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14 Feb, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Berenson consistently misleads people with partial or out-of-context data. Good example. We know that it takes several weeks for the vaccine to build up immunity.

2 weeks after 2nd dose, Israel has had 4 people die from Covid-19. All over 60 & cd have been infected before.
Instead of focusing on how a very tiny percentage of people who have gotten both shots have gotten seriously sick or died from Covid-19 compared to significantly more that have not, he misleadingly suggests it is a failure bc some still died after first dose or right after 2nd.
We are watching Israel's Covid-19 deaths drastically fall in real-time. All of the data shows the vaccines have been enormously effective at both reducing spread and reducing the seriousness of the virus. Anyone suggesting otherwise is not telling you the truth.
Anyways, here is a new study from Israel with 1.2 million patients. 50% vaccinated w Pfizer vs 50% not vaccinated. Those vaccinated showed a 94% drop in symptomatic cases and 92% fewer cases of serious illness.…

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14 Feb
Wow. What an embarrassing interview. Walensky just sacrificed all her credibility.

Tapper asks her to provide scientific justification for not reopening schools tomorrow with precautions and she simply can’t.
Tapper notes that 99% of kids currently fall into CDC red zones that would give an excuse for schools not to have in-person learning. But many of those kids have had at least partial in-person learning since Sept w no issues. Clearly the guidance isn’t prioritizing the science.
JT: I thought the science said we should open the schools if we take the safety steps. We took the safety steps and we are not opening the schools?

Walensky suggests you need universal masking etc. as a prerequisite, but that’s clearly not what the science says.
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12 Feb
Holy crap. These guys are so sleazy it’s unbelievable. They are publishing the private DMs of a former member (might want to ask how they got them) to try to attack her and a reporter covering them, but the DMs aren’t that bad & undermine their previous smear of Horn.
They deleted, but the @ProjectLincoln apparently got access to @NHJennifer private DMs and published them to try to smear her and the reporter who had written a piece about them.
Definitely can't blame an intern...

Not really a surprise who was behind this.

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12 Feb
This is brutal. There is no defending it.

Instead of telling people the truth, the press tried to turn the Governor with the worst Covid-19 response in the country into a hero.
Where is the self-reflection in the media?

I get not wanting to admit you're wrong, but how do you not look back at this and recognize that the media's credibility problem is self-inflicted?
In just the last few weeks we've had stories from the NYT about how Cuomo hid nursing home numbers, abandoned vaccine plans, ignored health officials, & misled on data to justify restriction changes.

But these stories aren't new. The silence until now is what's damning.
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2 Feb
Wait so the person who “broke into” her office was a Capitol police officer trying to evacuate her, who she then proceeded to baselessly accuse of trying to endanger her?

This is what reporters have been promoting all night?
Thus far AOC & several others have spent weeks smearing Capitol Police as complicit in the attack and other members as helping the attackers. They’ve provided no evidence for it.

She had legitimate reasons to be terrified that day, but this is just irresponsible at this point.
A lot of Capitol police officers got hurt that day protecting AOC and her colleagues. Some have had lasting trauma. They deserve better than one of the people they fought to protect that day running around and accusing them of being complicit without evidence.
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25 Jan
This, as usual, relies on ignorance from his audience. If less people are symptomatic, less people will go and get tests. Starting on Jan 7th, Israel has required referrals to get tested so tests went down. Same percentage of smaller number = less cases.…
Israel has absolutely seen a rapid decrease in new cases.

As for deaths, it's a lagging indicator. Further, deaths reported on a particular day often include those that occurred weeks earlier. I know Alex knows that bc he kept citing it to diminish Covid-19 impact. Image
I'm just getting tired of watching ridiculous conspiracy theorists get elevated on the right and never being held accountable for being consistently wrong/misleading their audience. It's exhausting.
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24 Jan
So I was mostly going to ignore this because it seemed rather obvious this was a partisan hit from Salon and some Democrats, but now more mainstream outlets are picking it up. (1/)…
Undisputed facts:

1) Tom Cotton had deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.
2) Cotton was honorably discharged with multiple accommodations, including a Bronze Star.
3) Cotton finished Ranger school and earned a Ranger tab.
Salon, and some Democrats, have accused him of misleading regarding his military service by having literature that has said he "volunteered to be an Army Ranger" even though he never served in the 75th Ranger Regiment.
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