There's a large segment of men on Twitter who should have their Twitter rights revoked until they can learn what not being an asshole to women means

My experience on Twitter as a man is so dramatically different than that of military women - so much harassment directed at them
There's a reason that @16thSMA is calling out harmful shit he sees on social media - because he understands that even the surface of our culture is infected with this toxic BS that demeans, harasses, & attempts to intimidate our sisters in arms. We should ALL care about this
If you're tired of hearing about it, how the fuck do you think women in uniform feel, having to endure this CONSTANTLY? After Marines United, after SPC Vanessa Guillen, after the Fort Hood Report and STILL harassment continues as a routine matter

These are attacks on US troops
These are attacks at the very fiber of who we are as a military. If you can't feel safe in uniform, around others who swore the same oath you did, there is something vitally and horribly wrong

I'm so fucking angry. And you should be, too. This has got to end.

• • •

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21 Feb
One reason I love being an engineer is because of the great examples we have of foreign officers - especially French - shaping our corps in the American Revolution

There's a reason that we've got a French motto and that no one can pronounce the name of our medal
At the outset of the Revolution, we only had a few people with experience as military engineers. Richard Gridley, for one, but he was old and got wounded at Bunker Hill. Then there was Jeduthan Baldwin, but his name was Jeduthan, which is just weird
The Continental Army was pretty desperate, and so accepted all kinds of foreign officers who boasted of the technical acumen to build fortifications, bridges, and roads. Some of them were frauds. Some, however, were unlikely heroes, like Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kosciuszko
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19 Feb
Historians of the American Revolution, has anyone done a comprehensive study of Continental Army demographics since Selesky's 1987 review of the Main Army at Valley Forge?

I'm interested because of Nathaniel Philbrick's assertion in "Valiant Ambition" that after 1777, the Continental Army was majority foreign-born. Selesky's work shows that for some states, like PA, this was true (75-80%) but New England & VA had lower numbers (25-30%)
Generally, however, there is definitely a climb in foreign-born enlistments post-1777 as more native-born men decided to hire substitutes to satisfy the state quotas, rather than serve themselves. Generally poorer men, as well
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18 Feb
TIL that in 1847, Congress authorized the War Department to raise a regiment of Voltigeurs and Foot Riflemen, with a "rocket and mountain howitzer battery"

French influence on the US Army was strong as hell
Damn. Joseph E Johnston was the regimental XO. James J Archer - captured on day 1 of Gettysburg - and Charles J Biddle - commander of the PA Bucktails in the Civil War - were company commanders. Jesse Reno - KIA in 1862 - was the rocket detachment commander
Holy tactical development, batman! this is a fascinating use of light infantry/Riflemen during the 1847 war with Mexico that I hadn't ever heard of. The regt used actual rifle tactics, fighting in companies & in open skirmish order. Often supported by their howitzers and rockets
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15 Feb
It's time!!

Weirdly enough, I read this book before I saw the movie. And it's one of the rare cases where the movie and book are both excellent, but for different reasons

"Unemployed! In Greenland!"

The battlecry of a generation
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14 Feb
Welp, it's Valentine's Day

Guess it's time to watch Gettysburg again

I don't make the rules
Randy Edelman's score for this film SLAPS

and I will not brook dissent on this
The opening will always remind me of dad. He'd comment on how he loved Adams County, PA.

I can hear most of his commentary in my head as I watch this. And how he would whistle the score

We used to watch it about once a month or so

My mother is obviously a very patient person
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14 Feb
Ya know, the French might've gotten their idea for their bayonet charge if they had been observing some shit that went down with the 27th RCT exactly one week prior to this engagement

Oh yes, thread incoming on this #ValetinetoBayonets day
Feb 7, 1951 - and Company E of the 27th Infantry is pinned the eff down by enemy MG fire near Soam-Ni in Korea. They're supposed to be taking this hill but shit, as often happens, just isn't working out. Enter their commander, the mustached 31yo CPT Lewis Millett
You might be thinking, "damn, that's hella old for a captain" and yeah, you'd be right. Lew, well, he uh - he took the non traditional way into a military career. Born in Maine, raised in MA, he joined the @TheNationsFirst in 1938. But when WWII began he booked it to Canada
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