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grinder hook up // osamei, est. sunaosa // NSFW

It was Suna's idea.

"Baby," he said, "I don't have time to come home, but you deserve to get fucked. So why don't you do something about that while you're with 'Tsumu in Osaka?" +
Osamu scoffed it off, at first. Suna just smirked across their video chat and said, "Just tell me about it after, mmkay?"

It's not until he's sitting alone in Atsumu's apartment that he actually thinks - maybe. Maybe it wasn't that crazy. It had been almost a month since Suna +
had been able to visit and it would be a lie to say he wasn't... curious. And horny. The horny part is probably what made him download grinder and slap together a profile.

He doesn't include any pictures with his face. He just puts one picture, of him in Atsumu's bathroom with+
his shirt lifted to show off his abs and the line of his hip. His profile reads: 184cm. Available today only.

He sends a screenshot to Suna, and Suna sends back a tongue emoji. He takes this as permission and begins scrolling. +
Grindr is a hellscape. Osamu had heard as much from Atsumu (at length) but he's never had to try. He swipes and feels his hopes dwindling.


It's another profile like his, with no face included. He has two photos, one clearly taken after an intense workout, flexing +
in front of a mirror in a drenched white shirt. The second is a full torso shot and... he looks big. Like, really fucking big with huge arms and pecks and abs that look hand sculpted.

Osamu's favorite part is the hair though. His chest is covered in dark hair, deepening +
the contour of his muscles, leading beneath his sweatpants and-

Well, not much left to imagine there.

He sends a screenshot to Suna immediately, cheeks flushed and fingers shaking because fuck- he's nervous.

Reading his profile makes it worse, because all it says is: 197cm +
Osamu sends another screenshot to Suna with a frantic string of exclamation points.

rin: oh my God baby film it please please pleASE
samu: NO.
rin: baby 😥

Osamu drafts nine different messages for the mystery man before settling on: no way you're 197cm. +
The reply comes less than a minute later: guess you'll have to come find out.

And, well. He's right.

Osamu takes a shower and arrives at the address "Shugo" provided within the hour. He had also sent Suna the address. Just in case he went missing.

He's still thinking about +
(i am at work, so this is going to be Hella sporadic, i'm so sorry)
how fucking stupid this whole thing is when the door opens.

And he's staring at a broad chest, a thin grey t-shirt stretched across it. He blinks once, again, and slowly drags his eyes up (and up) to look at the face of the man who is probably about to split him like a log. +
He's got a square jaw that inexplicably makes Osamu's cheeks feel warm and his mouth is stretched in a broad smile. His eyes are dark, and his brows make his boy-next-door face look almost severe. His hair is standing up like he'd just rolled out of bed.

He's hot. Like, really.+
"Hey there," he says. His voice is deep and Osamu recognizes that accent. Oh no.

He immediately starts sweating. The first thing he manages to say is, "So you weren't lying."

Shugo's grin widens. That grin is suspicious, like he has a secret, but that might be because Osamu +
has to look /up/ to see it.

"I wasn't lyin'."

"Okay." Osamu shifts in the doorway and Shugo steps aside to let him in. He's still smiling and Osamu is still sweating and there's a less than zero chance he's going to pass out.

"I have a boyfriend."

Shugo's brows shoot up. +
"Is that so?"

Osamu looks away from his face, which means he's looking at his chest again. "Don't worry. He's into it."

"Are you into it?"

Osamu looks up, sort of surprised by the genuine curiosity in his tone. "Are ya fuckin' kidding me?" Another arched brow. "/Yes/." +
(okay finally closed the shop. gotta feed myself then I will feed you. 💜)
"Cool." He still looks abnormally amused, but Osamu also doesn't know this dude at all. So maybe that's just his face.

"So..." Osamu glances at his phone. "We've only got like an hour. I gotta get drinks with my brother's t-" Pause. "Coworkers."

That eyebrow is up again and +
Osamu feels like he's missing a joke. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, so..." Osamu gestures awkwardly. "Are we-"

Shugo closes the distance between them and leans down to give Osamu the sweetest, briefest kiss of his life. "Relax," he says.

