#SakuAtsuFluffWeek2021 Day 8: Quarantine

MBSY4 dorms together during lockdown, but Sakusa notices Atsumu struggling by himself and decides to spend some more time with him. Featuring gratuitous body contact, deep gazes, and karaoke/singing.

Japan announces a state of emergency and MSBY Black Jackal practice is canceled. The management asks the team members to let them know where they plan on staying.
All of the older members decide to leave Osaka and go home to their families/spouses. MSBY4 is unsure. Sakusa texts Komori to ask if he can crash his apartment because Sakusa does not want to remain with Bokuto long-term if he can.
(He loves Bokuto but he's a little too messy).
Bokuto asks Akaashi if he could stay over at his apartment for company, but Akaashi tells Bokuto that he'll be busy at Osamu Miya's place working on their feature/collaboration. Akaashi also has /other/ more private interests with a certain twin. 👀👀👀
Hinata initially planned to go home, but Bokuto begged him to stay at the MSBY4 dorm for company saying that it'll be like the good old times from high school training camp.
Meanwhile, Atsumu overhears their conversation and is like...
"Well, I was gonna ask Samu if I could crash at his place, but I guess he finally got the balls to ask Akaashi-kun over." He decides to stay in the dorms as well, "We'll make it a party, Bo-kun and Shoyou!"
Sakusa receives a message back from Komori.

Komori: Hey Kiyoomi! I'd love to offer you my extra room but my teammate Suna is going to be staying over. His house is undergoing renovations and he has no other place to stay. Have fun with your team though!

Sakusa: ...
Left with no other option, Sakusa lets the rest of the know that he'll be staying at the MSBY4 dorm. Bokuto and Hinata jump up and down screaming "We're going to have so much fun together!!"

Hint: It was not all fun and games.
If they're going to have to stay together, then they had to lay down some ground terms. But first, they had to go buy supplies.

Sakusa was surprised. He would have expected the human tangerine to recklessly clear the shelves, but each item placed into the basket had a purpose.
Bokuto...was as expected. He was happy to go shopping with the rest of the team. Sakusa was glad that he only had to remove half of the things Bokuto threw into their baskets (mostly snacks).
Atsumu? He was the biggest headache. Sakusa thought he would be able to pick up the bare necessities. Instead, he came back with fabric softener instead of laundry detergent and five bottles of conditioner.
Sakusa: "Miya, have you gone shopping for household supplies before?"
Atsumu: "Hey! I go out grocery shopping. I pick up plenty of stuff like Calbee, protein shakes, and vegetables! It's just that every time Samu visits he brings me a package from home with all I need."

Sakusa: "So that's a no. Go with Hinata and help him carry everything"
They finish shopping and stocked up on everything on Sakusa's list.

After arriving back at the MSBY4 dorm, they have dinner before sitting back down at the table. Sakusa pulls out his phone and calls for everyone to listen to him.
Sakusa: "We're going to be living together for the next few weeks or months, I'm not sure at this point. We need to lay down some ground rules as I'm sure Hinata might know."

Everyone at the table nods at his question.

Sakusa begins reading from his phone:
"1. No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to enter someone else's room without first knocking. I'm sure we all remember the Hinata-Atsumu incident.
2. We'll have an updated cleaning/cooking schedule. Let me know if you have any issues with it and I can rearrange it.
3. We'll have quiet hours from 12 AM to 6 AM where you /should not/ be screaming randomly unless it's an emergency.
Is all of that clear?"

Everyone started nodding, and the agenda for the night was done. Hinata and Bokuto bounced to their shared room.
While Sakusa cleared the table, after all it was his turn that night, Atsumu made his way to the couch and watched Sakusa clean.

Sakusa: "Is there something wrong, Miya?"

Atsumu: "Nah, just got nothin' better right now. Ya know everyone else calls me Atsumu, right Omiomi?"
Sakusa: "And I call everyone else by their family names, we're not close enough to be on a first-name basis."

Atsumu raises his eyebrows. The corner of his lip turns up and he says, "I'll see what I can do about that while we're stuck here in lockdown together."
***Around a week has passed***

Sakusa wakes up in the middle of the night to the sounds of someone whimpering. A few nights later, he wakes to the sound of someone jumping. "This is ridiculous," he thinks and decides to bring it up at dinner later that day.
Hinata and Bokuto claim innocence, all they've been doing in the middle of the night is watching reruns of Naruto. They may have laughed a couple of times, but they haven't been making that much noise.
Atsumu claims responsibility. "I wasn't able to sleep for a couple of nights that well so I decided it may be better to exercise all my energy out until I fall asleep."

