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20 Feb, 15 tweets, 4 min read
OK I have 3 nerdy business ideas to get off my chest:

• smelling salts for nerds
• FB ad dashboard that doesn't suck
• + a new privacy app I’m using

Quick thread for anyone who likes jamming on ideas:
OK don’t judge me - but I have a new weird habit.

I never drink coffee, and haven’t tried adderall. But I got hooked on a new way to get into peak state of mind before work or exercise.

b̵a̵t̵h̵ ̵s̵a̵l̵t̵s̵ Smelling Salts.
I first saw these when I saw NFL players using smelling salts as a boost before big games.

I thought you only used these when someone is knocked out. So I did some googling.

What I found was pretty interesting:
1 - smelling salts are super popular amongst athletes, and body builders before competition

2 - it increases blood flow, breathing, and alertness.

3 - but the chemical (Ammonia) in it is bad for you

So I looked around for a non-ammonia based alternative.

Menthol can swap for Ammonia- so you get the same kick without the side effects.

Smell is our most powerful sense.

And has deep links into the brain.

If I use the same smell every time I get into the same state of mind, it becomes linked. (like pavlov's dogs)
I made 3 smells for 3 different "states"

1) Boost - before workouts
2) Focus - before work
3) Relax - before sleep
If someone wants to turn this into a D2C product, I’ll advise you.

I think people will like having a way to quickly shift state of mind without using caffeine or adderall.

just look at how Bro'd out the existing options are on Amazon
Ok - enough about that...onto the next idea:
Idea: A FB ad dashboard that doesn't suck

Facebook has 10 million advertisers.

But the dashboard sucks. It's all numbers...but the ads are VISUAL.

We need a way to visually see which ads are winners & losers.

Here's the solution 👇
Chrome extension that gives you a Pinterest style grid of your ads.

• visual grid
• with performance data overlayed
* shareable between you and your marketing team

Make it really easy for advertisers to visually see which ads are winners/losers.
This won't be huge, but you can build a profitable, ~$5-10Ma year SaaS business just by building a visual layer on top of the world's biggest advertising data set.

Don't send me links to things that "already do this". I've looked & they suck. Nobody has nailed this yet
Last one - a cool privacy app I’ve been using.

@guardianiosapp (

It is a VPN for your phone. It keeps your iphone browsing activity private & blocks ads.
The best part is how simple it is.

The whole app is just ONE HUGE FUGGIN BUTTON

If you push the button, your shield is on. That’s it.

simplicity wins.

Most privacy apps overcomplicate shit.
Plus the team (led by @chronic & @chirayunix) are a bunch of expert iOS jail breakers dudes. These are the modern day freedom fighters. Fighting to keep the internet free & private.
alright. the ideas are out of my system. time for a nap

If you like to hear ideas follow me that's kinda my thing (@shaanvp)

and for the real juicy stuff, I have about 20k+ subs on the weekly newsletter →

• • •

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16 Feb
esports investments are a joke - there's so much dumb money in this space!

look at this "billion dollar" publicly traded company: $EGLX Image
Enthusiastic Gaming is a holdco of random assets ranging from the most popular website for The Sims, to a minority stake in the vancouver overwatch team.

It's not a bad's just not worth $1b

here's a quick scan of their last quarter report
looks like they rolled up a bunch of companies:

- Bought @Luminosity for $1.5M cash, 7.5M stock
- Bought a couple agencies for $13M cash + more stock
- started trading on the TSX in january, up ~4x in a year.

They are basically an ad agency for gaming channels + websites
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16 Feb
Every good clubhouse “show” would be 100x higher leverage if they did it as a podcast instead.

But hey, it’s new and hot, so follow the herd!
Btw this is for “shows” specifically. Not random convos/hanging out.

Which is why clubhouse going for shows is terrible strategy!
Eg right now- @pmarca and @bhorowitz are doing a weekly clubhouse. Reaching 5k people live.

If they launched a podcast, they’d be at 5m+ downloads a month. (See @chamath @Jason all in pod)

1000x more reach. Same format. There’s zero crowd interaction. no reason to use Clubhouse
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5 Feb
Jeff Bezo's Amazon Run:
- 27 years
- $1.68 Trillion company
- 800k people employed

Crazy run.

And 6 funny stories about the early days of Amazon
#1 - The original name wasn't Amazon. Jeff wanted to name it "Cadabra" (as in, abra cadabra, like magic)

His lawyer said the name sounded too much like Cadaver (aka a corpse) for ppl to share.

His 2nd pick was Relentless ( still re-directs to Amazon)
#2 - The company almost died because of inventory.

The whole point of an internet book store was to carry WAY more books than you can find in a book store.

But the book distributors minimum order was 10 books.

They couldn't afford to buy 10 of every book..
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3 Feb
Here's a lesson on how to do cold outreach right.

Don't ask someone for "coffee" or a "quick 20 min call"

(or worst of all - "to pick their brain". You brain pickers stay away)

Here's an example of how my cousin hustled & got connected with @chamath
On the all-in podcast, @friedberg joked that @chamath wants to run for governor.

my cousin @RohunJauhar hears that and tweets this out
One guy reaches out saying "i'll do it in a few weeks for $2k". Another says "I'll do it for free, tonight."

Rohun sketches out what he wants. Super simple:
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2 Feb
If you're a college student who wants to pay off all your loans... here's an idea for you:

It takes ~$5k to start and will make ~$30k a year of profit

It won't get you rich, it'll pay for college.

(..and will teach them more about business than they’ll learn in school)
The idea isn’t sexy. But it works:

**Plastic Moving Bin Rentals**

Everyone knows moving sucks. The worst part is being stuck with 400 cardboard boxes at the end of your move.

Instead - @benmlevy told me about Gorilla Bins. They dropoff plastic moving bins, & pickem up later.
Let’s break it down. Our goal is to pay for college (~$30k profit per year).

To do that, I think we’ll need $50k in revenue.

The avg move (a 2 bedroom apartment) is $180

To hit our goal, we need do ~5.5 moves per week
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1 Feb
Elon Clubhouse summary for those who are locked out:
Q: When are we going to get to Mars?

@elonmusk (says some smart space stuff)... I figure... idk.. ~5.5 years.
Q: What will it take to go to Mars?

@elonmusk You need a fully & rapidly re-usable rocket. Rapid is imp.. can't take months between flights. Needs to be like airplanes where the biggest cost is fuel.

And be able to send 2nd rocket to re-fuel

And be able to make fuel on mars
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