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Some suggest Whitaker's appointment as AG is unprecedented. It is illegal, but unfortunately there's a long history of appointing partisan hacks, cronies, and corrupt insiders as AG, with disastrous results.
It's for structural reform. My draft paper: 1/…
2/ *It’s time for structural reform.
I address @walterdellinger’s claim: “Dellinger said there was no precedent for installing a political crony as attorney general at the very moment that he could decide the fate of a federal investigation involving the president.”
Not exactly.
3/ My paper suggests that this is not correct, depending on a broad interpretation of a "very moment." First, Nixon appointed Richard Kleindienst as AG after the Watergate break-in was already being investigated and prosecuted. Kleindienst himself was a crook inside the DOJ...
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First panel of the #2018SHA (it's what's being used by the @JourSouHist) is the Hanger Memorial Panel on Belief, Belonging, and Blasphemy in the Haitian Revolution Era, featuring @JuliaGaffield, @DrEricaJohnson, Chaz Yingling, and Maria Cecilia Ulrickson #SHA2018
Matt Childs opens up by acknowledging the work of Dr. Kimberly Hanger, a past president of the Latin American and Caribbean Section and distinguished scholar of Spanish New Orleans / Louisiana. #2018SHA
I'm very excited for this panel, as some of these scholars I've known since our (very) early grad school days. #2018SHA
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I’m back and at least if someone asks me in 50 years from now what I did during this time...I have a proud record of constantly getting banned from Twitter for telling Nazis to shoot themselves ...
Today is November 9th btw. It’s been 80 years since Kristallnacht, when the SS marched through all German cities beat up and arrested Jews and destroyed their property, while the “good Germans” watched and waited until they could grab some free stuff. #NeverAgain
So many things are rarely mentioned about Kristallnacht. How, for example, a young Jewish man named Herschel tried to desperately help his parents and sister to leave Germany and find another country who would grant them asylum. It is said that he...
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Dress, 1855-65 #twitterstorians
American, 1852
Love the vibrant colors.
American, c. 1850.
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Prepacking for #2018SHA! Lemme know if you want a signed copy of #MasterlessMen, & we'll have a #giveaway of Reconsidering Southern Labor History at the Duke/UNC/@SouthernLaborSA reception!
Y'all please come join us for a @SouthernLaborSA reception, co-sponsored with Duke & UNC, Friday Nov. 9 at 5 pm. We'll have a Reconsidering Southern Labor History book #giveaway!

Please #RT - everyone welcome!🌟🌟🌟

#2018SHA #twitterstorians #blktwitterstorians #labor #South
Just got a new shipment of business cards - right in time for #2018SHA.🔥🔥🔥

And yessss, that *is* hot pink.💅
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I've been reading Civil War history for 20 years and I can say with a certain level of confidence that some of the most innovative and important scholarship in the field has been published this year. #twitterstorians
OK, here is a short list of some of my favorite books from 2018. Let's start with @EthanKytle and @BlainRoberts1 *Denmark Vesey's Garden*. This is as good an introduction to Civil War memory as you will find.
I just finished reading Jason Phillips's incredibly insightful book, *Looming Civil War: How Nineteenth-Century Americans Imagined the Future.*
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Friends, sister survivors and #twitterstorians: If you've read or know about the history in "At the Dark End of the Street" please help me out: In 1959 Betty Jean Owens was kidnapped and brutally raped by four white men in Tallahassee, Florida. She testified in a Jim Crow court..
in front of an all-white, all-male jury. She was a student at #FAMU & her fellow students rallied to her defense & demanded justice. It was a major campus movement BEFORE sit-ins. She spoke out decades before women took back the night or said #MeToo Defense attys accused her of..
being a stereotypical jezebel & claimed the assailants were just having fun. She was bound & gagged & assaulted for hours. She resisted, but they were armed. Her testimony secured life sentences for her assailants. It was the first time white men got life for raping a black woman
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1. I feel like I owe @MaxBoot an explanation and a bit of an apology for this response that I dashed off this morning when I read his tweet that inaccurately claimed that sectarian bloodshed and political terrorism doesn't happen here in America.
2. A generous interpretation was that Max meant that statement as an aspirational one, as a statement that these are not the ideals that America should stand for. That I agree with 100%
3. But here's the problem. When one implies that "this is not us, this is not who we are," one implicitly obscures the historical experiences of virtually all non-white people who have ever lived in America.
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Here’s a roundup of excellent threads from #Twitterstorians contextualizing the (generally terrible) news this week and debunking some pernicious myths.
@pastpunditry on how the anti-Semitism in Charlottesville last year went down the media memory hole.
@C_Stroop on Time magazine's dangerous normalization of Christian nationalism.
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1. This has got to be one of the worst pieces that @TIME has ever printed.

