Thread: When someone says “I was a Marine so I have credibility with guns/AR-15” be skeptical. I served 8 years, coached on our ranges and carried an M-16 in 2 wars. I have learned more from civilians after my time in service about 2A, guns, and yes the AR platform after service
Than I was ever exposed to in the Corps. Having served, or carried an AR platform M16 in combat means you are familiar with the gun, not an expert. It certainly doesn’t mean you know more about its place in the array of guns available to civilians or how our constitutional rights
Are exercised or defended. I am so proud of my military service. But for me, and most veterans, it was a season of life, not a Jason Bourne programming of expertise on anything tactical or war-like. There are many cases of politicians and advocates hanging their authority on
Societal and (specifically) constitutional debates solely on a fairly common and uneventful military experience. Be VERY WEARY of these people. They are misleading in their credibility and taking advantage of your ignorance on the military experience. Also, buy more guns!🇺🇸

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4 Feb
Thread from a fellow GA14: @mtgreenee apologized on the House floor today. She gave an explanation for her past comments and the evolution of her beliefs/thinking that I can assure you her constituents will believe and find reasonable. She basically said
“I’m a regular citizen, not an ivory tower intellectual, wonk, or swamp”. That matters [most] to them, and provides cover for her Facebook videos and comments. She sounded sincere and humbled. However, this is in direct contrast to her demeanor over the last 4 weeks and
comes on the heels of an onslaught of tweets using this to fund raise. She says she didn’t campaign on these conspiracies and stopped believing them in 2018/19. But she waited until today... until her ability to do her actual job was in say this publicly...
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26 Jan
Thread: As a hunter and outdoorsman I 1) believe climate change is real and 2) believe we have a responsibility to act on it. I also know the solutions offered by the left are purposely bombastic, and most have very little chance of coming to fruition.
By ignoring the issue altogether, conservatives... who include many conservationists... have allowed the left to conflate a real problem: climate change with an ideology: socialism. If we want to win anything, this is a place to focus efforts
The keystone pipeline is a great example. We’ve allowed an “either/or” position from the left to pressure dem politicians into making decisions that hurt blue collar Americans because they feel they need to pass some church of climate purity test. All the while we sit silent
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31 Aug 20
Thread on sports and politics: the teams I love: Braves, Bulldogs, Falcons and NASCAR have been there for me literally my entire life. The first time my fam could afford anything: a Braves game in early 90s against the Expos. We lost badly, but it hooked me and I got to watch
The greatest era of Braves ball in front of a tube TV console in our 1966 single wide... poor, smiling and proud. I watched @DeionSanders play for both the birds and the Braves while his antics made headlines. I grew up hearing the stories of how @HerschelWalker was a gladiator
We spent every Saturday night at the local dirt track helping my youngest uncle win in his late model with worn out equipment and less horsepower, but all the talent he needed then are breakfast at my Nanny and Papaw’s on Sunday before glueing ourselves to a @NASCAR race
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26 Jun 20
Thread: Let’s be honest, this might be the least surprising thing to come this week. We live in a time where the history of things only matters if it’s convenient. For example, the emancipation proclamation monument is being threatened,…
not because of what it stands for, not because of it’s symbolism, and not because of who paid for it (former slaves) but because the untrained, ignorant passer by may mistake various nuanced aspects for an opposite message.
It makes sense that a crowd of such spoiled, bored, and angry people would take issue with a song so scared people have charged into battle to defend their rights with only its melody as inspiration.
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3 Jun 20
Short thread on Mattis: Here’s all I’ll say about this. General Mattis made his reputation on 2 things: 1) the skill to surprise an enemy and his peers with swift and decisive action 2) the audacity to know it and say it in a nonconformist Soundbyte. Ironically...
That’s what he has most in common with Trump. Mattis had the tactical skill to win a battle, region or time frame, but his entire era of leadership in the Middle East conflict couldn’t win the war. That’s his pitfall across the board.
In his world, and in his mind, you do things a certain way, a proven way, even when politics advise against it. Trump on the other hand is less calculated and more reactive to populist sentiment and current events. Neither are right or wrong but certain to clash.
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12 Mar 20
So @SpeakerPelosi posted a huge bill at 11pm (here…) let’s dissect what @HouseDemocrats tried to pass as “Coronavirus relief”
paid sick leave mandate: all employers have to provide 7 days of regardless of size FOREVER. With added days IF COVID19 relates. Plus carve outs for missed work completely unrelated to the virus (e.g. domestic violence, etc).
- emergency unemployment funded through social security. This literally takes resources from seniors and could take a long time to enact. Im told R’s countered with disaster unemployment assistance under the Stafford act (like we do for natural disasters-$40B relief fund).
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