Sakusa: "Alright, just maybe set up some padding when you do it in the future so it isn't so loud."
Sakusa: "Miya, can you join me in the kitchen to help with the clean up?"

Atsumu lilts, "I'll come if you call me Atsumu~"

Sakusa groans. "Atsumu come over here. Now."
Atsumu bounds over to the kitchen, smile on his face. "Told ya, I'd get you to call me by my first name eventually."

Sakusa shushes him. "Miya, that's not the point. I heard you crying the other night, are you okay?"
The smile drops from Atsumu's face. "Do I need to talk about this right now?"

"Miya, I know I'm not the type of person that seems like I care that much, but if you're going through something, I will be here for you."

"Can you swing by my room later to talk about it?"
Atsumu's room was next door to Sakusa's room. After knocking on the door (rule 1), he entered the room. Atsumu was sitting on his bed, looking like a child who was about to get scolded by their mother.
Atsumu: "I've just been...a little lonely. My parents are away on business and Samu's busy with Akaashi-kun. I've never had so much time to myself before and it's weird and strange."

Sakusa: "Do you need someone to talk to? I'm sure Hinata and Bokuto would be happy to help."
Atsumu: "It's not so much talking to someone. I just need to be /around/ people. I need to hear people talking and having fun and not just be alone in this room."

Sakusa and Atsumu end up talking well past midnight. They decide to bring up their new idea at dinner tomorrow.
*dinner the next day*

Atsumu: "I think we should get a Switch and maybe play some games together. Gotta have some fun while we're here, right?"

Hinata: "Atsumu!! That's a great idea!! I could play with Natsu then and we can all race each other."
Bokuto: "Kaashi said he's been having a lot of fun playing games with your brother too!! He mentioned this fighting game, let me ask him!"

Sakusa: "If everyone agrees, we can get one and set it up as soon as possible then."
After getting the Switch, the MSBY4 end up setting up a whole game room in their spare bedroom. Every couple of days they would all gather and play party games.

However, that wasn't the only change inside their dorm. Each night, Atsumu would knock on the door to Sakusa's room.
True to his words before, Atsumu wasn't loud upon entering Sakusa's room. He would bring his phone/laptop with him and a pair of headphones. Atsumu just sat silently in the room, leaning against a wall or piece of furniture.
Sakusa would turn around several times to find Atsumu's gaze locked on his back. Usually it would happen when Atsumu wanted a quick talk for a couple of minutes, and Sakusa would oblige.
If he had to name one thing about their "arrangement" that was odd, it would be Atsumu's love for physical touch as it fought with Sakusa's reluctance for close contact. They often compromised with Sakusa stiffly patting Atsumu's shoulders with both hands before turning around.
And yet, there was more to Atsumu Miya than Sakusa expected. After another week, Sakusa noticed another quirk of Atsumu's.

When Atsumu was thinking to himself, deep in concentration, he would mindlessly hum and sing to himself. His voice was low - both in volume and pitch.
There was something captivating about Atsumu's voice to Sakusa. Was it the long and husky notes? Was it the richness and depth to his voice? Was it the sudden switch to bright and high notes? Atsumu was an enigma, and Sakusa wanted to learn more.
Just looking at Atsumu on the surface, he would seem every bit the obnoxious asshole he was in high school. And you know what? He still is. But underneath that exterior, Atsumu Miya was far more complex than he appeared.
The man who prided himself on calling people scrubs in was also the man who cried while watching dramas and singing songs. The man whose hair was (be honest) piss yellow in high school learned how to take care of himself. For all he appeared to be, Atsumu was much more.
Yes, he had his careless side and needed to learn how to take care of simple household tasks like cooking (side note: never ask Atsumu to crack an egg again), but Atsumu was meticulous in so many other aspects.
Sakusa prided himself on his ability to concentrate and see things through. He wasn't prepared to see similar levels of devotion from Atsumu. The man preached about how his hands were groomed to deliver the best possible sets, and Sakusa found himself staring at them.
There was something alluring about Atsumu's self-care routine. Sakusa was about to yell at Miya when he heard the telltale sound of a nail clipper in his room in the past. That was, until he noticed Atsumu came prepared with a newspaper ad to catch all of the stray clippings.
*clip* *clip* *clip* Sakusa found himself unable to concentrate and turned around to look at Atsumu. Atsumu was focused, his mind fully concentrated on where and how to perfectly clip his fingernails. Sakusa got up from his chair and went closer.
Atsumu finished clipping his nails and folded up the paper with all of the trimmed bits. "OMIOMI! Why are ya so close? Are you curious about my technique? I can explain it to ya if you're interested."
Sakusa declined. Yet, as more time passed, he came to learn more about Atsumu. Atsumu wears a pink cat headband to do his skin care at night. Sakusa vehemently swears he did not take a picture of Atsumu in it (note: he took 13 pictures and filed them into his Atsumu folder).
Sakusa may have accidentally texted one of those images to Komori. He may have tried to play if off as "wow look at this funny headband Atsumu wears". He may have written asking for help for a "friend" about if it was normal to watch and observe your roommate's routines.
Komori definitely didn't respond with the following, "For a friend, huh? A friend, or a friend friend? 👀👀👀👀👀"
They end up having another karaoke night in their dorm, the next day, along with a couple of light drinks. They decorated the room and brought in plenty of snacks to last the whole night.
Up first: Atsumu and he's singing a song about lost love and sunflowers (inspiration: ).
*I wonder if I can do something for you / I always want you to be laughing*

