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8 Feb, 10 tweets, 1 min read
You can now pre-order my fitness book 'Strong Advice' on paperback! 😃

It's helped thousands of people to:
-lose weight
-get stronger
-build muscle
-look better
-be healthier
-stay motivated

First 50 copies are just $20 + shipping ($15 off!)

48 left
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Last 2 at this price point.

Price will increase after.

• • •

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5 Feb
I upset a lot of people yesterday by questioning the mainstream narrative regarding the 'rona.

I've never come across a virus with so many die hard fans and such an effective PR & marketing team! 😄

Amazing. I'll avoid the subject today.

But yeah... we're all being played.
I knew the 'rona had a hardcore fan base when people got MORE upset by the term 'Chinese virus' than they did by the fact the CCP unleashed hell upon the world, lied about it, and got off scot-free (with a stronger economy to boot).

Corona Crusaders lol.

OK... I'll stop.
The govt and media convinced millions of people that house arrest, self-isolation, hiding your face, not working, not going to the gym, and not seeing friends & family is in the best interest of their HEALTH!

People clearly don't know what 'health' means...

We're being played.
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4 Feb
A key role of the media is to keep you upset, fearful, outraged, and divided over petty, low-hanging fruit...

That way, the powers that be can get away with murder (often literally) whilst you're distracted by petty, inconsequential nonsense.

It's extremely effective.
The average person spends more time outraged by gender pronouns, faux 'racism', and random celebrity/political gossip & scandals, than they spend outraged by ongoing genocides, human trafficking, murders, and child abuse.

That's engineered. It's not by accident.

Stay woke.
People have a limited capacity for outrage.

Crafty people in power and in the media know this. That's why they feed you BS every single day without fail.

It's really difficult to be outraged by genuine atrocities when you're outraged by the latest manufactured nonsense.
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1 Feb
It's fun arguing with woke white liberal types, because I can shatter all of the arguments they automatically expect me to agree with, and they can't just get away by calling me 'racist' like they would if I shared their complexion. 🤣

They have absolutely no idea what to do.
I once had a stranger try to appeal to me by talking about how we need race based affirmative action & quotas in the UK to 'increase diversity' and 'give black people a chance' because of 'systemic oppression'.

Man got eviscerated. I ALMOST felt bad. He was only 20 bless him. 🤣
But I did him a favour ultimately, because he needs to know he can't just go through life repeating NPC talking points unchallenged and getting pats on the back for it.

These types always say 'educate yourself' so they must be forced to practice what they preach. 😁
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29 Jan
Modern feminism has programmed women to think that looking after a husband and children who adore them is 'backwards' and 'oppressive', but working 50+ hours a week for a soulless corporation (whilst getting turned out by men who don't give a crap about them) is 'empowering'.

The Patriarchy™ needed to increase the tax base and slash wages of the average worker. They also needed to de-stabilise society and the family unit, to make people easier to control and more reliant on the state.

You all fell for it and here we are.

Most successful psyop ever.
The fact that many Western women now consider looking after their own families and raising their children 'unpaid labour' shows us how deeply rooted the brainwashing is.

It would be hilarious if it were not so utterly tragic.

Oh well. The world is a big place!
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27 Jan
Imagine bending over for the government like this.
At least China is finally getting to the bottom of this.
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21 Jan
The term 'person of colour' is so nauseating.

All it means is 'non-white' and I think it's backwards that people feel we need a specific term for that.

As if black people, asians, arabs, etc. are all the same...

Dunno who came up with that nonsense, but I hate it.
Two more dumb things about this term:

1/ it assumes white as a 'default' category. Which is Klan-ish and globally ignorant

2/ it's remarkably similar to 'colored person'. They just changed the syntax. One is considered offensive, the other PC 🤷🏿‍♂️

It's nonsensical. I hate it.
Beyond that...

3/ it SPECIFICALLY excludes white people. Creating an artificial in group/out group dynamic that is unnecessarily divisive (this is intentional FYI)

4/ it's simultaneously too specific to be unifying, and too broad to be useful as a descriptor
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