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10 truths everyone should accept in life.

A thread.
1. If you think you just need intelligence to succeed, then this belief will make life difficult.

Success comes to those who know how to digest failures, criticism, long hours, keep working even when there is 1% chance of success, that is only achieved by one quality— Resilience
2. Companies expect 10 years of experience from you while hiring you but while giving you a salary they perfectly remember that you are graduate.

Sad, but true.
3. Stop labeling yourself without even trying things.

Because, the thing you consider impossible, will become possible, once you try it.
4. Stop calculating yourself worth on others' calculators.

Use your own calculator, you’ll have a happier and satisfying life.
5. Stop operating from victim mentality — that’s the real problem because once you believe that your effort or hard work wouldn’t change your situation.

Then, no one can help you
6. You often get depressed, when your friends or family are not giving you the same attention that you’re used to.

You need to understand one thing, they are not devaluing you. They just have something more interesting in their lives, that takes their attention.
7. Stop playing the blame games and start taking responsibility for your actions whether it’s right or wrong.

Always own every part of your life, because every experience (good or bad), weakness, strength, challenge helps you to make the person you’re today.
8. You don’t get slim by eating fast food, the same way you don’t get strong by just watching martial art training on TV.

Strength either mentally or physically only comes from practice or more importantly by consistent practice.
9. As you throw rotten tomatoes from your refrigerator, the same way you should throw your rotten beliefs from your mind.

Either it’s a tomato or beliefs, it becomes useless once it’s rotten.
10. Stop bashing yourself for the mistakes that you never commit.
Bonus: There so many people, whose specialty is to create a Twitter accounts for criticizing others instead of helping others.

That’s very sad to see but still very true.

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