Is it Sakusa's imagination, or is Atsumu's gaze trained on him the whole time?
It feels like a serenade, and Sakusa's not sure how to feel about it. Atsumu's gaze is heavy, and Sakusa breaks eye contact. Atsumu finishes singing and plops down on the same couch as Sakusa.

Atsumu: "Shoyou and Bokkun, it's your turns now!"
Hinata and Bokuto take the microphone and start singing a duet to each other.

Sakusa reaches over to the table to grab a cup, and his hand brushes against Atsumu's hand.

Atsumu: "What'd ya think of my singing tonight Omi-kun? I thought I did pretty well if i do say so myself."
Sakusa pauses. Does his give him affirmation or brush it off? Thinking back to Atsumu's gaze and the puppy-dog look in his eyes now, he had to praise him.

Sakusa: "Better than I expected Atsumu, but why such a sad song?"
Atsumu gives a small smile. "It's a good song. That, and, I had some feelings I wanted to get out tonight."

Sakusa's unsure of how to respond. /Did Atsumu experience some heartbreak that he was unaware of? Why was this bothering him so much?/
Hinata and Bokuto finish singing and hand Sakusa the microphone.

Sakusa's song begins to load up on the screen and its an unexpected rock song (insp: ). In contrast to the hard strumming of the guitar, Sakusa's voice sounds like honey.
*The words that follow me around since that day / I hope the rain pouring down will wash them all away*

Sakusa avoids eye contact with Atsumu while singing. He didn't mean to make Atsumu feel worse, and the torn look on Atsumu's face makes him sick to his stomach.
Sakusa finishes his song, and Bokuto grabs the microphone for another song.

He goes back to find Atsumu looking down at an empty cup.

Sakusa: "Everything alright?"

Atsumu: "I'm just feeling like a bit of a scrub tonight and like I don't deserve to be here."
Atsumu's body is curled up. He's physically shrinking himself and Sakusa doesn't know what to do. Hinata is too busy cheering on Boktuo and Bokuto's clearly occupied with belting his song.

Sakusa reaches over to pat Atsumu's back, and Atsumu turns back to face him.
Atsumu gives Sakusa a small pained smile, and Sakusa feels his heart crack. He begins to rub Atsumu's back, and Atsumu's smile begins to grow larger. Atsumu's skin is flushed pink and Sakusa's unsure if its from the alcohol or the heat in the room.
Atsumu reaches his hand over to Sakusa's hand and traces his fingers. Atsumu's touch is light as a feather, yet Sakusa feels as if he was brushed by fire. Atsumu's thumb reaches Sakusa's palm and he begins to rub it, drawing circles.
Sakusa opens his hand and Atsumu's hand clenches around it. They interlock fingers and he looks up at Sakusa with a big goofy smile. Sakusa could swear that this was the largest he ever saw Atsumu smile, and he wished his phone was nearby so he could take a picture.
Hinata and Bokuto turn around a few minutes later, waiting for Atsumu to step up to the stage. Instead, he's passed out, head on Sakusa's shoulder, with a little bit of drool leaking from his mouth.
Not wanting to disturb him, they decide to stop karaoke for the night. While Hinata and Bokuto are cleaning everything up, Sakusa begins to extract his hand from Atsumu's grip.
Expecting his fingers to easily slip out, they are instead trapped by Atsumu's hand. Each attempt to pry a finger off instead results in Atsumu clenching his hand harder. Each attempt to roll Atsumu's head gently off his shoulder is accompanied by a whine to stop.
With no other option and Atsumu plastered to him, Sakusa is forced to sleep in the game room. Hinata brings over a couple of pillows and blankets for Sakusa and Atsumu to share.
Sakusa wakes up the next morning to Atsumu screaming.

