There are really not that many people in academia who come from poor or working class backgrounds for a million reasons. It really strikes me in a way that’s hard to explain that my peers really don’t know what it is to be poor. How it shapes how you think. They really don’t know
I don’t like that this has to turn into a social media posturing thing. I’m really just talking about something real. If you really don’t have any real idea of what it means to be homeless and/or not able to eat, you will see things differently
To me having a job is a desperate victory... just having any job that gives you money that lets you survive. This is not something good for the politics of the system in general, but if you’ve ever really been poor you might understand how much clinging to having a job means
I don't know how to get this across without seeming like posturing. It's just that to not work was never an idea. Of course you always worked and getting a job was a big thing. A job was a precious thing because it kept you alive and made you not in the control of someone else
I am really not into making big blanket statements about someone's class or race or gender identity, which the Left seems to be into unfortunately, but I do seriously mean that someone who floats into the PMC world from a poorer background has a really distinct perspective
As in... I don't mean to be "weaponizing" my identity but I want people to know that in some ways if you don't come from a certain economically disadvantaged situation then you might not fully understand how other people look at these social and political issues. That's all
It’s truly mind boggling to me that until very recently people in academia thought it was normal to force a job candidate to spend $2000 on an outfit, plane ticket, hotel and conference registration just to have a first round interview for a job @chronicle
I took it for granted at the time... in retrospect I have no idea how I afforded to fly literally across the entire country to interview at the AHA when I was a grad student barely making any money

• • •

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16 Dec 20
Robin Williams's death was one that got to me more than most famous people passings. Maybe it's just that I grew up with him. But there always seemed to be a sadness behind the comedy and acting that he did
It's no secret that many of the @tropicsm crew love the movie Good Will Hunting. Most of us are #firstgen college grads and Robin Williams's character seemed a lot like the kind, caring, humble teacher we all knew who wanted to help us to get through things
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16 Dec 20
Such an emotional day - almost nothing can contain the fanatical devotion I feel toward the place where I work. It's a beautiful thing and something worth believing in
Over the Summer I felt devastated as we were reckoning with how to deal with COVID and it seemed like they were throwing us overboard. But they honestly did their best to manage this and in any case, the school's sum total is more than just a few bureaucrats
I think @Maleficarum76 understands. We're stickers and we stick to this place to make it better
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16 Dec 20
I moved to Georgia in August 2010. Somehow we made it through 10+ years in GA, facing endless political disappointments, but the state ended up supporting Biden. It has been a long, exhausting and difficult road. But we’ve begun to change this place
There are hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers like me and my friends who went door to door, phonebanked, and etc., but nothing can compare to the vision @staceyabrams had to make it all possible. She saw the problem, she made the plan, and it worked
Stacey, more than Barack even, saw the problem and built a thing from the ground up. She was determined, assiduous, but always had a vision of what all this would eventually turn into. Patience, determination, hope sometimes pay off
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15 Dec 20
Democrats have never had the backbone to do this... to set recognition of an election outcome as the minimum condition, as if they're doing you a favor by acknowledging the obvious and then you start negotiating from there. The GOP wants it more…
As Herman Blume said, you can donate $500 million to Jon Ossoff, but "you can't buy backbone"
It's extremely hilarious to see pundits say that Biden will do better because he has friendships with his old Senate chums. These people want to beat him to death with tire irons, what the fuck are you talking about
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15 Dec 20
Lupita Nyong’o should absolutely have gotten the Oscar for Us. It’s so sad that this movie didn’t get the attention it deserved
One of my favorite moments in cinematic history is when the dad in Us asks, “who are you people,” and Red says, “We are... Americans...”
Some folks who didn’t like Jordan Peele’s Us thought it didn’t make sense, but it’s great because it didn’t make sense
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15 Dec 20
I am intrigued by your Triple Treat Box, sir…
You can't truly trust anyone who doesn't like fast food. This is wisdom for the left
If a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza or a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich or something equivalent is too far beyond the pale, then it's hard to understand the beauty of crappy things
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