Days like today remind me why we need thorium nuclear power.
Thorium Power is safe, clean, renewable and affordable.

A single bowling ball of thorium is the energy equivalent of an oil supertanker — and there is enough in the ground to power human civilization at current levels beyond the lifespan of the sun.
Believe it or not, support for Nuclear Thorium is an official policy plank of the Republican Party Platform.

(I know because I put it there.)
“We support lifting restrictions to allow responsible development of nuclear energy, including research into alternative processes like thorium nuclear energy.”

Page 20 of the Republican Party Platform.
We haven’t been able to develop thorium energy in America because Washington DC effectively prohibits the development of nuclear energy.

So India and China are developing thorium energy instead.

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17 Feb
The key difference between Marxists and Rothbardians:

Marxists view capitalism as a centralizing force.

Rothbardians view capitalism as a decentralizing force.
Marxists see capitalism akin to gravity — capital attracting more capital, all the wealth gradually concentrating in the hands of the few.

They believe an outside force (sometimes government) is needed to counter this and redistribute the wealth.
Rothbardians view aggression generally (most prominently, the aggression of state power) as the force that concentrates wealth and power in the hands of a few.

We see capitalism as a force akin to entropy — challenging that centralization through the power of the market.
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16 Feb
I understand Austin not being prepared for a winter storm like this.

Texas doesn’t expect a Maine winter.

Thank you to all the men and women working to get power back online.
Once we are through this, we should explore solutions for a more reliable energy system.
Our energy system requires two kinds of power — base load and variable load.

Base load is the minimum amount needed to power the grid in a given day.

Variable load is the additional energy needed to power the grid at any given time.
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14 Feb
If we allow socialism and nationalism to become our guiding stars in 2020s America as they became in 1920s Europe — recent history can tell us what the next few decades will look like.
To nationalists, remember that America is great — not for its own sake — but because of our founding ideals for Liberty and Justice.
To socialists, remember that the pursuit of Liberty has done more to promote the welfare of the common man than any system in human history.
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13 Feb
When I was 23 years old, I had the great fortune to work with an amazing family of grassroots Liberty-loving Americans on the @RonPaul 2012 campaign.

We were just a bunch of ragamuffins, but we stood together and shook the foundations of the rotten political establishment.
We didn’t have political experience or pedigrees. We just had love for this idea that human beings deserve to be free.

It felt true, what @RonPaul said, “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.”
The establishment became afraid, so they beat us down and kept kicking.

They stripped us of our delegates and changed the rules to stop a grassroots Revolution in the GOP from ever happening again.

But they failed.
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13 Feb
Everyone can see the pinecone in the tree 🌲, but can you see the forest in the pinecone? 🌲 🌲 🌲
Small seeds today, when planted and raised in proper soil, can transform the world the day after tomorrow.
We may be discouraged about the world we live in right now.

But you can’t change the world.

Today, take responsibility for yourself and this little corner of the world you live in.

Good things can grow from there — and that can change the world.
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27 Jan 20
Why do we fight wars for Saudi Arabia — in Yemen, Libya and Syria?
Why do we sell Saudi Arabia weapons?
Why do we ignore Saudi financing of 9/11?
Why do we stand by as the Saudi prince murders journalists?

...Because they have us over a barrel (of oil).
The “petrodollar” is an arrangement whereby Saudia Arabia only accepts US dollars in payment for oil.

This boosts international demand for the dollar, empowering the Federal Reserve to print trillions financing our national debt without significant price inflation.
If Saudi Arabia were to end the petrodollar, the US dollar’s status as the world reserve currency would be threatened — and our ability to finance our global empire would be threatened as well.
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