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SCAM BY Flipkart?
Bought a @ThomsonTvIndia from @Flipkart and it was delivered on June 5th. The very next day, a technician arrived to install the TV. Unfortunately, he discovered a defect and took the initiative to request a replacement. But, he didn't uninstall the TV.

Two days later, the delivery guys arrived to pick up the TV, but they refused to take it because it was still installed. Feeling stuck, I immediately reached out to @flipkartsupport for assistance. The executive assured me that they would resolve the issue.

However, they ended up canceling the replacement request.
Frustrated with the canceled replacement, I persisted and submitted another request for a replacement. This time, a technician from @ThomsonTvIndia reached out and requested pictures of the TV.

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Beware of Online Scams! 📢

Recently, a victim fell to a cyber fraud, losing Rs 12.85 lakh in an attempt to generate extra income.

The scammer lured the victim with the promise of earning money from home through posting positive comments on Google reviews.
Initially, the victim was asked to click on a message to post reviews and earn Rs 150 for each positive review. As the trust grew, the fraudster posed as a comp representative, offering the victim paid tasks to earn even more money.
However, there was a twist – the victim had to pay for each task.The victim was assured that the money would be refunded upon task completion.

Unfortunately,he ended up losing Rs 12.85 lakh to the scammer.
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4.83 Lakhs Lost In Scam!

Recently a victim lost Rs 4.83L when he/she was shopping online. The victim came across a website and saw an offer of a free premium smartphone on a purchase of a laptop.

The victim called on a number mentioned in the offer.
The man who received the call was a scammer and introduced himself as an executive of the website and told the victim that there is a phone free on the purchase of a laptop.

The scammer asked the victim to pay Rs 599 as a registration fee to claim the offer.
As soon as the victim paid for the amount his/her account got debited by Rs 4.83L in 15 different transactions.

This incident serves as a reminder for all of us to remain vigilant while navigating the digital landscape.
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🈹 Stop buying #pepedao / #pipipump / #bobcoin, owner can rug you.

Scammer deployed >67 malicious tokens. These contracts are obfuscated and designed to bypass @GoplusSecurity & @Token_Sniffer's rugpull analysis.

~$300k funds have already been rugged.

#ScamAlert #rugpull… Image
@GoplusSecurity @Token_Sniffer So, what's going on?

1. The attacker uses "oowner" to define the owner so that analysis considers the contract has no owner -- really benign in the eye of static analysis!…
@GoplusSecurity @Token_Sniffer 2. The code for rug pull is inside "transfer" and "Approve" functions, very unconventional.
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1/ 🔒💰 Protecting your crypto is more important than ever.

Here are some of the most common scams and tactics used by hackers, and how you can protect yourself against them (Thread 🧵 Alert 🚨)
2/ Malicious transactions:
Scammers can trick you into signing a transaction that grants them access to your assets.

To protect yourself, keep an eye on the transactions you make and the sites you interact with.
3/ Malicious messages:
Phishing sites can trick you into signing a message disguised as a wallet connect.

To protect yourself, double-check what you're signing.
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Know what the Union Budget has got for Dalits in the FY 2023-2024.

There has been a total allocation of Rs. 159126.22 Crores for Dalits out of the total UB amounting to Rs. 4990842 Crores. Dalit budget makes it to just 3.1%

#UnionBudget2023 #DalitBudget #ScheduledCasteBudget
Department of Health & Family Welfare gets an allocation of Rs. 9323.81 Crores. It's well known to everyone how much health benefit Dalits get in this country yet such a huge amount gets snatched away from the budget for our development. Shame.
Government won't pave way for dalit doctors and the UC doctors will turn away dalit people from PHC and hospitals yet shamelessly use Rs. 1079 Crores for Human Resources for Health and Medical Education.
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@telegram #scamalert please remove all of these #fruadulent accounts in detailed report and have already reported many of these to #notoscam quite some time ago. please take these actions as soon as possible. all necessary information is within. There is only one @ZooEcosystem
the only OFFICIAL @ZooEcosystem accounts are found on
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#SCAMALERT there was a lot of users actually chatting normally when game was out
hope everyone knows the commandments of telegram

there was a bunch of bogus chat pretending airdrop was free but then people were actually chatting about game and sharing clips etc before that #ZOO
dont let others add to group

you can literally make it so you archive and mute any non contact DM

archive and mute unknown users new chats

when you use folders and only move the chats you want into the folders also any spammers would only show up in the "all chats" folder
Admins/Team will NEVER first DM you!
@zooecosystem Team will NEVER ask to get your private key or seed words. OR CONNECT TO "VERIFY WALLET" or too good to be true airdrop
(always verify, never trust) - use official project links and resources found at #zoo
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Roadmap for #SugarFinance #ToothacheNFT
- Launch with Scammy NFT collection to raise funds pre launch

- Tease Sugar Finance platform which is a direct copy of
@ZooEcosystem which is alive and running since April 2021.
- Copy all NFT boosters/Elixirs created by @genshimaro
and UI design of Platform.