Atsumu: "I am so so sorry for falling asleep on you and drooling on your shit."

Sakusa looks at the shoulder of his shirt, and sure enough, there's a stain going halfway down his shirt.
Sakusa: "Miya, never knew you to be such a bad and clingy sleeper."

Atsumu begins to whine, "Nooo, I lost my first name Omi privilege."

Sakusa chuckles, "It's okay Atsumu, I slept pretty well last night too."
Yet, after that night, the dynamics of their relationship changed. Atsumu seemed to breach the barrier of Sakusa's tolerance for physical contact. Yet, Sakusa was perplexed. Why was he so happy when Atsumu's hand brushed his?
It seemed like Atsumu was taking every chance he got to touch Sakusa. When they had breakfast in the morning, he would always make Sakusa a cup of tea, making sure Sakusa had no choice but to touch his hands during the transfer.
When they were both in the bathroom, Atsumu would take every chance to touch Sakusa's shoulders, hands, hair. Sakusa wondered if he was more relentless in perfecting his sets or collecting all these small touches.
Heck, Atsumu even offered to help Sakusa apply conditioner and comb his hair. Sakusa didn't want to admit that was his favorite part of each week. The feeling of Atsumu softly combing his fingers through Sakusa's hair, the slight tugs, the light taps against his scalp.
Sakusa wasn't sure what was wrong with him. In the span of just a couple of months he went from Atsumu "teamate" Miya to Atsumu "constant companion and friend" Miya. He certainly didn't advance his friendship with Hinata and Bokuto to the same degree.
He may have drafted a message to Komori asking if he had a similar situation with Suna. Sakusa may have immediately deleted that message when he remembered Komori's last response to his questions.
Instead, Sakusa sent a message to none other than Atsumu's brother.

Sakusa: Atsumu's been pretty touchy lately, is this normal?

Osamu: Who is this?

Sakusa may have forgotten that he stole Osamu's number from Atsumu's phone and never actually exchanged numbers.
Sakusa: This is his teammate Sakusa Kiyoomi.

Osamu: Ah, the infamous Omiomi. How can I help?

Sakusa: Did the two of you get along this well? He's been helping me every day with the cleaning and other things as well.
Osamu: Atsumu. Cleaning. Helping. Are you sure you're talking about my brother?

Sakusa: Yes?

Osamu: Let me talk to him and I'll let you know what's up.

Osamu never got back to Sakusa, but Atsumu started to hold back from touching Sakusa a few days later.
*** a week passes ***

Sakusa was sure he was sick. But he didn't have a fever and he didn't have any sort of chills or the headache. Rather, he was the picture of perfect health.

There had to be something wrong. He felt like something was off with his body.
In fact, he only seemed to feel better when it was late at night and Atsumu came over to his room. He only felt better when he brushed past Atsumu's body. Only then did he seem to regain his energy, his skin danced, and he felt warm inside.
Was something wrong with his body? Did it want Atsumu's touch, to feel his Atsumu's large hand envelop his own (slightly smaller) hand? He had to put it to test.
Atsumu was in Sakusa's room watching a Chinese drama. Sakusa walked over to see what he was watching - it seemed to be your typical drama with a male lead pursuing the affections of a female lead.
Atsumu glanced up, noticing Sakusa's presence. "Ya wanna watch this with me?"

Sakusa nodded, and sat down next to Atsumu. He shook his head when Atsumu offered him an earbud.