And then he lifts Osamu straight off his feet. +
Osamu is a big dude, who hasn't been lifted like this since he was an actual child, so he doesn't feel bad about yelping and immediately clinging to Shugo's shoulders. "A little warning-"

Shugo kisses him again, and this time it isn't gentle or sweet. +
It's demanding. His mouth is hot and his teeth sink into Osamu's lip without warning, pulling a thoughtless gasp from him. It gives Shugo the room to deepen the kiss and Osamu has never tasted anyone other than Rin before but suddenly he's- hungry. +
He sinks his hands into Shugo's hair and tightens his legs around his thick waist. He doesn't think twice about rutting against his abs with a needy little moan and he swallows down Shugo's responding laugh with fervor. Shugo's hands are on his ass, and he can feel the heat of +
them through his sweats. He'd be embarrassed about how desperate he already feels if they didn't both know exactly why he was here.

Shugo's grip is so steady, Osamu doesn't realize they're on the move until he's being lowered onto a bed. Shugo breaks the kiss first, pressing +
open mouthed kisses down his throat. Osamu tilts his head back, ankles still hooked around him.

"You want me to fuck ya, right?" Shugo murmurs, lips ghosting across his ear.

Osamu shivers and tries to give him an exasperated look. "I don't wanna play cards-" +
Shugo laughs again and nips at his ear. Osamu huffs and bucks up against him. "So you're a brat."

Osamu groans and tugs once at his hair. "Am not-"

"Sure." Shugo bites beneath his ear and sucks hard enough to leave a bruise. Osamu couldn't care less. "Gonna have to let me go."+
Osamu drops his arms to the pillows and regretfully releases his legs from Shugo's waist. "Fine."

"Good boy," Shugo says cheerfully. Osamu doesn't have time to complain, because Shugo sits back to pull his shirt off as soon as he's free.

"Oh, fuck," Osamu mumbles, before +
sitting up enough to tug his own shirt over his head. Shugo pushes him back down and leans over him, mouth carving a path from his throat to his chest.

Osamu was woefully unprepared for this. He had expected something awkward. He hadn't expected whoever he met to be /good/.+
But when Shugo sinks his teeth in a neat circle around his nipple and sucks, Osamu has to admit that this is probably better than good. He can worry about how embarrassing this is later, when he's not trembling under a burly, gorgeous stranger.

He arches up and lets go. +

"Yer in good shape," Shugo mumbles. He drags Osamu's nipple between his teeth and Osamu keens, shoving his hands into Shugo's hair to keep him close. "Work out?"

"Used t'play volleyball- ah-" Shugo sucks again and Osamu's hips lurch up, seeking friction. +
"I like volleyball," Shugo says, like it's a joke, and Osamu tugs at his hair when he bites the swell of his peck.

"Oh, God-"

Shugo chuckles against him again and shifts lower, dragging his teeth down the center of his stomach. He stops to bite the edge of his navel and when+
Osamu bucks beneath him, two large hands circle his hips to hold him down.

"Eager, huh?" Shugo noses along the line of his hip, flashing him another smile. Osamu has to bite his lip to stop another groan at the visual.

"Just waitin' for ya to do something," he forces out. +
That brow lifts again and Osamu has no time at all to prepare for his next move. One moment, he's staring down at him and the next he's been flipped onto his stomach, chest against the mattress and hips lifted up in those same, strong hands.

Osamu whimpers. +
"How's that?" Shugo asks casually. He presses a kiss to the dip of Osamu's back, right above his ass, and Osamu curls his fingers into the sheets and arches back, just a little.

"Better, I guess."

"Brat," Shugo repeats. His fingers hook into the edge of Osamu's sweats and tug +
them down, until the elastic is stretched just below the swell of his ass. Osamu is so turned on he's not sure he remembers how to breath.

"Cute," Shugo declares, before cupping both cheeks and /squeezing/. Osamu moans, turning his face into the pillows. +
Shugo rubs until Osamu's skin feels overheated. He's dripping already; he can feel it against his abs, where the head of his cock has escaped his sweats too.

