Brian Eno has been exploring for a year the currently viral . This longish thread is his curation of the "global jukebox"-- as @kevin2kelly described it in an email to Eno. How Eno responded is below...
Brian Eno:


I think I wrote to you about this app nearly a year ago! And if I didn’t I certainly meant to. It’s been an absolute saviour to me out in the countryside here, and I’ve discovered new worlds of music through it.
One of my all time favourite stations is CHEBOKSARY, which broadcasts from central Russia. It is nothing but wall-to-wall Orthodox chants - no speaking, no ads, just music, 24/7. The stylistic range of Orthodox chanting is astonishing, and the grandeur and poignancy of this...
music seems somehow perfectly in tune with the steppe-like landscape I’m in.

In more local (to you) vein is an American Orthodox station called ANCIENT FAITH MUSIC some of which has a haunting, raw primitivity. They sing in very unusual scales.
Another station I love is ALEFAMUSIC from Antisiranana in Northern Madagascar. This is a pop station, but only Malagaysian pop, which is more rhythmically complex and overlaid and full of life than any other pop music I’ve ever heard. It’s a total ear-opener.
I discovered it last March and got all my friends here hooked on it: now we delight in finding the most bizarre and obscure stations for each other.

There’s Paranormal King Radio from Quebec, where people discuss (interminably) their alien abductions and various unlikely...
animals they’ve seen in swamps.

There’s Disruptarian from Hawaii, which plays only 1970’s reggae and dub. Nothing else. Ever.

There’s Bongo Radio - Zilipendwa which plays East-African pop from the 60’s to 80’s…such sunny, open, dancy music.
There’s Audio Noir Radio which plays 1940’s and 1950’s Philip Marlow radio thrillers - with dramatic organ music, and the original ads of the time - mostly for cigarettes.
There’s Bongo Radio - Zilipendwa which plays East-African pop from the 60’s to 80’s…such sunny, open, dancy music

Then Brokenbeats from Odessa, Ukraine - an UNbroken feast of EDM, nearly all at about 150 bpm. It’s like listening to very strong coffee.
ChristFM comes from Uganda and occasionally features incredibly violent exorcisms.

Lovers of North African music flock to El Mandara from Tunisia.
oh..i could go on and on

But not without mentioning Eruption Radio from London…even faster than Brokenbeats, closer to amphetamines than coffee


• • •

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BREAKING: There is now a SECOND cloning for wildlife conservation. This time it's for America's most endangered mammal, the Black-footed Ferret.

Welcome Elizabeth Ann, cloned from cells of the genetically rich Emma, who died 32 years ago.… Image
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This was a CROSS-species cloning. The birth mother was a *domestic* ferret. More info here:… Image
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This is huge. The first cloning for conservation.

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Short thread:

Are face shields better than masks?

Are they more effective against Covid-19?

Are they easier and more sociable to wear? (Here's how they look in comparison on me.)
If you know of extensive research on the medical effectiveness of face shields vs. masks, please link it here.

What I could find easily suggests that face shields are really good, probably better than most masks. One such report:…
In terms of sociability, the face shield is a huge improvement over masks. Your face--your smile-- is fully visible instead of concealed like a bandit. Lip readers can read you.

You can put it on and off like a hat.

Mine from Amazon--2 for $25…
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11 Apr 20
Errand done. (I'm in excellent health currently.)

Here's my Medical Directive for the Covid-19 situation. Now signed and notarized.

(Sources and full text will follow in this thread, for anyone interested.)
The note is addressed to my designated Medical Advocates, Alexander Rose and Ryan Phelan @Ryanphelan6--my hospice-trained wife who has 25 years in the healthcare biz.

My note is near-identical to the one she wrote, after she gave it much thought and research.
The text of Ryan's note is derived directly from one about dementia in Katy Butler's excellent book, THE ART OF DYING WELL, p 127. (Ryan checked her version with Katy.)

Here's the text of mine...
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1/ How well do Corvid patients fare on ventilators?

Not well, according to gradually accumulating data. The death rate is high compared to other ailments.

It’s a prolonged torturous process, and the patient can’t be visited, except digitally.…
2/ So, some patients may choose (and must be able to insist) that they NOT be vented.

They may prefer to stick with oxygen via cannula, some appropriate drugs, and a family member or care partner on hand.

If they die, it is gentler exit, on terms they chose.
3/ The next level would be the ability to take the oxygen and drugs and professional oversight HOME.

At present, hospice can’t provide this. But something needs to.

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Query/suggestion thread...

What will be the reliable public indicator that a person has tested IMMUNE and can join the “coronacorp” of people who can safely help others and go back to work.

And kind of entity will certify them?
In his Wired interview @larrybrilliant said the immune indicator could be a concert bracelet. (He’s long been a friend of the Grateful Dead.)

He didn’t say who would do the certifying.

What do you suggest or predict?
(Ahem — “What kind of entity will certify them?”)
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