Let's look at the latest manifestos of Black American antisemitism this way:
When Jews started to gain intellectual power, political influence in the 20th century, they used their new powers of persuasion to assist and stand in total solidarity with struggling Black Americans /1
The Blacks' civil rights movement and fight against racism became the projects of all American Jews.
FF to 21st century: Black Americans dominate in political and intellectual cyrcles, media and academia. Their progressive project of anti-racism seems irreversibly tethered /2
to turning Jews -anywhere- to "White Supremacists" unentitled to the usual considerations democracies grant besieged minorities.
Acco. to this new ethos, the Holocaust was white-on-white violence, nothing Black Americans ought to factor into their "justice" calculations./3
Furthermore, Black American "Progressives" have become organically embedded in the Palestinian advocacy principle that Israel shd be wrested away from its majority Jewish population, its just cause upended as a crime. /4
In this Black American anti-Jewish propganda bears some striking resemblance to Nazi propaganda, and is surtained by a relentless campaign of demonization of the 6M Jews, citizens of Israel.
@nbcsnl 's latest is one more pebble added to engineering of some final solution./5
Am I wrong? /6

• • •

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22 Feb
Now read this, and answer my question in the end: Am I wrong? /2 Image
Tacitus said "It is part of human nature to hate the man you have hurt.". Look at European support for Palestinian blood libels to understand what he meant.

There 's a darker side to his insight.

It's part of human nature to hate the man who rendered you a great favour. /3
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10 Feb
@marclamonthill is not "attacked" and noone doubt his scholarly credentials, as a Prof. of Media, Urban Studies, African-American Studies. Being disputed is his claim to have published a scholarly book on Israel, a subject on which can't be regarded as an "expert." /1
@marclamonthill claimed that he has a degree in Mid-East Studies. But will not reveal for some reason where he got it or who his proffs were. He believes that his word shd be enough to remove any scepticism.

Like you, @RashidaTlaib I had a grandmother of great wisdom. /2
She kept a vegetable garden and learned that even if you see a rosette of leaves, upon pulling it from the ground, there won't be necessarily a carrot root attached to it. Any numbe rof reasons can account for it. /3
Read 14 tweets
9 Feb
@sarahtweets8t @NomoreBDS @JasonJPaul @30Crowned @marclamonthill @ian_pudding @YoniMichanie Basically, true. Except @marclamonthill is not "anti-Israel", as in: critical of this or that policy. He goes far beyond mere criticism when:

1. He openly calls for taking away from Jews their sovereigny and freedom as in "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" /1
@sarahtweets8t @NomoreBDS @JasonJPaul @30Crowned @marclamonthill @ian_pudding @YoniMichanie 2. He decides to recategorize certain Jewish ethnicities in ways that are strange, a-historical and flatly rejected by the very Jews he seeks to disappear into some other identity that better serves whatever theories he has about Jews. /2
@sarahtweets8t @NomoreBDS @JasonJPaul @30Crowned @marclamonthill @ian_pudding @YoniMichanie It's textbook antisemitism: 1. remove rights from Jews 2. categorize Jews to make them disappear from their own history and world's history.

Both these aims are not academic but have some very definite political goals, th elikes of which we have seen in history. /3
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8 Feb
@JoeNBC @Morning_Joe Scarborough, ever since watching "The Darkest Hour" ,TV melodrama series "The Crown" has been fancying himself "Churchillian". His writing skills have gotten more purple as his self- adulating fantasies deepened.
Some Churchillian wisdoms to live by.
No event bears direct resemblance to historical events. Lady History is playing mind games. Causes come dressed in pretty garbs and adorned by pretty statements, and we don't recognize them for what they are. It takes a Churchill (or an Alan Bloom) to see where they are heading.
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3 Jan
@MargieInTelAviv @threadreaderapp It went beyond that. As the "late Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, Palestinian academic and native of Jaffa who fled his native Jaffa in 1948, and left an important account of the mood among the city’s Arab inhabitants on the eve of the war: /1
@MargieInTelAviv @threadreaderapp ... the inhabitants of Jaffa in general believed—like most of their fellow Palestinians throughout the land—that the Palestinian was braver than the Jew and more capable of standing hardship. They thought.. they were the ones who would defend their homeland /2
@MargieInTelAviv @threadreaderapp with zeal and patriotism, which the Jews—being of many scattered countries and tongues, and moreover being divided into Ashkenazi and Sephardic—would inevitably lack.

In short, there was a belief that the Jews were generally cowards. " /3
Read 7 tweets
3 Jan
Palestinian vision of peace with Jews: /1
An October 11, 1947 report on the pan-Arab summit in the Lebanese town of Aley, by Akhbar al-Yom's editor Mustafa Amin, contained an interview he held with Arab League secretary-general Azzam. Titled, "A War of Extermination," /1
Read 14 tweets

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