Okay, I'm watching the classic Six Million Dollar Man episode "Death Probe."
Oh, dude, you're not going to stop a Death Probe with a shotgun.
Wait, the Probe just bumped the farmer's car and then drove away? WHAT KIND OF *DEATH* PROBE ARE YOU
Love the bongo music that indicates "police springing into action."
Somehow it never struck me how weird it is that super-speed for the Six Million Dollar Man is represented... by super slow-motion.
DAMMIT we're 38 minutes into the episode and this "death probe" still hasn't killed a single person.
Even the Russian agent who took a cyanide pill didn't die, because they grabbed him and "got most of it out."
Steve Austin just jumped over a rolling boulder and they added the bionic sound effect. The boulder was one foot in diameter.
Archival footage of the @NASAPersevere team getting the Rover ready for launch back in 2020.
Okay, Part 2.
This is honestly more entertaining than it has any right to be.
After I finish this episode, I'll watch the classic "Bigfoot" episodes over the weekend.
By my count, after 1 1/4 hours of the episode, the "Death Probe" has roughed up a few people and broken a few fences. Right now, it is as dangerous as a group of juvenile delinquents.
Aww the Death Probe has found a mirror and is developing a sense of self
"There's nothing anyone can do."

"Okay... this is Venus, this is Earth."

I legitimately have tears in my eyes from laughing now.
"Besides, when I get back, we've gotta bust out some Russian vodka."
I sincerely love this big, fake, stupid, ridiculous Russian venus space probe.
Now I want to design a Six Million Dollar Man roleplaying game. Set in the 70s.
Okay I have to play D&D so I will have to watch the last ten minutes of the episode later.
Okay, finishing off this episode of Six Million Dollar Man and... they're gonna lift the Death Probe by helicopter to an altitude where it will explode. But the helicopter is hovering too high to hook to the probe. A problem -- Steve put it on autopilot HE FLEW IT HIMSELF OMFG
Aaaaand... now his damaged bionic arm gave out. THIS WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM IF YOU HAD BROUGHT ALONG A PILOT
Oscar Goldman is either very concerned about the mission or is struggling to contain explosive diarrhea.
... aaaand the finale concludes with Oscar Goldman, high-ranking US government intelligence agency figure, hugging the Soviet scientist who created the death probe and is in the US illegally for a covert op. All good.
Okay, that's it for watching "Death Probe." Now I'm on a SMDM kick, so I think I'll watch more episodes over the next week. Maybe Bigfoot this weekend?
Not going to live tweet it, but I just started "Day of the Robot," and it's already something.

• • •

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18 Feb
Soviet Venus Probes also made for a kickass Six Million Dollar Man episode!
That episode of SMDM always stuck in my head! The premise is that the robotic probe crash-landed on Earth, thought it was on Venus, and was running around and killing people it thought were aliens to "sample" them.
That episode was so popular that they made a toy of it. I always wanted one. Hmm...
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17 Feb
At the end, when Bill Paxton started laughing, I thought, "Oh god, she broke his poor brain!"
*she drops the necklace over the railing*

Bill Paxton:
Read 4 tweets
17 Feb
Well, just started tonight's D&D session to try and calm an angry mammoth with a bit of music. I rolled a 5, so we are NOT off to a good start.
tl;dr? I'm about to be trampled.
So another character wanted to draw out a serial killer, and put into his mind the idea that she should be the next victim.

Now, the serial killer has appeared to kill her.

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16 Feb
Productive day of meeting with students! Now I take a walk break, and then dive into some mathy stuff.
Flagpole Sitta to start the walk.
Time for Prinsencolinensinainciusol.
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16 Feb
Okay, io9 just posted an article about "Batman Forever" and this still of a smiling Batman is one of the most frightening Batman depictions I've ever seen. io9.gizmodo.com/batman-forever… Image
"You have nice fingers. Can I have them?" Image
"The voices tell me to burn things." Image
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28 Jan
This is actually a fun illustration of how language is often imprecise.
For example: we say a donut has one hole, which basically acts as a tunnel through the donut, but we also dig holes in the ground, which have no other end.
Basically, before you count how many holes a straw has, you have to clearly define what a “hole” is. If you don’t, you will have an intractable argument. I’ve seen a number of endless arguments in physics that all boiled down to: what is the definition?
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