"Ah wait, gimme a sec yer not Samu," Atsumu said as he removed the earbuds from his laptop.
"Thank you," Sakusa said and he slid his hand over the laptop to adjust the volume. He turned it up and leaned back. Atsumu's face was flushed red, and his body was frozen.
They sat together watching each episode, and a song (link: ) started to play in the background of the drama. Atsumu starts to sing along with the drama, and Sakusa asks him what the lines mean.
Atsumu tries to brush it off, telling him that it was just some sappy love song, but Sakusa is curious. He rotates the laptop towards him and looks up a translation for the song. As he's typing, he feels his hair moving, especially as Atsumu moves protesting their position.
Oh. He turns to look at Atsumu, their faces almost touching before Atsumu throws himself backwards. If his face was the color of a peach before, Atsumu was now a full on tomato and steam seemed to be rising from his face.
Atsumu excuses himself, saying he needed to run to the bathroom.

While he's out of the room, Sakusa reads the translated lyrics to the song and realizes why Atsumu said it was such a sappy love song.
*I give you looks that can't be described by thousands of words*

Sakusa chuckles, that sounds like the looks Atsumu would sometimes point his way. Those heavy looks, endlessly glancing in his direction until they were reciprocated, followed by a beaming smile.
*Your smile is shining bright / You suddenly light me up*

Shit. If that isn't the way he would describe Atsumu's smile. And if Sakusa had to describe how Atsumu's smiles affected him, he would say they made him feel warm.
* Just admit you feel for that one smile, that you can’t forget the first look*

It's like each part of this song was designed to attack him. His phone gallery - the successful set-spike combo, the victory, the beaming Atsumu smiles. All of them were burned into Sakusa's eyes.
*So-called love looks like this*

The final blow. Sakusa didn't realize it until now, but maybe, just maybe, he was in love with Miya Atsumu. The Miya who was now returning from the bathroom. The Atsumu who was now coming back to sit next to him.
*The most romantic thing is watching the sunset with you shoulder-to-shoulder*

He feels the heat emanating from Atsumu's shoulder. More blood seems to be rushing to Atsumu's face with each passing second. Sakusa reaches over to grab Atsumu's hand. It's burning hot.
*You're the song that touched my heart by chance*

And maybe Atsumu had Sakusa's favorite voice. His every word seemed like a song in Sakusa's ears.
*You're the fragrance that I glanced at and embraced*

And his smell, Sakusa had to admit he loved the clean, slightly musky smell that radiated from Atsumu after he showered. The scent that seemed to tickle his nose, even now, as Atsumu clenched their hands together.
*I want to write the remaining chapters of my life with you / I want to share my tears and laughter, no matter how ridiculous / We will never break up"

And they say that when love hits, it hits like a hammer. All of the buried feelings rose like a wave from Sakusa's chest.
"Hey, Atsumu. How do you feel about this song?"

"I think it's pretty good, the lyrics are a little too sappy for me though."

"What a pity, I was going to invite you to watch the sunset with me," Sakusa smirks. He holds up their interlocked hands, "Just like this."
You would think no more blood could rise to Atsumu's face. All he can stammer out is a "Y-yes, I would like that." Atsumu's hand clenches Sakusa's a little tighter.

Atsumu: "I'm not dreaming am I? I'm alive right?"
Thankfully, despite the lockdown, the MSBY4 flat has large windows and ample room for them to watch the sunset.

As the sky was dyed in cherry pink and strawberry red hues, Sakusa turned towards Atsumu, "Miya Atsumu, I think I like you."
Atsumu froze. He slapped his face. "I gotta be dreamin', this has to be a prank or a lie."

"It's all real, although I didn't expect to realize it through one of your stupid dramas."

"Omiomi, I love you too."
What the two didn't notice was Hinata and Bokuto creeping up in the background from the kitchen. They failed to notice the streamers and confetti poppers in the background.

"Bokuto-san!! They got together within this year, now you gotta pay for my next date with Kageyama!"

Bokuto and Hinata turned face each other, nodding, then turned back and popped a "Yup!" They snapped a picture of Sakusa and Atsumu holding hands, "You bet that everyone else in the V-Leauge is going to have fun with this."
It was Sakusa's turn to scream, "THE WHOLE V-LEAGUE?!"

Atsumu received a text from Osamu telling him it was about time.
Sakusa received a text from Komori thanking him for giving him inside information to win the betting pool.
Despite the exasperated looks on their faces, both Atsumu and Sakusa turned to smile at each other.

Sakusa: "So how long have you liked me anyways, Atsumu?"