Then Shugo spreads his cheeks, one thumb brushing against the pucker of his hole. Osamu whimpers, pressing back into +
the teasing touch. He realizes he's got to look like a slut like this, presenting himself unabashedly to a man he met less than fifteen minutes ago.

His cock twitches and he arches a little deeper, panting against the sheets. "Shugo-"

"Ready for me to open ya up?"

"Mmhm-" +
Osamu nuzzles deeper into the mattress, shifting enough to look over his shoulder at him. Shugo gives his ass a light pat and then leans over him to reach for his bedside table.

Realistically, Shugo isn't that much bigger than him. But like this he feels like a giant, and Osamu+
presses back against him enough to feel the hot line of his cock against him and whimpers.

"Easy." Shugo sits back on his haunches again with lube and a condom in hand and Osamu mourns the loss of his weight. He rubs a hand along Osamu's hip and Osamu slumps back down, panting.+
"Ya look tight." There's a familiar snap of the lube being opened and Osamu resists the urge to squirm. "Ya gonna open up good for me?"

"Yeah," he breathes.

"Yeah?" One palm spreads across his ass, holding him open so a slick finger can drag across his hole. +
Osamu's abs flutter at the first touch and he sucks in a gasp. "Mmhm."

"Good boy," Shugo says again and instead of feeling the urge to snap at him, Osamu stretches under the praise. He's teasing at him with just the tip of his finger and Osamu feels drunk on it already. +
Shugo works slowly. Slower than Osamu wants, really. It feels like ages before he slides his first finger in. Osamu hides his face in the pillows when he feels his body relax and clench around it, opening his mouth in a wet moan.

"Damn," Shugo mumbles. He pumps it slowly and +
when Osamu dares to glance back, it's clear he's not the only one who's hungry. Shugo's jaw is slack in awe, tan skin flushed a hectic red across the bridge of his nose.

"Good?" Osamu croaks, and immediately tries to hide again. Gross, embarrassing-

"Look at me." +
Osamu twists his head to look at him again and almost chokes when a second finger is added suddenly. "Nn-"

"Very good," Shugo says. He spreads his fingers and Osamu's knees are trembling now too. "Ya needed a good fuck, huh?"

Osamu doesn't trust himself to speak. +
Instead he just nods, watching him with blurry eyes.

"Yer boyfriend live somewhere else?" His fingers curl, slowly pressing in and out. Osamu nods again. The sheets feel a little damp beneath his cheek. He wonders if he's drooling. "That's a shame. Ya take it so pretty." +
Osamu squeezes his eyes shut and moans, pressing back into his fingers. "Fuck-"

"He must be worried about ya if he sent ya to find someone else." Osamu barely notices the difference when a third finger joins the first two. His body wants this almost as badly as he does. +
"He doesn't need to worry though." He twists his fingers deeper, and they're long and clever, just like Rin's, but maybe a little thicker-

He'd be a good middle blocker, Osamu thinks deliriously. So tall. Such big, deft hands.

"I'm gonna take good care of ya, baby." +
Osamu keens and presses back, flexing his arms beneath him to push back harder. "Daddy-"

He freezes. Shugo freezes. The whole world stops for a terrifying moment and Osamu feels horrifically sober, still stretched open on a stranger's fingers.

"I'm sorry-" +
Then those fingers press deeper and twist, and Osamu sees sparks behind his eyes.

"You can call me that," Shugo says, and finally he sounds half as fucked up as Osamu. "You can tell daddy what ya want."

Osamu has changed his mind. Grindr is fantastic. +
"Fuck-" Osamu twists his face down into the sheets again, grinding back shamelessly. "Daddy, please- ready, 'm ready-"

"Ya sure, baby?" And then there's a forth fucking finger, and this one burns just a little, just for a second. Osamu bites down on the pillow to stop a scream.+
"Yer fucking tight." Those fingers twist again and Osamu's arms give out. The only thing keeping his ass up is the iron grip Shugo has around his hip. "Ya sure you can take it? I can make ya feel good just like this."

