Bunch of places going under boil orders as water plants shut down. Another snow/ice storm on the way. Grocery stores and pharmacies are without power in our area. Trucks not able to deliver.
Thankfully We have a stocked survival pantry with food and water and filtration if needed. Biggest concern is temp and making sure area elderly and those with little ones aren’t freezing indoors and are staying hydrated with bottled water in the dry, cold air.
What’s frustrating is that this could have entirely been avoided if state leaders had listened to many who were warning them about the grid. It’s entirely possible to be self sufficient. Winterize, winterize, winterize. Spend the money on improvements.
Growing up in MO, we are used to ice and snow. Not everyone is, and while folks should always be prepared, this is a new level of cold and ice for many. Easy to quarterback from warm rooms and comfy seats, so let grace lead on this and help where you can.
Keep TX and those affected in your prayers ... more coming. Stay safe and keep warm as much as possible, folks.

• • •

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2 Feb
This is the NBC reporter who wanted to do a story about @AllenWest 's remarks at a community meeting of hundreds upon hundreds of parents without apparently reaching out to West himself. Also, feel free to tag me next time, Mike.
Of course, no one actually *knows* what the school board did with @sunwestpr because they’ve not honored PIRs for invoicing made by parents. Seems like that would be important as a story 🤔
There is a massive and well-organized effort to harass parents and students who object to the taxpayer CRT program being pushed. (Discussed here in further detail from last night’s newsletter danaloesch.substack.com/p/the-grand-ol… )
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1 Feb
Our school board meeting is underway and NBC is there working on a hit piece to smear parents who’ve objected to the board breaking TX Open Mtgs Act, hiring a PR firm and refusing PIRs, all to bully residents into funding CRT as curriculum.
It’s interesting that the school entered into a deal with @sunwestpr and then suddenly hit pieces about community members began appearing everywhere. Magically, NBC is now sending cameras to our school board meeting. Of course, we can’t see invoices, so it’s all a mystery.
The CRT proposal included establishing punishment for students who commit microaggressions — defined in the draft plan as "Microaggressions are defined as everyday verbal or nonverbal, snubs or insults, whether intentional or unintentional”
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22 Dec 20
This bill is garbage: “These Are a Handful of Garbage Items Tossed Into the COVID Relief Bill” townhall.com/tipsheet/bethb…
Really glad that government shut down our economy yet still charged/stole exorbitant taxes to fund The Kennedy Center, programs for other countries, and other things entirely unrelated to the pandemic. Republicans supporting this are an embarrassment.
We’ll be expected to pay taxes on time this year to pay the salaries of the garbage politicians who made it impossible for you to generate the income from which their salaries are funded. Our government is a joke.
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17 Dec 20
Imagine having it so easy from legacy media that you score 60% approval for a made-up “job”
NEW POLL: 60 percent approve of Biden’s job as Unicorn Wrangler-Elect

NEW POLL: 60 percent approve of Biden’s job as Fitted Sheet Folder-elect
NEW POLL: 60% approve of Biden’s job creating logos, podium signs, and step and repeat backdrops for a non-existent position
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10 Dec 20
So our “free press” sat on a story about the two-year investigation into 50-something year-old “child” Hunter Biden’s taxes and Chinese business dealings and the DOJ paused the investigation because of the election — while accusing their critics of "undermining democracy."
The “free press” deserves every syllable of criticism I and anyone else has ever given them. They have utterly failed you. They are not journalists, they’re activists. They’ve done more to undermine belief in their own industry than anyone else.
Government bureaucrats, aided by our “free press,” worked to suppress information to control the outcome of an election. This isn’t conjecture, they’ve outright admitted it.
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2 Dec 20
Twitter just logged me out of my browser and says my account doesn’t exist ...
It wouldn’t even recognize my username at first and now it says it has to send me my authentication code which it has yet to do still.
Mobile works. Just not desktop. Weird.
Read 5 tweets

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