"Wow, that's not good but we're still flying normally and this is a Boeing 777, which is designed to fly using only one engine in a pinch, so we're probably going in for an emergency landing and this will most likely just be a cool story I tell people later."
Here's the thing about modern aviation - don't worry about how bad something looks. Worry about how bad something feels. If the engine is on fire but the plane is still flying normally, that's less scary than no engines on fire and the plane bucking and doing steep banks.
Over the ocean this situation would have scared me for sure. It being not long after takeoff and you being able to safely turn around and land is a big factor.
Haha I'm not saying I wouldn't be scared. I'm saying this is what I'd be telling myself in my head to try and not be scared lol
(This wasn't a "haha you frightened plebs" thing. I've had a few iffy landings in my life and I try to trust the engineering in those situations)

• • •

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More from @neontaster

23 Feb
For fuck's sake - tell people the ways in which their lives will improve after they get vaccinated, not the ways in which their lives will stay exactly the same. What the hell is wrong with your brains???
I guarantee that these recommendations will include more things that people CAN'T do than things they CAN.
It obviously makes sense to tell vaccinated people to keep following local safety regulations because there's no way to tell who is or isn't vaccinated, but the focus should be that getting vaccinated should make you feel way more confident about neither getting it nor giving it.
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23 Feb
I think the two main factors driving covid pessimism and gaslighting are:
1. An attempt to scare people into being cautious; and
2. The fear of the political toll of optimism that'll turn out to have been misplaced. Misplaced pessimism isn't as politically risky.
Trying to scare people is backfiring horribly because they keep preaching more severe measures (like double masking) when things are objectively improving with repeated good news regarding vaccines. It's creating a dissonance that ends up backfiring.
I see a tweet that says "new study shows vaccine reduces transmission risk 90%" and the very next tweet is "health officials say don't change any behaviors after getting vaccinated." It's getting really nutty at this point.
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12 Feb
Watching Winter Soldier again. Sam Wilson literally becomes an Avenger because of a line about beds being too soft when you get back from war.
The entire ship sequence is so cool. Well shot. Love Cap's improved and more modern combat style.
I also love that it's a team assault and the other team members are also elite.
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11 Feb
Gina Carano made a dumb Holocaust analogy (a national pass time these days) but calling it anti-Semitic reeks of the same annoying edginess that inspires dumb Holocaust comparisons to begin with. Stop reaching for the worst thing you can think of to bolster your arguments.
Someone asked me about the tendency to compare things to the Holocaust yesterday and here was my response:
Not to mention that street violence didn't put Hitler in power. Causing deliberate deadlock in the Reichstag and essentially manipulating Hindenburg into appointing him Chancellor under false pretenses is what put Hitler in power, so the slippery slope argument doesn't hold here.
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11 Feb
Equity is literally killing us.
Links to both stories:

1: nytimes.com/2021/02/05/bri…
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27 Jan
Just to prove my econ ignorance: I don't get why you can buy put options for stock you don't own. As a defensive hedge for your assets it makes sense, but as a pure gamble on a future price it feels very "stocks for stocks sake." I'm sure there's some obvious answer to this.
See this is my problem - I'm going to have to learn about econ now just to come back around to understanding this one thing. Thanks a lot, GameStop.
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