All the fuss regarding Bitcoin...
Do your math.

If you're early adopter and haven't cash out, probably you're either :
1. Want to be a "bank" in DeFi environment in near future
2. You are not a trader
If you're a late adopter and haven't cash out, you are either :
1. Don't know commodity trading
2. Like me, you don't see the value in trading Bitcoin
50K to 250K is only 500%.

You can only cash out 5K in Canadian broker, that takes you 50 days with tax off 42% of it.
50K to 250K is only 500%.

It's the same as 8.7x 20% trades.
If you do 120 trades a year... with win rate of 40%...
Cryptocurrency field has been ramping up because it's not only treated as commodity, but also treated as hope for the poor "small money" to get richer.

This is good.
Cryptocurrency field has been ramping up another one because like me my peers, we've figured out that like selling Tulips, you can create variants of tulips and sell some more.
Cryptocurrency field, however, will be relevant in the future.

"So what, do you recommend us to do..?"

1. If you're trading more than 20K, no need to go crypto.

2. If you're trading with $500, definitely go Crypto, and by all means, use leverage 100-125x. Turn that into 7K.
I did that early this year, it's easy.
Why $500..?

Canadian brokers. It only allows you to cash out 5K.
Unless you're, like above, planning to hold those against volatility, in cold wallet, you really don't have any more advantages compared to other instruments.

Except probably timeframe.
Then again, at a point, you'll realize, like trading forex :
1. The $ you get "now" is always better than "lump sump" -- in fact this is why credit works.
2. The volatility and opportunity cost + quality of life that impacted -- not for everyone.
The same as why Franky hasn't become a fund manager because Franky values autonomy and freedom among others, is as same to why Franky doesn't trade forex.
Here's also why Cryptocurrency, despite the hype, won't be a game changer.

It is viewed as commodity (today).
Think of corn.
You still trade it and can't use the corn for others.
The other bad case probably : Everyone else can use the same blockchain technology and create another cryptocurrency.

There will be segmented "banks" -> today it's called DeFi.
But then again you'll still have to endure the volatility and the case of taxation.

For established countries, this won't change anything. In fact, you have to be aware WHEN developed country started creating THEIR OWN cryptocurrency.

This is another simple tool USED TO CONTROL people.
Imagine if I create a Cryptocurrency YVY, and force my population to use it despite others. While other countries still recognize my "Dollar" as the official currency, not YVY.

You are forced to "open sourcely tracked" your transaction (foreign) to "dollar", before YVY.
What though, how, and why the F should YVY..?
Because your government forced it to you.

We in fact have 3 Chinese cities experimenting on this.
Imagine living in that city.
Now you have to cvt to RMB and then to Dolla, if you want to send money to your daughter in States.
And it's all tracked by RMB government.
Though YVY definitely can act as a "backer" for certain country's currency.

This will be super helpful for underdeveloped countries (Africas?) simply because infrastructure issue.
If that's so, it's the same as "gold standard" <--> albeit it's YVY standard.

Now, my idea, why don't we, as civilized culture, decide on a new cryptocurrency that's backed on the most useful mineral on earth, industrious, and mineable..?
Introducing LiC -- Lithium Backed Cryptocurrency

It's not pegged, it's backed.
Imagine your phone, or other gadgets, despite years of depreciation, will gradually become more valuable because Lithium is used more and more.

Why this..?
Our battery density is still too low against Oil.
Prof. Grossman has done the math, and he and his team --and many engineers around the world-- is dealing with this.

So back to our gadgets.
This is the KEYWORD :
"The more it's depreciated, the more value on it's inherent Metal - Lithium - and you can trade it with a cryptocurrency called LiC"
Now, if you've realized...

this is...

The problem with dollar (and oil) :
1. Oil is getting phased out especially when we go Nuclear in near future.
2. Wind power --like Texas-- is the cause of bad and many death on cold weather like this. LoL
3. Oil, despite it's coolness and civilization defining properties, are burned and "poof", gone.

Not gone, just needs 9.6x energy to recycle.
As far as we can see, LiC can be the solution.

1. Recycling will pick up -> No need for incentive !
2. It's natural cycle -> next phase from Oil migration that's also supportive in Renewable Energy.
You know me.

I don't know a lot of people because my arrogant lucky bastard vibe.

Please, if you find this idea interesting, maybe give a RT or comment.
Who knows, we can create a better future that's nicer, more equal, and definitely more fun.
Cause it's the future, and we all own gadgets, IT SHOULD BE NATURAL THAT OUR GADGETS PAY FOR OUR LIVES
Like Franky simply getting the header Alienware homepage when he wanted to get a laptop, we should be rewarded by using gadgets.

(And now, after its service lifetime Asus can be the same as Alienware)
I don't know you, but this Lithium Coin sounds AWESOME.

Not all Great Idea sounds stupid at first !
And fuck I don't care if you RT or just share by word of mouth.
I don't need the fame, you can copy paste this into your blog or even journal media.



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