I started playing Hades again after a bit of a break, as it's a decent way of waking up my brain when I have moderate fatigue fog.

The shield was my favorite weapon when I was learning, but I'm finding I favor the sword now more.
Similarly, I started off basically always using the Cerberus token for the extra health to the point that the other mementos felt like a waste. I think it was when I unlocked the Arthur sword (which also gives +HP) that I felt safe experimenting with the other trinkets.
Once I did, I started using the Olympian-summoning tokens to fish for particular boons, either to get a specific-ish build or to check off a prophecy/achievement.
Basically, when I was learning (and building up mirror talents) I over-valued defense, and now that I know what I'm doing and have a good base character I value more versatile offense.
I think my favorite weapon aspect right now is the Nemesis sword. I love pairing that with a lot of Artemis boons for extra critical damage/effects, and ideally Zeus attack plus Artemis support file plus Daedalus sword beams so every attack is just projectile spam.
Huh! I didn't realize that there was a canonical first contact. That's neat.

• • •

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19 Feb
The Muppet Show: It's time to put on make-up! It's time to dress up right!

me: *glares in pandemic*
me: So now let's get things started!

my brain: Why don't you get things started?

me: It's time to get things started!

my brain: How about no.
Early Gonzo calling the audience yokels and rubes is me internally every time I make a joke tweet that gets eight likes and no retweets.
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19 Feb
I was with my mother one time when her oxygen concentrator failed, and her portable unit was out of power. She had a limited supply of liquid oxygen. It was the scariest day of my life, but we were not in a disaster and she could have called for an ambulance if things got worse.
I mean, I would have called for the ambulance, but she could afford it, and have a reasonable assurance that sufficient resources existed on the ground to send one to her promptly.
Having watched someone I love struggling to breathe and trying to deal with the cascading crisis bringing it on... has made this last year the worst kind of trip. And now seeing these kinds of utterly preventable travesties out of Texas, on top of that?
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19 Feb
I'm very confused by the episode order of The Muppet Show on Disney+, but I haven't hit any uncaptioned songs yet and they appear to be leaving in the UK spots and the missing DVD numbers.
A lot of the dialogue captioning appears to be taken from closed captioning that took a "close enough is good enough" approach, leaving out words here and there without much altering the meaning.
The captioning on the Swedish chef is very uneven, with whole streams of dialogue captioned only as "[speaking gibberish]" in some cases and other sketches fully transcribed.
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19 Feb
Night at the Museum 2 is a movie about how horrible it is for your beloved friends to be shoved into a box in a basement where you don't get to see them, and it makes its point more effectively, directly, and literally than most films.

Like if a Godzilla movie gave you cancer.
Also I feel like movies that have a good romantic pairing don't have to tell you so many times that they do.
Fantasy doesn't need to explain magic, but in a well-designed fantasy series, taking the magical phlebotinum outside its original context should reveal more about the intricacies of its workings. I feel like the Night at the Museum series made a mistake in broadening its horizons
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18 Feb
Once again, Republicans are 100% petrified with fear that the peasants may figure out that public servants are capable of serving the public.
Once again, Republicans are 100% petrified with fear that the peasants may figure out that public servants are capable of serving the public.

I should point out that Dinesh D'Souza and Ben Shapiro are both not in government and have, to my knowledge, expressed no opinion in seeking office. This is ideological to them. They don't want people thinking about what the awesome powers of collective action can accomplish.
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18 Feb
"If Baen was some kind of magnet for violent reactionary weirdos, why would they have published a book about how a militia of West Virginia miners solved the chaos of the 30 Years' War with American exceptionalism and superior firepower by me, a socialist?" - Eric Flint, probably
Having read 1632, I understand how from the author's point of view it's clearly a left-wing parable. The time-displaced protagonists are led by a union leader. They set up a school lunch program for war refugees before they've even figured out their own supply lines.
But also having read 1632, I understand exactly how it fits into the constellation of right-wing, military-centered speculative fiction that fuels the masturbatory violent fantasies of the posters on Baen's Bar and other such internet scum-hives.
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