.@nonfungibles dropped an amazing NFT 2020 report recently and I want to highly some of the awesome charts along with some personal commentary.

A long (but worth it if you’re just scrolling anyway) thread on what you need to know about the current state of NFTs.

2/The overall Ethereum NFT (ERC 721s only) market capitalization currently sits around $338 million and IMO will easily double if not quadruple in 2021.

Note: this just includes NFTs by project and doesn’t include tokens of NFT projects or NFT marketplaces like AXS, RARI, etc.
3/Metaverses account for the most sales likely because they have the largest TAM while Art and Gaming come in 2nd and 3rd.

Each category of NFTs has 1-2 projects that make up a large portion of volume. Let’s breakdown some of these categories with Nonfungible and other data.
3/ 1. Art – The breakout use case with a clear product-market fit for artists (aka royalties).

Total crypto art sales have surpassed $120 million with Nifty Gateway and SuperRare accounting for most of the volume.

More on SuperRare: messari.io/article/the-cu…
4/ It doesn't appear that art collectors value one brand over others yet. Wallet interaction between art platforms like Aysnc Art, SuperRare, and KnownOrigin are all very high meaning collectors/artists explore multiple platforms.

But, I expect brand to matter in the future.
5/ However new NFT art platforms like Zora and Foundation are building strong brands and have growing volumes.

I expect continued growth in crypto art as it grows more mainstream. Expect some major artists to issue their first NFTs in 2021 and for there to be strong demand.
6/ If you want to collect art that's awesome, but being an art collector is challenging and historically the best collectors buy lots of pieces across various artists and genres.
7/ 2. Gaming – Axie Infinity is a breakout game. Gods Unchained still remains strong with MegaCryptoPolis taking 3rd.

Gaming has yet to fully take off largely because of technical challenges and two of the above projects have their own sidechains(Axie and ImmutableX).
8/ However, gaming has the potential to be one of the largest markets and already accounts for the largest number/quantity of sales of NFTs. If we included ERC 1155 I imagine it would be even greater because of @enjin.

Once gaming takes off, NFTS are going to truly explode.
9/ 3. Metaverses

Virtual worlds - with digital property and free markets - will transform our existing digital worlds into vibrant communities governed by their users.
10/ Surprisingly, virtual LAND is one of the most liquid NFT categories ( I wouldn't have guessed this).

This goes to show the strong speculative fervor around metaverses and the potential of having ownership in digital worlds that millions of people will eventually frequent.
11/ Metaverses as a category account for over a third of all NFT sales activity in 2020.

Investors have spent nearly $55 million on metaverse digital land and in-game items.messari.io/article/metave…
12/ 4. Sports – Sorare and F1-Delta ($REVV) are the top sports games on Ethereum while NBA Top Shots remains the top sports collectible across all NFT ecosystems.
13/ Crypto sports games have started to gain a lot of traction and are a mainstream application that will eventually bring millions of consumers into crypto. messari.io/article/fantas…
14/ 5. Collectibles – Cryptopunks, CryptoKitties, & Hashmasks are the most valued collectibles.

Note: Hashmasks ($30 million in sales to date) aren't included because they didn't launch until a few weeks ago 🤯

Hashmask will overtake CryptoKitties in all-time volume today!
15/ There are great returns to be found in collectibles and unique pieces, however, picking winners in the collectibles space is challenging and costly.

But, if you’ve got the eye or cash to commission pieces, then you can be successful.
16/ Overall, the NFT landscape is going to grow drastically as the infrastructure builds over the next 1-3 years.

Layer 2s will scale some of these games.

Flow and NBA Top Shots are on a mission to dominate the NFT space ($120m Sales and counting).
17/ I'm also super excited about DeFi <> NFT applications like:

The NFT liquidity space is going to explode over the next two years and will be an amazing opportunity for growth and financialization of NFTs.
Fin/ Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Nonfungible's full report: nonfungible.com/nft-report-202…

Also, check out some of our in-depth NFT reports and research pieces on messari.io

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