Listening to @RepMcCaul on @CNNSotu, I have to wonder why he's talking about paying people's electric bills off using federal funds, when those "exorbitant" rates are pretty clearly a violation of Texas §17.46(b)(27).
Any bills already issued should be comped, and each instance should be counted as a violation.

If doubling the price of water during an emergency is considered price gouging, increasing costs on something required for survival by an order of magnitude is certainly price gouging.
I don't care if the PUC authorized a rate hike.
An 18,000% increase is not a 'hike.'

A two-fold increase in the order of magnitude in something required for survival is NOT a hike. It's beyond gouging.

It's extortion.

And the TX PUC is complicit.
If all utilities were mandated to winterize in advance, the catastrophe that was thrust upon the people of Texas would not have impacted anywhere near as many households.
Instead, the PUC uses what should have been a predictable event to enrich those who DID winterize, metes no penalty for those who ignored the responsibility, and places all the burden on the consumer.
Not only does this not incentivize preparedness, it effectively limits the number of energy providers who will winterize going forward of their own free volition - TBH, with this degree of fuckery afoot,
this would incentivize some kind of kickback scheme where the few winterized facilities were encouraging others to NOT winterize, to ensure they would continue to enjoy benefit from future storms.

And that puts the people of Texas at even greater risk going forward.
Texas doesn't have an Energy Reliability Council and a Public Utilities Commission.

Texas has an energy racket.

And it just killed a bunch of people.
Scarcity-based pricing models for commodities required for survival would be acceptable if each customer had a base contract for delivery of the minimum electricity required to maintain a location with conditions required to sustain life, with overages subject to fluctuation.
In emergencies, throttle your customers - allocate a set number of KwH to customers based on the requirements for a) maintaining a livable environment (55-64F) &
b) minimizing the risk of damage to unoccupied property if excess avail.

Heat plus minimal lighting. Period.
Affordances for the elderly and those who have medical conditions.

You have smart meters. use 'em.
No fridges, no baking, no hot tubs, no pools. Use those, and it cuts into your heating budget.

And this goes for EVERYONE.
Even those in Ted Cruz's 'hood.
I've lived in pretty rural places, so I know how this goes.

I've gone w/o water for weeks when wells run dry in winter.

W/o heat (& water) in winter when the electricity goes out really sucks.
And in the 2 weeks after Katrina, I survived on a 12-volt deep cycle battery w/solar trickle charger to power one fan and one lamp, and went somewhere else during the day for computer and phone power.

It's survivable. Read a book.
But when the issue is lack of heat instead of excess, it's only going to be survivable for everybody if everybody is on the same playing field.
And, sorry, but that means utilities are gonna have to cut off the juice if Bunny wants to heat up her hot room to do Bikram in the middle of a Polar vortex...

Meeting everyone's basic threshold for survival comes first.
So, each household gets an allowance, where rates are stabilized to within 10%...

And any overages get billed out at a 10^6 increase, before getting cut off.

Or something like that.

It can be made to work.
But - back on the main subject:

If the PUC signed off on multiple orders of magnitude of a rate increase, due to failure to prepare for a foreseeable risk, they're in violation of §17.46(b)(27) themselves.

I don't see any exceptions for governmental officials.

• • •

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22 Feb
The reason I ask:

You're seeing those who helped cause the problem lament what they did - but who is extending legitimacy to those who tried to raise red flags ~10 years before it lead to insurrection?

Maybe the people WITH foresight are the ones you should start listening to.
There's a real problem with continually fetishizing those who eventually came to realize their actions cause harm over those who can see and elucidate the risks in advance.

It normalizes - even promotes continuing to participate in ventures that put people at risk.
Think about it. It's great that @MichaelCohen212 and @Scaramucci had their "Come to Jesus" moment, but...

that _should_ show us that their judgement is flawed, and diminish our willingness to trust their judgement in the future, not to invite them to join the pundit class.
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20 Feb
How is it possible that NOBODY has tweeted about a deep dive into the Oath Keepers 990s yet?

Also, I'm wondering - will involvement in conspiracy to commit insurrection overturn the non-profit status they were granted by the IRS during the Trump administration?
Oh, wait - it seems that this org formed in 2018, and dissolved Oct 31, 2020?

Well, THAT is interesting....
Looks like THIS is the main national org.

Also a nonprofit.…
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20 Feb
This is an especially interesting photo to me, given the themes many of us have written on in the past few years. It brings together the Oathkeepers, someone in a crew jacket from Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour, Netjets corporate schwag, and an interesting Nascar timeline
Sure - that pic doesn't directly reference NASCAR - but it shows that the Oathkeepers were founded in 2009, and it only took 4 yrs for them to get enough funding to sponsor an Earnhardt on the Nascar circuit?
Note: the "Nationwide" circuit that the car was on in 2013 is now the "Xfinity" circuit - it's equivalent to NASCAR's "minor league."

I don't know his rank, though, so the buy-in was somewhere between $12,000-$150,000.
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12 Feb
The first amendment places no restriction on freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is not freedom of paid _amplification_.
You can't keep dangerous things from being amplified by word of mouth, but restricting broadcast or electronic amplification is totally kosher.
It's not the speech that Trump is being impeached for.

It's the broadcasting, the paid propaganda & adverts.
It's the use of the presidency to SPREAD that message that, were he just rando naked guy on the corner, prolly wouldn't have drawn enough support to take over Starbucks
Trump used the attention and free media granted by the Office of the President to amplify his message that incited and produced imminent lawless action.

That's what the impeachment is about.
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18 Jan
"A Team, line it up."

This video from Parler features recently arrested Robert Gieswein of Colorado, seen in photographs outside @RepBoebert's bar and with @repBoebert as they move into ranger formation ~1302, breaking the window outside the Senate ~1400.…
As identified in these photos by @arawnsley, we have a match.
Background black hat: Spazzo?

Note the earpiece.

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17 Jan
I seriously question which Seattle hospitals keep COVID patients on a "highly trafficked" hallway in the ER. Image
Here's the assignment for the purported non-mask-wearer. The two ERs in that precinct are either the UW system or BluePearl Pet hospital (which I doubt would have been the location of said report).

So, UW Medical Center Northwest. ImageImageImageImage
Perhaps someone who works at @UWMedicine could confirm if they assign ER patients to "rooms" instead of "beds," and if so, if they keep known COVID patients in the ER off a 'busy hallway;'

and if there was indeed an incident with any LEO refusing to wear masks at the facility.
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