You are idiots

The popular term “quantum supremacy,” which refers to quantum computers outperforming classical ones, has inescapable racist overtones

You write: “The word supremacy—having “more power, authority or status than anyone else”—is
2/"closely linked to “white supremacy.””

The word supreme has 3 connotations:

Definition of supreme
1: highest in rank or authority
the supreme commander
2: highest in degree or quality
supreme endurance in war and in labour
the supreme sacrifice
3/Quantum supremacy alludes to its having the “highest degree or quality” over classical computing. There is no link to racism in the phrase except for the subjective interpretation you inject it with by cherry picking connotation 1 and excluding connotation 2.
4/So now you are a brown-nosing publication kissing the ass of Woke Leftist political correctness demoting science to playing second fiddle. You are succeeding in dumbing yourself down.

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22 Feb

The 10 Fastest Trains in the World
"1. Shanghai Maglev: 267 mph
The world’s fastest train isn’t the newest, the shiniest, or even the one with the most expensive tickets. Charging $8 per person, per ride, the Maglev runs the nearly 19 miles from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport to the Longyang metro
3/"station on the outskirts of Shanghai.

2. Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF: 249 mph
China wins again, also serving as home to the world’s fastest non-maglev train currently in service.

3. Shinkansen H5 and E5: 224 mph [Japan]
4. The Italo and Frecciarossa: 220 mph [Italy]
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22 Feb
Climate change is a marathon and won't be solved overnight. China Xinhua News article👇unintentionally highlights the absolute necessity of US economy

XINHUANET: Sunday, February  21, 2021
Texas crisis exposes U.S. vulnerability to climate change: media
2/being undergirded w/ an oil and natural gas energy foundation on which a renewable energy superstructure can be built over time.

“The crisis carries a profound warning. As climate change brings more frequent and intense storms, floods, heat waves, wildfires and other extreme
3/"events, it is placing growing stress on the foundations of the country's economy: its network of roads and railways, drinking-water systems, power plants, electrical grids, industrial waste sites and even homes."

The POTUS who upgrade's USA's infrastructure, restores US
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21 Feb
Biden's Moment of Truth: Will he follow the advice of US North Korea experts?

News analysis
Time for a new strategy to tackle North Korean nuclear threat
Experts in US urge reality check as Pyongyang continues to grow its missile capability despite talks
2/“But since [Trump’s] photo-op summitry failed in inducing any strategic shift, the conversation has shifted in US policy circles, where it is now loudly said that North Korea is not going to give up nuclear weapons.

That leaves the option of arms control talks - similar to
3/"those with Russia during the Cold War.

An interim deal is being mooted that would freeze or cap nuclear weapons. That would inherently recognize North Korea as a legitimate nuclear power - like Pakistan, for instance.

[moot: suggest (an idea or possibility)]

Until only
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Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics is a 2011 book by the political scientist John
“The book argues that leaders lie to foreign audiences as well as their own people because they think it is
2/"good for their country, citing the example of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's lie about the Greer incident in August 1941, due to a deep commitment to getting the United States into World War II, which he thought was in America's national interest. The book maintains that
3/"leaders do not lie much to other countries, and that democratic leaders are actually more likely to lie to their own people than autocrats. Thus, he starts his book by saying that it is not surprising Saddam Hussein did not lie about having WMD—he truthfully said he had none—
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21 Feb
Quantum supremacy
“In quantum computing, quantum supremacy or quantum advantage is the goal of demonstrating that a programmable quantum device can solve a problem that no classical computer can solve in any feasible amount of time (irrespective of the
2/"usefulness of the problem).”

“Classical computers manipulate ones and zeroes to crunch through operations, but quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits.”

15 Things Everyone Should Know About Quantum Computing
3/“Just like classical computers, quantum computers use ones and zeros, but qubits have a third state called “superposition” that allows them to represent a one or a zero at the same time. Instead of analysing a one or a zero sequentially, superposition allows two qubits in
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21 Feb
Let me share an Orwellian tale of pigs, dogs & sheep brought to us by Pink Floyd from their 1977 LP Animals

Here's a song for Joe Biden: Pigs

“Big man, pig man
Ha, ha, charade you are
You well heeled big wheel
Ha, ha, charade you are”
2/"In the album's three parts, "Dogs", "Pigs" and "Sheep", pigs represent the people whom Roger Waters considers to be at the top of the social ladder, the ones with wealth and power; they also manipulate the rest of society and encourage them to be
3/"competitive and cut-throat, so the pigs can remain powerful.”

Here's a song for the 80 million Biden supporters: Sheep

“Hopelessly passing your time in the grassland away
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
You better watch out
There may be
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