Atsumu: "Next question."
More TBA in the morning!
Extra: The V-League Betting Pool

With how famous the Monster Generation was, everyone in the V-League was invested in each other's relationships.
No one could forget the storm that rolled through the league after one Kageyama (21) grabbed his opponent/rival Hinata (22) after the MBSY Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers match and started hugging him (and was that a little kiss?).
The current bet - Atsumu Miya and his relationships. Several members of the V-League who went to Inarizaki High alongside the Miya twins mentioned how a drunk Osamu told them that Atsumu was a "stupid idiot in love who didn't know how to express himself". Who was the one?
The talks and bets started out small. They began with former members of Inzarizaki. Then the teams of those members. Soon enough, it spread through the whole league. They tried to guess who Atsumu was crushing on and when they would get together.
Of course, those who went to Inarizaki and members of MSBY were excluded from the main betting pool. All of the others in the league argued that the bet would be /unfair/ because they would have more information.
The Inarizaki members had their own pool from high school. Most of the members placed their money on Hinata. They couldn't forget his declaration of "I'm gonna set for ya one day, Shoyou" after their match at Interhigh. Osamu looked at their group chat and sent ":)".
Hinata and Bokuto had their own bet. Hinata seemed to think Atsumu liked Sakusa, to which Bokuto said "No way! Did you see the way he was looking at Oikawa? He loves Oikawa."

Bokuto changed his bet after the karaoke night incident to how long until SakuAtsu would sail.
Osamu on the other hand? He knew from the start who Atsumu liked. His brother came home from the National Youth Training Camp in his first year with a deadly serve, tempered sets, and a fascination with a certain black wavy-haired spiker.
The next time Atsumu bought Monthly Volleyball, he flipped straight to the page of the top 5 aces in the country. He complained about it was unfair for Sakusa to have such a nice body for volleyball - the unreal flexibility and the ability to put nasty spins on the ball.
But that wasn't all. Atsumu kept talking about what happened at the end of the camp. How Sakusa called out to him. How Sakusa pulled his mask down before smirking and declaring that he would see and beat Atsumu at the next competition.
Osamu heard enough times from Atsumu how Sakusa's mouth looked. You would think that Atsumu would run out of things to say from that point, but he just kept going.
Atsumu grunted about how Sakusa never hung out with anyone except for this brown-haired kid with sesame seed eyebrows.

Osamu: "Komori Motoya? They've played with each other since they were in elementary apparently."
Osamu may have forgotten to mention that Sakusa and Komori were cousins until a week later. Atsumu only screamed about how it was unfair.

So, it was no surprise to Osamu when Atsumu started telling him that he maybe, just maybe had a tiny crush on Sakusa.
Honestly, the most shocking part was when he received a text in the middle of the night from an unknown number asking about Atsumu being touchy-feely. It was even more shocking to find out this number belonged to Mr. Kiyoomi Sakusa, who rarely if ever enaged in physical contact.
But, when he told Atsumu about Sakusa's text, Atsumu started freaking out. He worried that he was overstepping, that Sakusa was uncomfortable and just didn't want to vocalize it. Atsumu asked Osamu if he should stop, and Osamu told him to hold off and see what happens.
Osamu received a text a few days later with a picture of Atsumu and Sakusa facing the sunset from Hinata. /Looks like my suggestion worked better than I thought it would./

Hinata's text was accompanied by a short message: The SakuAtsu ship has sailed!! 💖
But you may ask, who won the V-League betting pool?

The answer is none other than Sakusa's cousin. A few weeks after Japan announced its state of emergency, Komori switched his bet to SakuAtsu.
He thanked Sakusa for helping him win the pool.

Komori: You know that when you say you're asking for a friend, everyone knows you're not really asking for a friend, right?

Sakusa: ...

Komori: I've honestly had suspicions ever since you told me that you let him enter your room.
Komori: You rarely let me enter your room, and we've known each other for what? Over 10 years?

Komori: ANYWAYS, I'll send you some money that you can use for your data for that insider information you gave me that helped me win the pool ;)
A few days after their confession to each other while watching the sunset, a package arrives to the MSBY4 dorm for Atsumu. Inside is a bag of rice, azuki beans, and a note from Osamu.
The note reads, "Hey my big dumb bro, you'll always be my brother and nothing can replace that. We may both have boyfriends now, but I'll always be here to cheer for you. Congratulations on finally confessing you fool, and be happy."
Atsumu may have teared up reading that note, if not for the next sentence, "By the way, me and Kaashi are the better couple!"
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