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21 Feb, 5 tweets, 1 min read
As the name suggests , it has five limbs namely Tithi ( lunar day), Vaar (weekday),Nakshtra, Yoga and Karana.
The panchang is derived from the distance between sun and moon over the period of a month. It has a important bearing on the overall strength of a chart.
Vedic Astrology suggests few benefits of knowing these 5 Panchang Elements on Daily Basis :
• Uttering Vaara will help one to enjoy longevity and success
• Uttering the Nakshatra will help one dissolve bad karmas.
• Uttering the Tithi will help one enjoy immense wealth and happiness.
• Uttering the Yoga will help one keep deep afflictions and sorrows away
• Uttering the Karana will help in fulfillment of desires.
It is for this reason our seers have included all the five in the Nitya Sankalpa which one typically takes( or are supposed to take ) every morning in Pooja/ religious rituals. A practise which can help reduce many problems in life.
Ps: make it a practise . Next thread indicate how to read a panchang.

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21 Feb
Part 2
How to read a PANCHANG and it's daily usage. RT for wider reach 🙏
Download divyachakshu from play store .
Once you open it you will see this page pop up .
Click on panchang . It will take you to that day's tithi, vara, nakshtra, yoga and karan details with their end times . The page will look like this
Scroll down on the same page to find samvatsara , ritu and vedic masa . The page will look like this
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29 Jan
#Remedy Kanakdhara Stotra for removing poverty :
Kanakdhara stotra was composed by Shri Adi Shankara. Once he was out asking for bhiksha. He went to a house of a very poor lady. The poor lady offered him an amla(gooseberry) as she had nothing else at her home.
Deeply moved by the kind gesture of the lady, Adi Shankara composed kanakdhara stotra in praise of MahaLakshmi . This stotra is said to erase the paap done in past lives and bless the natives with continuous flow of wealth.
It's adviced to recite this stotra 1/3/5 times everyday at fixed time. Offer dhoop, gandha,naivedya /pushpa to Mahalakshmi . Doing this stotra with sankalpa is also deemed auspicious and fruitful. Write it on a paper with red ink and then start reciting it from poornima/friday.
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2 Jan
Katapayadi :
A lesser known and rarely used system for finding out the rashi based on the complete name. I am hereby attaching the table and explaining the usage with the help of an example.
Example Saurabh - write the name in Hindi. Ignore the matras and take only Varna. For Saurabh , it's sa + ra + bha . The corresponding number in the table is 7 for sa, 2 for ra and 4 for bha . That makes it 724 . Now reverse it to 427 .
Divide 427 by 12 and find out the remainder . It's 7 in this case. So the name Saurabh is tula rashi. This is another way of deciding the impact of sade sati and various transits . Few people use naam rashi along with chandra rashi. This technique is rare but very effective.
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15 Nov 20
Pity that the person have to actually cite a famous name( Though I liked Aghora) than a serious resource. The proper procedure requires N number of japa; 1/10N- homa ; 1/100N tarpan ; 1/1000N Marjan and then feeding the Brahman for a mantra to get siddhi.
The procedure they are promoting have no mention of agni vaas. When agni is in patal or in akash, it's bad for health and wealth . Doing mindless Homa is sheer waste of time and energy . If person is looking for serious Sadhna , they should follow a guru and proper procedure.
If they are looking for dev priti, then serious stotra recitation/ bhakti is enough towards the deity. People should note that Agni has the capacity to make one progress in leaps and bounds , if one knows how to use it correctly else the same agni can burn you down too.
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8 Nov 20
As per Jatak Narayaneeyam , the somya grah ( natural benefic - Ju, Ve, benefic Mo and Me ) becomes doshi if they own a kendra. The extent of dosha in descending order is -- 10H, 7H, 4H and then lagna .
Common perception- the grah having kendradhipatya dosha becomes malefic
Other belief - the grah with kendradhipatya dosha ceases to give benefic result.
Before reaching any conclusion, we need to understand the importance of kendra and kona.
Kendra are said to be the Vishnu sthana, the pillars of the chart that provides sustenance .
Kendra houses are about ones intelligence/identity/ego/ character ; sukha/santushti; desires/partnership ; name/ fame/recognition etc. The kona are about dharma/punya and elevating oneself .
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9 Oct 20
Trine lord is benefic for what ??? It's shubha or benefic for bhava analysis and what matters of the bhava ?? Is it benefic for dasa analysis always ? Under what conditions a trine lord becomes super benefic depends on the other lordship/natural shubha/ krura etc.
Astrology is not simple maths but a complex case of various permutations / combinations. These single line pointers are misleading and not taught properly. Read about shubha/ atishubha/ papi/ atipapi and then bhava analysis along with karak .
Analysis of a chart require
1) grah and rashi analysis
2) bhava analysis
3)dasa analysis
4)gochar analysis
Single line rules needs proper diligence before reaching a conclusion.
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