Replacing “white nationalism” with a return to Protestant nationalism is going to solve our polarization problem? Uh...

I’ve already found today’s “Holy shit!” moment. It demands a thread.

2. There’s so much wrong with @yhazony’s argument that it’s difficult to know where to start. But let’s take this notion that nationalism gets a bad rap. It’s true that historians, sociologists, et al. distinguish nationalism from jingoism. But does that mean nationalism is good?
3. Scholars of modern nationalism have often noted it as an empirical phenomenon that becomes a predominant source of identity in modern Europe, particularly in the wake of the French Revolution. More recently some have identified an English nation as early as the 16th century.
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Several of my fellow #twitterstorians have talked today about the need to connect today's events to Charlottesville and indeed to the roots of antisemitism in American history. Since Charlottesville, I've been working on the connections between "fake news" and 1/
19th century European antisemitism. Here is the outline of the argument: 2/
In mid-19th century German, a pack of writers began to connect the ownership of newspapers with Jewish upward mobility. From there they concluded that Jewish economic power, wielded through newspapers' power to influence public opinion, threatened white Christians 3/
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One of the questions I pursued when working on the A12 podcast, which looked at the history behind the deadly violence in Charlottesville last year, was why the anti-Semitism of Aug 11 & 12 seemed to disappear so rapidly from the narrative. /1
It wasn’t that no one *ever* spoke of it, but given its prominence — chants of “Jews will not replace us,” Nazi flags, the targeting of the synagogue — it seemed to get relatively little attention. /2
The rabbis and scholars I spoke to mused that there were a variety of reasons for this: our limited way of thinking about white supremacy, the sense that anti-Semitism is an odd relic of the past, the awareness that black Americans face much more serious systemic racism. /3
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In my history of consumption class, I teach about #Sears, but what most people don't know is just how radical the catalogue was in the era of #Jim Crow. #twitterstorians
Every time a black southerner went to the local store they were confronted with forced deference to white customers who would be served first.
And the store would be filled with racist caricatures of black people in an effort to sell to white people.
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Ok, #twitterstorians, who’s on D‘Souza watch today? It’s past my bedtime.
What‘s fascinating about the NBC kerfuffle and the taking Trump out of context issue: this couldn’t have happened if Trump could make a coherent argument beyond three words, like, ever, and if he wasn’t such an obvious supporter of white nationalism.
There’s an argument to be made here that the disattention economy of decontextualized catchphrases that made Trump even possible is now coming back to to bite him.

But this is likely to shore up the support of the faithful in the echo chamber, so it’s a win for him in the end.
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1...This series will focus on common misconceptions about the history of the American Spiritualism (SPM) Movement. Its origins, beliefs, and tenants. Citations will be noted and detailed at the close #qchistoryengages...
2...Fueled by modern t.v. personalities like Theresa Caputo and John Edwards, who claim they can connect the living with long lost loved ones, #Spiritualism has garnered a reputation of housing frauds who are only in it for the money...
3...The common answer to the question of "When did Spiritualism begin?" is "1848." But the events leading up to the boon of the New Religious Movement (NRM) did not occur without influence...
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Dr. Mary Beth Norton, president of @AHAhistorians is about to do a roundtable with Dr. Nicole Maskiell so I'm gonna TWEET about it #twitterstorians
#HistoryCenterUofSC Greatest challenge in grad school? "Being a woman in grad school in 1964. 3 were women. One of us lasted two weeks"
"Of the three women admitted in the 3 years at Harvard, I kept getting called Nancy" Apparently only one woman's name was needed
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1. The National Review with a celebration of Calvin Coolidge [checks notes twice to be sure that's what it says] as the articulator of an American governing philosophy we should embrace, a perfect blend of liberalism and conservatism.…
2. Would be curious to hear from some early 20th century #twitterstorians on the accuracy of the analysis in this piece. One thing worth noting--the wealth inequality gap in Coolidge's time was the last time it was as bad as today.
3. Check out those lines darting sharply up during Coolidge's term...which ended, ya know, less than a year before the Great Depression which had a little something to do with his administration's fiscal policies.
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Continuing our mini-interviews with Reconsidering Southern Labor History contributors, today @m_hild & I talk to @JM_Thompson about his fascinating essay on #Atlanta #ATL , #labor, & #race:

