOP it will have the end goal of making her more of a star
the reason i bring it up is she seems to be basically only interested in governing via shitposting. which means...attention gathering. what would it look like if the coverage only reflected what she could do with her power? idk but maybe there'd be less of it?
one other thing i think about is that a lot of convos i've heard about her aren't quite taking into account the very uncomfortable notion that she..uh..does represent the views of some of her constituents...(meaning the problem is big and the reality of all this is very 😬 )
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26 Jan
the only thing i can think about with the gamestop thing is that there are so many elements of modern life that can be manipulated (for good or ill) if enough ppl are able to commandeer enough attention. and we have so many ways for normal ppl to gather attention at scale now seems like whether its 'memeing a president into existence' or qanon or meme stocks or whatever...they're all just examples of similar destabilizing dynamics of scale. but what's interesting is i don't think most ppl realize how powerful this is yet
(not like each individual example...just the dynamics)
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26 Jan
i have to imagine i would immediately get the plague and die
runner up: immediately lost in the woods. starves, dies.
second runner up: i drink too much ale or whatever ghastly substance they are serving and i start running my mouth about the internet and am immediately burned alive
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8 Jan
oh Image
it is sort of hard for me to comprehend how much time i've spent thinking about this man and this tool/website. and it is not a thing that exists anymore. wow.
like...@lamthuyvo and i mapped and analyzed *every link* he tweeted for 18 months in the lead up to his inauguration in 2016.…
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5 Dec 20
maybe this is a me thing but anyone else notice that their text histories w/ their partner during the pandemic are bizarre. It used to be...conversation! now it's just like contextless recipe links & peculiar life detritus bc we've been in the same space for 9 months straight
a good string here
(we found steve...he was sleeping)
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16 Nov 20
yep this is basically where we are i think. unsustainable and maybe an existential threat.
the reason why it feels existential rn is because selling alternate realities is a growth hack for people to acquire attention and even power
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