Osamu twists his head to look at him again and does his best+
to meet his eyes, even though it's hard to focus on anything right now. "Daddy, /please/."

Shugo licks his lips and Osamu's mouth goes slack, eyes zeroing in on the flash of pink. "Since ya asked so nice."

Shugo removes his fingers and Osamu feels tears pool in his eyes. +
"Shh." Shugo stretches forward and presses a kiss to his cheek. "Just a second."

"Please," Osamu repeats, but he's not sure why. Shugo pulls his sweats down, gently guiding them over Osamu's trembling thighs and off his feet. Osamu shifts his legs apart with a throaty moan +
and tries not to focus on how his ass is clenching around nothing. He can feel Shugo shifting around, hears the lube click open again, but he can't convince himself to open his eyes.

Hot hands find his hips again, guiding him up from where he'd slowly slumped into the mattress+
without Shugo's support. Shugo's hands stroke slowly up his sides, stretching across his back. One settles briefly at the nape of his neck and Osamu presses into it with a hum.

"All good?"

Osamu tips his head and accidentally smiles when he finds Shugo hovering over him. +
He presses back and Shugo's cock grazes against his ass. His smile turns into a lazy grin when Shugo's hips jerk forward. "Could be better," he slurs.

Shugo grins again. "Oh, I like you."

And then Osamu feels him. +
He's big. He's so much bigger than his fingers, probably bigger than anything Osamu has ever had inside of him. The head of his cock is a delicious stretch and Osamu breath catches in his throat, fingers digging into the mattress. Shugo is shifting his hips slowly, carefully +
easing his way in. The head is the worst- the best - part, and when Osamu's body finally accepts it, the rest follows in a slide that feels like forever. Osamu can't help the way he whines, pressing back into Shugo's chest while doing his best to bear down and take it. +
When Shugo's hips finally press into his ass, Osamu whimpers and goes slack in his hold, trusting Shugo to keep him from falling. Shugo is panting against his neck, working his hips in a controlled grind while Osamu's body works to accommodate him. Osamu thinks, maybe, if he +
looked down at his stomach, he'd be able to see Shugo there.

That thought is the last push he needs. His whole body relaxes with a shiver and he lifts a clumsy hand to curl into Shugo's hair. "Move- please, fuck-"

"Yeah, baby," Shugo mumbles. He kisses Osamu's shoulder. +
His first thrust makes Osamu scream. He should have guessed from Shugo's body, but his thrust is strong enough to push Osamu up the mattress. There's just enough of a delay between the first and second thrust for Osamu to suck in a greedy breath, before Shugo begins a +
ruthless rhythm.

Rin is good in bed. They learned how to have sex together, they switch regularly, and Rin knows how to take him apart in a hundred different ways.

But never in his life has he been fucked in a way where his participation feels utterly useless. +
Shugo doesn't need him to do anything. He can't do anything, period, other than try to breathe around frantic gasps.

He feels trapped in the best way possible. Shugo is a human cage above him, holding him in place with inescapable arms. He feels almost like a toy, except +
Shugo won't let him forget that he's not.

"Take it so well," he says, his face pressed against Osamu's neck. "Ya feel so good for me, baby. So fuckin' tight. Fuckin' needy for it, huh?" At a particularly sharp thrust, Shugo huffs a laugh, and says, "Still tryin' to clench for +
me? Such a good boy."

Osamu's whines turn into a litany of please and yes and /daddy/ until he feels like he's worshipping the man above him, doing his best to praise him with his trembling body. +
He doesn't realize that he's close to coming - untouched, untouched because he hasn't had a single thought about anything other than Shugo's cock - until he's /too/ close. He throws his head back, choking on a moan, and pants, "Gonna come- gonna-"

He can just see Shugo from +
the corner of his eye, the way his eyes are slanted towards Osamu's face, the way he's shining with sweat, mouth open against Osamu's shoulder.

"Yeah? Need me to touch ya, baby?"