- Make the direct copy of then entire UI, assets and platform seem only "similar" and FUD a project that's been fair launched and running for over 1 year and still building.

- Lie through teeth🦷
#SolanaNFTs #SCAM #ScamAlert
#sugarfinance Sugar Finance is a copycat scam with 0 integrity or honesty ---

The legit project
@ZooEcosystem on @wanchain_org and @avalancheavax
created all these NFT boosters, the platform, the mechanics, the utilities everything
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硬核到爆炸📌此系列推文整理了或是华语圈最高水准且全面的 #Web3 系列专题,每个专题均精选了各类深度优质文章,相信是你的穿越寒冬&长期学习必备手册。

2⃣Web3 身份赛道研究
4⃣DAO 研究与治理
5⃣X To Earn 生态研究

2/【 Web3Caff 精选专题 丨加密资产安全与防骗指南】#ScamAlert

区块链黑暗力量遍布,如何守护加密资产安全?此专题收录了包括区块链黑暗森林自救手册、#Web3 防骗指南、NFT 防盗指南、钓鱼手法分析等系列优质文章,目前共计 8 篇,速览收藏喔。

3/【Web3Caff 精选专题 丨Web3 身份系统赛道研究专题】

#Web3 原生身份协议应该是什么样的?目前有哪些生态应用?此专题收录了从 Web3 去中心化身份管理系统的历史、现状、展望到构建分析、生态应用盘点等系列 8 篇(截止目前)优质文章。

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A tale of Not So Stable BNB:

1) This is a thread about @stablebnb and the shady characters that surround it. I have followed them for 3 months and have figured out the scam.

#crypto #stablebnb #rugpull #scam #scamalert $BNB @binance
2) The contract address that was advertised on the website at was 0xfD53b1B4AF84D59B20bF2C20CA89a6BeeAa2c628. This had literally nothing to do with the contract or contracts people were depositing BNB into
3) 0x86530cadc1fcee6b61aa766ef70c0adbdca20a66 is the contract address that most people will be familiar with. When you deposit or stake in this contract you cannot withdraw. You can only take the interest earned which was 3% daily
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Lista de estafas en Progreso de #newmanperez OJO ⚠️🚨 ⚠️🚨 ⚠️🚨 ⚠️🚨 ⚠️🚨
Todos esos "Staking" son #scam #Estafas
Por Favor dale RT o comparte con tus amigos
Comparte la lista en tus grupos de Whatsapp y Telegram para que le llegue a la mayor cantidad de personas posibles, Escríbele a tu Pana el PAJUO, o al nuevo en Criptolandia para que no se deja estafar
#Estafa #BNB #ScamAlert #telegram #WhatsApp #LUCY #StakingRewards RT
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Some ways in which companies manipulate their financials ⚠️

• By showing revenue before it is realised.
• Not showing expenses or delaying it by a year.
• By showing high Miscellaneous expenses.

There are 10+ ways by which companies fool you.

Lets find out ⤵️

Financials can be manipulated in ⚠️

1. Profit and Loss Account
2. Balance Sheet
3. Cash Flow Statement

⚠️ Profit & Loss Account

• Company using highly Volatile Depreciation rates.

• Company having very low CFO/EBITDA ratio in last 5-10 years.

• Showing low debt provisions which results in high earnings.

• Counting non-existent inventory.
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#ScamAlert AltNews doing income tax fraud!

AltNews is run by Pravda Media Foundation which is a company registered under section 8 of companies act. This section is for registering "Not for profit" companies Image
It's a section that is specifically made for charitable orgs. It has many advantages like exemption from income tax, stamp duty, etc ImageImage
There is however a very important condition, that no member i.e. share holder/promoter of such company can draw a salary or take profit as dividend. Pravda Media Foundation managing director Nirhari Sinha is 50% share holder with 2500 shares ImageImage
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Below are all user(s) CONFIRMED to be scammers. We provide beyond a reasonable doubt that such information is wholly truthful and accurate. Such CAN be confirmed quickly through evidence. Information provided here is not to be used for solicitation or harassment. #habbo
🕵️‍♂️ BEWARE: The user AntFood is a known quick trade scammer, please be cautious while trading with him. He's scammed many & continues to do so. RT to spread awareness.

picture credit: @number24_habbo

#AntFood #habbo #scams #habboscammers #endhabboscams #EHS #scammer #ScamAlert ImageImage
🕵️ BEWARE: The user ashwinb11 many user(s) paid for his "giveaway" and when people started to win he then :kickedall. RT to spread awareness.

picture credit: @ReeceGamingTV

#ashwinb11 #habbo #scams #habboscammers #endhabboscams #EHS #scammer #ScamAlert ImageImage
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#bernardhoganhowe AND #CressidaDick WHO ARE NOW PUSHING ME OVER THE EDGE AFTER THE TWO LAST #newsalert #NEWSUPDATE #CressidaMustGo HAS MADE.

