A Tale of Two Trials, my new op-ed in the @NYDailyNews. Navalny's conviction and Trump's acquittal both demonstrated dangerous dysfunction and injustice. nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-ope…
Trump was acquitted for political reasons despite overwhelming evidence against him. Navalny was convicted for political reasons despite a lack of evidence. Trump acted like a coward when he had nothing to lose. Navalny showed courage when he had everything to lose.
Trump insisting he won the election would be nothing more than the ravings of a broken mind, akin to believing he’s Jesus or Napoleon, if so many others weren’t invested in propagating the delusion. That makes it dangerous, as we saw in Jan 6th.
Being better than Trump is a very low bar, especially regarding Russia, and Biden is on the clock to establish his own strong national security and foreign policy agenda. Putin will know when he's bluffing. My op-ed: nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-ope…
ICYMI, my op-ed in the @NYDailyNews yesterday comparing & contrasting the courtroom dramas of Navalny and Trump. No justice in either case, which is old news in Putin's Russia but dangerous territory for the US. nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-ope…

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19 Feb
My latest Avast blog post about what the Trump Twitter ban does, and does not, have to do with free speech. Beware of putting more power in government hands when your side is in charge, because you aren't going to get that power back. blog.avast.com/the-free-speec…
The US free speech system is a shifting triangle, with private and govt points. The third is the people, as consumers and voters. Complain that companies have too much power, but don't expect to be happy if the government steps in harder.
The privatized system can be effective. Trump's supporters and pro-Trump media only cut back on lying about 2020 election fraud when lawsuits came in from voting machine companies.
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16 Feb
February 15, 1985, marked the day of my first open rebellion against the Soviet chess authorities. The FIDE president "terminated" my first world championship match with Karpov without a winner and I couldn't remain silent. washingtonpost.com/archive/politi…
I knew my chances at coming back to win were long, despite having won two games in a row. But the entire charade of the termination was too much to stomach. I was just 21 and pressed my luck in Gorbachev's perestroika by speaking out.
I couldn't be sure I would be allowed to challenge Karpov again. Publicly warring with the Soviet sports authorities could have meant being banned from international play, or worse. But it hoped my profile was high enough and the risk was necessary.
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13 Feb
The last time Republicans acquitted Trump, it was bad but they didn’t know it would lead to hundreds of thousands of American deaths. If they acquit him again, the damage to America could be even greater in the long run and they own it.
Refusing to convict and ban from office a President who directly attempted to overturn the election and incited violence in that cause is declaring war on the Republic. It will embolden Trump and every imitator.
History shows that even if there are stern penalties for the combatants, if the ringleaders are not punished there will be more violence. It will be more organized and find more political support.
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5 Feb
I wrote about how Biden and the West can help Navalny, Russia, and themselves by standing up to Putin. Do it by listening to Navalny and treating Putin like a crime boss. washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…
Meanwhile, the EU spent the day humiliating themselves before Putin again. He kicked out some diplomats because he knows that's what they care about. They will respond diplomatically, which he doesn't care about at all.
This is the asymmetry I wrote about in the WaPo and Mig explained more in his thread last night. () There's no leverage with Putin unless you go after what he and his gang care about: money and access for themselves and their families.
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4 Feb
Navalny was sentenced on Feb 2, Groundhog Day, and for Russia it's been like the movie, repeating the jailings, murders, and repression over and over. In the WaPo, I explain how to break the spell. washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…
Momentum is already slipping away. Macron is talking about "maintaining dialogue" with Russia and the EU sends Borrell to chit-chat without the precondition of meeting Navalny. Putin loves this part. Kill, invade, take hostages, then "dialogue"!
Biden must stake out his own doctrine on Russia to break the cycle. 1) Listen to Navalny and go after Putin like the crime boss he is. 2) Show his gang that they and their families aren't welcome in the free world. 3) Isolate Russia until it ends its rogue aggression.
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3 Feb
My op-ed on Navalny's sentencing is up at CNN. He knew it was going to happen and he explained why in the courtroom. Putin wants to use this cause fear in others since he couldn't scare or kill Navalny. cnn.com/2021/02/03/opi…
If you say it's not the free world's duty to stand up to Putin now, count the trillions of dollars they have given Putin over 20 years to build up his police state thanks to "engagement". His aggression will only increase, as it has at every unpunished step.
The roadmap to fighting back is no less clear for being difficult. Sanction Putin and his cronies out of the free world. Every dollar, every asset, every institution, every family member enjoying their rich life in West, funded by Putin's dictatorship.
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