Osamu jerks beneath him and drops his face back to the pillows with a gasp. "/No/-" +
"Shh-" Shugo flutters kisses against the back of his neck and Osamu's calves are starting to lock up, he's so fucking close-

"How do ya wanna come, baby? Let me touch ya-"

"Your cock," Osamu gasps, trying uselessly to rock back against him. His thrusts are relentless. +
"J-just your cock, daddy, please-"

Shugo grunts and his teeth sink into Osamu's shoulder suddenly enough that the pain almost sends him over the edge. His fingers are bruising on Osamu's hips, he's sure of it.

"Oh, /good/ fucking boy-" +
And somehow, Shugo starts fucking him /harder/, tugging Osamu's hips back so the angle changes and Osamu's mouth drops open in a silent scream and-

And he opens his eyes a second, a minute, an hour later to Shugo slowly easing out of him. +
He whimpers at the loss, and he's still trembling through aftershocks, so probably, he just blacked out for a second. His brain feels foggy and his fingers aren't quite working, because when he reaches back for Shugo, they slip uselessly down his chest.


"Shh." +
He whimpers again when Shugo turns him over, laying him gently on his back instead of his belly. He's not sure what noise he makes next, but it's enough to draw Shugo in.

Shugo hovers over him, leaning down to press slow, careful kisses against Osamu's mouth as he pants. +
When the fog has cleared a bit, Osamu reaches down to wrap clumsy fingers around Shugo's cock only to have his hand brushed away.

"Don't worry about it," Shugo murmurs, pressing another kiss to the corner of his mouth. "You okay?"

Osamu frowns and pats at his shoilder. "You." +
Shugo grins lazily and Osamu thinks idly that it's a grin he could really learn to like. "I'm good, baby."

"Bullshit. Ya gotta come." Osamu turns his head to catch him in another kiss, clumsy and deep. Shugo indulges him, and when Osamu pulls back, he mumbles, "Jerk off on me."+
Shugo's brows raise again. "Oh?"

"As long as you'll let me use yer shower." Osamu shifts, stretching slowly across the bed beneath him. He glances up through his lashes. "Please?"

Shugo laughs, disbelief clear on his face. "Yer not what I expected."

"I'm waiting." +
Shugo huffs another laugh and shifts back, hovering between Osamu's open legs. His cock really is impressive. Osamu wonders if he could fit it in his mouth.

He watches Shugo jerk off, lazily dropping his mouth open and extending his tongue when he seems near the edge. +
"Brat," Shugo gasps, and when he comes, it doesn't quite reach his face, but he does paint pretty, glistening ropes across Osamu's chest, so Osamu's pretty satisfied all in all. +
They lay in bed for maybe five minutes before Osamu announces that he really does have to get going. Shugo lets him use his shower and forces him to drink a bottle of water and eat a (homemade) cookie before he leaves.

He's barely out of the building when he calls Rin.
"How was it?" Rin asks immediately.

"I can barely walk."

A pause. "Did he hurt you?"

"I mean- yeah? But I'd let him hurt me like that any day, Rin, I swear to God."

"...go on."

He tells the whole story on his walk back to Atsumu's. +
Atsumu is annoyed the minute Osamu steps through the door - "Where were ya? I went to the gym for an hour and you were gone! We gotta go in like ten minutes, change clothes! The fuck, 'Samu!" - but Osamu is still a little high on endorphins, so he only smacks him once. +
They make if to the restaurant on time anyway, so Atsumu was freaking out about nothing - as usual.

He greets Bokuto, who he knows from high school, and then allows Atsumu to drag him from teammate to teammate, making introductions. Osamu does his best to remember their names +
but, really, it seems unnecessary.

Atsumu yanks him to a halt suddenly and tugs him close. "Meian-san is here," he says, terse.

"Who?" Osamu gives him a purposefully blank look even though he's heard a hundred stories about Captain Meian.

"Don't embarrass me," he hisses. +
"I won't-"

"This must be the twin."

Osamu clamps his mouth shut and looks up (and up) at Shugo, who is grinning down at them, dressed in a very nice sweater.

Osamu is sweating.


"Meian Shugo." Shugo offers out his hand, grinning wide. "Nice to meet ya." //end

• • •

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