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Thread on scams being run on unsuspecting users!

Immediately after a big Amazon purchase you will get a call, claiming to be from Amazon customer care, with rewards for your loyalty.
Offering various products ranging from free shopping to Harrier
They will ask you to shop for a certain amount again to be eligible. You will be asked to add products to cart and for payment give a UPI link or Paytm link to make payment.
When asked why not pay on Amazon itself, you will be told that that's not possible for this offer.
The big issues with this scam, other than the scam itself, is that the scammer have all your data, for the last purchase, amount, what you bought etc. Points to a big leak in Amazon or on one of their vendors.
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Twitter thread . #RedevelopmentScam #HousingSocietyScam .
Scam explained
1. A shady builder's lady accomplice purchases a flat in Stone Castle CHSL, Borivali.
2. She makes friends with corrupt people in society and they all become committee members since no one knows of their devious plan. The lady becomes Chairman and starts execution of their plan to handover redevelopment DA to her builder.
3. They are all promised huge gains by shady builder
4. For demolition and giving building to this shady builder, In 2019 corrupt committee calls for Structural audit of building.
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Please RT this thread - a new scam involving fake NHS texts about vaccines is spreading fast (thanks to my follower @Chrislike16 for alerting me). Do not click on links like this in texts. Next tweet shows how they will attempt to harvest your financial details #ScamAlert
The link leads to this fake (yet convincing!) website to fool you into entering card details etc A big clue this is fake? Spelling errors! Plus you don’t need to pay - the NHS is free at point of use and over 80s are the priority group for vaccines. If in doubt, call your GP ❤️
As @AnneAshworth says, scammers know we’re in a fragile mental state, and that these kinds of “urgent - you must act now” messages will catch us off guard. Others: “you’ve come into contact with Covid” “your internet will be cut off”or “HMRC has issued a warrant for your arrest”
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Well said Hun.

To many are turning their backs.

What is worse than #csaqt to know #TwitterCensorship is not a safe haven for destroyed soul's to turn to even on social media platforms no matter what people lead you to believe, there is no such olive branch
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As BIBI CAT pointed out, this is a transfer, not a sale. But still. Announced use of the "community" fund.
And another 400 have been sent. Meanwhile, on their Discord, everybody is playing nice because you wouldn't want to madden an anonymous team who could dump at any time the remaining 25% of the supply.

Also, you'd want to sell yourself too at some point before the week is over.
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Please retweet. I believe you need to exit @harvest_finance / now. See the photo.…

#Ethereum #DeFi #ScamAlert

That's more than 25k USDC that was acquired, and it was done anyway without voting, from the operational treasury. Image
These are the sales made:
Swap 25 FARMFor7,932.63263 USDC
Swap 90 FARMFor28,599.492014 USDC
Swap 90 FARMFor25,616.407592 USDC

Am I wrong? Let me know please. Do check their technical-discussion channel yourself.
And they keep selling:…
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1/n Full account on how OYO tried to manipulate and scam us as their partner hotel. This is the story for all of you who wonder how a big corporate with so much public attention can cheat people so blatantly. (All events happened before COVID-19).
2/n In July 2018, OYO approached us with a really good deal to build an OYO branded townhouse on our 800 sq yds plot in Gurugram and lease it out over a 7 year lock-in period. After months of negotiation and finalization, we entered into a legal agreement with them in Nov 2018.
3/n This became a big project for us. It required a huge investment. We had to take a bank loan for the same. After an year of stress and hard work, we finally got the project completed on time. In Nov 2019 when OYO was supposed to take over our property, they stopped responding.
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It appears @FlackoSemps #FlackoSemps has #Scammed a lot of ppl. He entices you to buy a shirt with a model discount of 50% off. Once payment method is decided — via his site or @CashApp — he asks for your name/address. Once you pay, he blocks you! #RUB & RT for #ScamAwareness!👁‍🗨
@FlackoSemps #FlackoSemps | @CashApp #Cashapp |@CashSupport #CashSupport, his CashTag is or was -> [ $Semps ] <-SS3. Name is in T3. This happened in 2018. It's possible it's changed by now, but perhaps you keep a record of prev CashTags which can lead you to his new one if so? 👁‍🗨
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