The media sabotaged Andrew Cuomo by turning up unrealistic expectations on his performance and now they’re eating him alive.
Poor fucking bastard. I happen to like his Godfather-esque mannerisms.
Speaking of. (Via @GPrime85) Image
Imma be real with you, people are gonna die in a pandemic and Cuomo was following CDC guidance to a tee. I blame the CDC. The fact that his idiot staffers swapped the numbers from nursing homes to hospitals didn’t change the number of dead.
We all know the real killer of those old people is China, which hid the spread of the virus until it got well out of control in NYC.

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18 Feb
Am I supposed to feel sorry for Australian news publications being silenced by Facebook for trying to blackmail the company into paying them whenever someone posts a link to their publications?
Let’s get this straight. Facebook sends traffic to these sites, which benefit from free use of the platform that enables them to monetize and earn profit from Facebook traffic. Now these sites are demanding Facebook pay them whenever they (the sites) post their own links to them.
Fuck you, Facebook isn’t a charity.
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16 Feb
FYI to Texans running out of water: You can boil snow.
Just don’t be a dumbass and eat it. There’s bacteria in it and it’ll dehydrate you.
Now you might be wondering how consuming snow dehydrates you. Well, when your body is using more energy to warm up the snow in your digestive system compared to the amount of liquid you’re ingesting you’re gonna have a bad time.
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10 Feb
I find it funny when conservatives point out day in day out the ways in which liberals are hypocrites who don’t live by the same rules they force conservatives to adopt.

Guess what? Liberals are the aristocrats. Conservatives are the peasants. Some have privileges others don’t.
The ruling class gets to do things commoners do not. It isn’t that complicated.
And when conservatives take power, we squander it by trying to be “fair” to liberals and treating them with kid gloves, seeking validation for ourselves with their approval. Pathetic.
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8 Feb
Damn. DOGE is tanking again. Every single time.
The trading volume gets lower by at least a few quarter each time, too.
I just hope that people’s interest in DOGE doesn’t end with it.
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7 Feb
The problem with cryptocurrency is that most people getting in on the action don’t really understand the concept of blockchains. They just think of it as imaginary dollars, to make a quick buck to turn into more dollars. Wrong way to think about it.
Decentralized Finance or DeFi is going to be pivotal moving forward as the world gets smaller and some governments (China) try to rig currency value and collapse markets through subsidies and price manipulation, as it attributes actual value onto real world proof of work.
But to make sure no one cheats and everyone gets what they’re due (smart contracts), we need blockchains—a shared ledger with no single point of failure or vulnerability. No invisible hand—no Federal Reserve to make the money printer go brrr and invalidate all your savings.
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4 Feb
This is so awesome. High-speed internet no matter where you are in the world.
If you're not too familiar with Starlink, it's a network of many, many satellites that provide widespread coverage to anywhere on the planet, stationed in low Earth orbit. Very different from the stationary satellites that power extremely slow satellite internet.
Fiber's not gonna be obsolete anytime soon because it's still much easier and cheaper to lay down in urban areas. But this'll serve anyone living in rural areas and make telecommuting to work entirely possible even if you don't live in a city.

The future is decentralized.
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