#twitterstorians @SouthernLaborSA @lawcha_org…
You can check out @JM_Thompson's website here:
And please ask your library to order a copy of Reconsidering Southern Labor History today!…
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September is a big month! I’m at the airport on my way Florida for The #Exvangelical Community: Paths, Projects, Prospects. In the last two days I’ve filed two pieces with editors, and this week I did podcasts w/ @NiceMangos and @kitchencultpod (@haettinger and @mxdarkwater). #FF
Next weekend I’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina to give a talk for @CHShumanists, and am very much looking forward to that! October is also pretty full!

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #FridayFeeIing #FF
And next week I’ll also be doing a second podcast episode with @TwistedSisterds! It’ll be my second time on, and I sure had fun last time!

#Exvangelical #FF
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Bit of a curve ball today: tweeting about parallels between the U.S. civil war and Brexit. #twitterstorians and #Brexit wonks take note. (I'm looking at you @Sime0nStylites, @chrisgreybrexit, @jonlis1, @contestedground, @CeesHeere, @lottelydia, @MHernandezGdV and @Usherwood) /1
Was taking a break from lecture prep and spent some time revisiting a terrific book published in 1963 called "Terrible Swift Sword" by the journalist/historian Bruce Catton. Catton wasn't exactly a professional historian, but his writing about the Civil War was captivating /2
In a passage describing the summer of 1862 - when the war was in its second year, many thousands already dead, but the major battles of Antietam, Gettysburg etc. still ahead - Catton touched on a mood prevalent among many, if not most, of the political elite on both sides /3
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Hi #NativeTwitter & #twitterstorians!

Instead of essays, my #IndigenousHistory students are writing Wikipedia articles this term. It'd be great to create content people want.

What pre-1850 Indigenous person, event, or trend would you like to see a Wikipedia entry for?
Thank you so much for your ideas, suggestions, and pointers (for the ones already made and those that are still coming in)! I'm a bit overwhelmed but certainly delighted there has been so much interest, and I will definitely make sure to tweet students' work when it's complete.
I'm borrowing this idea from @JeremyJierong, who co-wrote with a student about their class' experience of writing Wikipedia entries. Helping students make their work mean something in the world is very appealing, and has lots of pedagogical potential.…
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I don’t agree to disagree. It’s not my jam. I basically have three reasons for engaging in a debate or discourse around a contentious topic. A thread.
1. I want to change my mind because I think I’m wrong.
2. I’m looking to better understand and want to stretch my neurons.
3. I want to change someone else’s mind.

If I want door #4, I’m clearly procrastinating.
At the end of a conversation with the @HumResPro podcast, I jokingly said I’d agree to disagree that the factory-model was a thing if they took down graphics on their websites. This graphic:
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Kavanaugh’s fellow Yale Law alumni call him ‘morally bankrupt’ in scathing open letter.… #StopKavanaugh #TW #NoToKavanaugh
What is being hidden in the documents from Judge Kavanaugh's time in the Bush White House? We the People and all Senators deserve to know before any hearings. #NoToKavanaugh #StopKavanaugh #ReleaseTheRecords #TW
Judge Kavanaugh changed his position on impeaching a sitting president after he aggressively orchestrated Ken Starr’s investigation of a Dem president. NO ONE is above the law. #NoToKavanaugh #StopKavanaugh #TW
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