I read The Psychology of Money by @morganhousel

A powerful book that will change your mindset about money.

It is modern philosophy on money and wealth generation.

Here are my 10 take-aways from this great book.

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"Plan on the plan not going according to plan." - @morganhousel

Everything goes according to plan...until it doesn't. Don't be surprised by surprises.
"Money’s greatest intrinsic value—and this can’t be overstated --is its ability to give you control over your time." - @morganhousel

Create wealth to create time. Time is more valuable than money.
"Wealth is what you don’t see." - @morganhousel

Don't make assumptions based on what is visible. Often the wealthiest live the simplest lives. They are the smart ones.
"In a world where intelligence is hyper-competitive and previous technical skills have become automated, competitive advantages tilt toward nuanced and soft skills—like communication, empathy, and, perhaps most of all, flexibility." - @morganhousel

Nice plug for soft skills.
"People are poor forecasters of their future selves." - @morganhousel

Other than the grave...we don't know where we are going to end up. Enjoy the journey.
"Respect the power of luck and you’ll have a better chance of focusing on things you can actually control." - @morganhousel

Love the Stoic undertones here.
"Save. Just save. You don’t need a specific reason to save." - @morganhousel

A lesson my father taught me long ago. Thanks dad 🙏
"Define the game you’re playing." - @morganhousel

Don't compare yourself to others unless you are sure you are playing the same game.
"Comfortably living below what you can afford, without much desire for more, removes a tremendous amount of social pressure that many people in the modern first world subject themselves to." - @morganhousel

Living below your means is one of the most intelligent things to do.
"Good decisions aren’t always rational. At some point you have to choose between being happy or being “right.” - @morganhousel

Being that our time here is limited.

Being happy > Being right

• • •

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19 Feb
Naval Ravikant @naval is the mindset master.

His quick, gut-punch, paradigm-shifting insights can completely change your perceptions.

My 10 favorite mindset-changing thoughts from Naval.

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"If you want to see who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticize." - @naval

Keeping Quiet -->🧠📈--> Speaking Up
"Learning to be alone and enjoying it is a superpower." ~ @naval

Chaotic Socializing -->🧠📈--> Peaceful Solitude
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Pound for pound, Atomic Habits by @JamesClear is the most information packed book I’ve ever read.

If you measure a book’s worth by the sheer volume of highlights and notes. It’s the most valuable book I’ve read.

Here are my main take aways from this great book.

/Thread ⚛️⚛️⚛️
“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.” @JamesClear

Where you are heading is more important than where you are.
“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” @JamesClear

Goals are meaningless without effective systems to accomplish them.
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4 Jan
IT Professionals

To be successful in IT, it's not enough to develop your technical skills.

You must develop yourself.

Over the next 30 days, I'll be writing a daily essay on skills that will help you realize your IT career potential.

Follow along and level up.

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Day 1 - The Surprising Skill That Can Help IT Professionals Create Opportunities

There is a surprising skill IT Professionals can develop that will:

>Help you learn better
>Create opportunities
>Increase your influence
>Leave a legacy.

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I am writing these atomic essays as part of the @dickiebush Ship 30 for 30 program.

This cohort-based program is an excellent way to start or improve a writing habit.

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16 Nov 20
IT Professionals...

To reach your potential you must work on yourself harder than your technical skills.

You have to build your soft skills.

Over the next 30 days, I'll be writing a daily atomic essay on improving your soft skills.

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Day 1 - Soft Skills for IT Professionals

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Day 2 - What Are Soft Skills and Why Should I Care About Them?

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4 Oct 20
Read the excellent Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson @EricJorgenson.

This booked is packed with @naval wisdom and insight.

Read it on Kindle.

"Yellow" highlights are the good stuff. "Red" highlights are the great stuff.

Here are my Red highlights.

/Thread 👇👇👇 Image
"Figure out what you’re good at ,and start helping other people with it. Give it away. Pay it forward." - @naval

Love the spirit of generosity in this statement.
"Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re just a monkey with a plan." - @naval

Naval does not pull punches and always puts things into perspective.
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21 Sep 20
The Art of Negotiating — For IT Professionals

We are all negotiators.

All day, every day, we are in the midst of negotiations — whether we know it or not.

As IT Professionals, we are no different.

Some tips on improving your negotiating skills.

/Thread 👇👇👇
In IT, we have our own unique set of negotiation partners: vendors, co-workers, employees, and employers.

With so much time spent in negotiation, it is well worth our time to learn the principles behind negotiation, and how to become better negotiators.

Here are a few tips.
Separate People from the Problem

At the beginning of each negotiation, remind yourself that these are real people you are negotiating with.

They are not much different from you. They deserve your respect and empathy, the same as you deserve theirs.
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