Turn on the Sunday shows and this is what you get—

ABC: The election was stolen
NBC: The election was stolen
CBS: The election was stolen
Fox: The election was stolen
Turn on the Sunday shows on a different day and this is what you get—

ABC: The election was stolen
NBC: The election was stolen
CBS: The election was stolen
Fox: The election was stolen
The election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was stolen the election was
On election night there was incredulous dismay that Trump said the election was stolen. It was a horrible lie and the networks cut it off live because he went too far

Now, even after an insurrection based on that lie, it’s a legitimate position because it’s a party talking point
The only Sunday show that doesn't book these Big Liars is @CNNSotu. Today their Republican was Michael McCaul to talk about Texas and Afghanistan.
Pretty gross that a news outlet would write up an election denier spreading the Big Lie six weeks after the Jan. 6 insurrection by just repeating his lie and pushing the bad-faith claim that Democrats didn't do enough to condemn antifa (?) so thanks @ABC

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21 Feb
Steve Scalise spread the racist Big Lie that the election was stolen. He incited the Jan. 6 riot and voted to overturn the election

On @ThisWeekABC he was rewarded with 10 minutes of airtime and pushed the lie again

The networks are actively helping Republicans spread this lie
@ThisWeekABC There is no good-faith explanation for inviting a Big Liar onto your show to ask them about anything at all, let alone the very topic they spent months lying about to overthrow democracy

How can a journalist say Scalise should be trusted while still participating in the Big Lie?
This interview started with an open mic to Scalise to slam Biden on school reopenings and the covid relief bill, as if he’s a good-faith actor with no context at all. Then at the end we get “by the way do you think the election was real? No? Ok thanks for coming on”
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19 Feb
"History will remember" is bullshit

@ThisWeekABC just booked Steve Scalise — one of the biggest pushers of the Big Lie that the election was stolen

Scalise is a liar. He is dishonest. He is going to lie again and again

These news shows are helping Republicans rewrite history
ABC has been booking Big Liars for months. On Feb. 7 they rewarded Roger Wicker for lying about the election and let him push the bogus claim that the impeachment trial was unconstitutional. He was never asked about pushing lies about "voter fraud"
ABC also booked Rand Paul who, TO THIS DAY, is claiming the election was stolen. He was allowed to lie about this for an entire segment on @ThisWeekABC
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18 Feb
This story reveals text messages showing Cruz lied about how long he wanted to stay in Cancun. It even goes into his history as a self-promoter since 2013

Also doesn't mention the Jan. 6 riot once—the insurrection he led. Their history is being erased
Attacking the government and trying to overturn a presidential election should be something that follows you for the rest of your life, not a random news event that becomes stale after a month just because you did something else really stupid

"History will remember" is a joke
Members of Congress called on Cruz to resign or be expelled because he led a deadly insurrection based on a lie. Probably worth at least a casual mention in a deep dive of someone's divisive history in which the news peg is another lie he's telling
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13 Feb
So I have a plausible explanation that Trump’s defense team can use that would clear this up but it requires them to admit Trump is a total moron

Here it is: Trump is too dumb to write tweets and has a documented history of spending 20 to 30 minutes crafting a single tweet
It’s harder to find examples of this now that Trump’s account has been deleted but before he figured out how to publish all the tweets in a thread at once, he would do them one at a time (like I am now) and often the time stamps were embarrassingly far apart
This usually happened in the morning and he’d end a tweet like “The only thing to do is.......” with like a billion .......’s and everyone would be like “wtf is he gonna say, it’s been 20 minutes” and then he’d pop off the conclusion, something delusional. It took him forever
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10 Feb
All of these quotes from allegedly undecided Republicans should really have the brief and important disclaimer that they pushed Trump’s Big Lie

In this case: “THUNE, who pushed the lie that Biden didn’t win the election for more than five weeks, calls impeachment managers…”
This stuff is easily google-able. Erasing their history as election deniers encourages them to lie again. This is a simple, effective, objective and accurate way to provide context to what Republicans are now saying about the insurrection they all helped incite in different ways
"Roy Blunt, who spread Trump's Big Lie that Biden didn't win the election for more than five weeks, now says about whether videos might change his mind..."
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10 Feb
This guy just fundamentally does not understand anything about the subject he covers
Constantly giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt, suggesting they’re good people who will do the right thing—when all the evidence of the last four years would lead anyone to say the exact opposite—is not just misleading but incredibly generous to a party of fascist killers
Chuck Todd is going to invite a Republican senator who pushed the Big Lie onto Meet the Press on Sunday and thank them for sharing their perspective after they say this is the time to come together, not to divide
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