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Owen Griffith of the 22nd Wisconsin Infantry wrote from camp near Nashville on 20 March 1863: "I did not come [to the war] thinking that it was a very nice or pleasant time. I felt it to be my duty to do what little I could to put down this most wicked rebellion." Read thread
I call it wicked because I think there never was anything so uncalled for since the world began than this attempt on the part of those Southern Slaveholders to overthrow the best government the world ever saw and all for the avowed purpose of establishing a government..." 2/3
whose corner Stone was Slavery. Their leaders don't deny this but declare it in their public Speeches." #twitterstorians
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An excellent thread for academics considering getting into trade writing. #Twitterstorians
I'm new to this world myself, but would be more than happy to advise others thinking of dipping their toes.
As Caroline notes, the essential things are to work with an agent and create a strong pitch. These often happen together, but you may need a pitch to secure an agent. (If you do, expect this to change further once you are working with an agent.)
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[Thread] I've been inspired by a couple things this week to share a piece of my current book project on the Janowska concentration camp outside of Lviv, Ukraine.

In particular, it deals with these two photos (but I will come back to them.)
First was the piece by @SarahEBond and @TheTattooedProf on the value of public outreach. Building off that, not enough of us share the results of our research at stages prior to publication...even though it can still be fascinating.…
Second, I was also inspired by the overwhelming response to @McKayMSmith's thread on the Höcker album which seems to show that many people are interested in the complex lives of #Holocaust perpetrators.…
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This Sunday is the 33rd annual @AIDSWalkPhilly—here's a #thread about a different kind of #AIDS walk in #Philadelphia—the city's first candlelight AIDS vigil, in 1986.

#twitterstorians #everythinghasahistory…
@AIDSWalkPhilly The first Candlelight Walk for #AIDS in #Philadelphia took place on September 25, 1986. Earlier that month, the Department of Public Health reported 479 cases of AIDS in the Philadelphia area, and 298 had died.

See video of the walk:

@AIDSWalkPhilly Of reported cases, 50% were African American—ten points higher than their share of the total #Philadelphia population. But #AIDS agencies were predominantly white, and rooted in the #Gayborhood, which was itself seen as a mostly white space.
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Offer: public investments occur where profit is not possible, and usually have long break-even horizons. Private finance requires certainty. #oxeshfacseminar #econhist #twitterstorians #econtwitter
Example 1: the UK’s private finance initiatives (PFI). Was this corrupt? It was intended to take debt off the government balance sheet. The projects haven’t been assessed for value-for-money. #oxeshfacseminar #econhist #twitterstorians #econtwitter
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THREAD: In case you are sitting in the back: NOT BEING RACIST DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE ANTIRACIST. HERE'S A HANDY READING LIST PRESENTED IN SHOUTY ALL CAPS FOR ALL YOU MATURE READERS. #medievaltwitter #shakerace #AcademicChatter #twitterstorians #iloveoldenglish
2/22 Start with this book by @DrIbram on how to be antiracist. It is a fantastic guide. If you read nothing else, read: 'How to be Anti-Racist':…
3/22 Racism and its relationship with capitalism is something we need to think more deeply about. Start here with: Race, Nation, Class by Etienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein…
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I'm really proud of our latest episode of Sexing History. We explore the belly dancing craze of the 1960s and 1970s. I hope you'll take a listen and share it. #histsex #twitterstorians…
I want to take a moment and shine a bright light on our wonderful senior producer @Saniya1 who did so much research for this episode and did all of the interviews with the belly dancers involved! She does such fabulous and impeccable work for us! She's a rising start in #histsex
Sexing History is a team effort and you can learn more about us here:
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What school board policy on pregnant teachers looked like at midcentury in PA.

Source: Republican and Herald (Pottsville PA) 05 March 1943.

#twitterstorians #histsex #ElizabethWarren #PregnancyDiscrimination
An example of the lengths school boards would go to in order to push out pregnant teachers and teachers seeking maternity leave at midcentury in PA. School boards would describe these women as incompetent and neglectful.

Source: The Express (Lock Haven PA) 27 Feb 1943
The 1943 PA Supreme Court decision created precedent and allowed other school boards to dismiss pregnant teachers on incompetence grounds.
Source: The Tribune (Scranton PA) 28 May 1943
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Earlier today I posted a little thread about how in the 1970s, policies that allowed pregnant women like @ewarren to be fired, were still the norm. These policies, especially those governing teachers, became more stringent in the 1950s. #twitterstorians

You can learn more about the postwar economic & cultural forces that animated the policies leading to Warren's firing for being pregnant from classic books like Elaine Tyler May's "Homeward Bound" and Dorothy Sue Cobbles "The Other Women's Movement.
Policies mandating the firings of pregnant teachers were motivated by desires to deny maternity leave as a cost saving and an efficiency measure. Many policies insisted that women resign no later than their 5th month of pregnancy.

1 Wilkes Barre Times Leader, PA 20 Sept 1952.
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so… it’s about time. thread on Charlemagne incoming. 1/(don’t know) #medievaltwitter #twitterstorians
let’s start with some basic stuff (first about me).

hello! i’m a medieval historian but i work across disciplines, in large part because of my specific research. my first book was on the legend of Charlemagne before the “1st Crusade”…
but I also have published some other books on the Charlemagne legend, such as…
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What kind of relationship should an organization representing religion journalism have with religious institutions and leaders? However we answer that question, RNA is past the point of being ethically compromised:…

#SundayThoughts #RNA2019 #EmptyThePews
To be fair, RNA is far from alone in having crossed what I believe should be bright lines. For example, @nytimes and @washingtonpost largely let evangelicals cover themselves, without including critical perspectives, which is wildly irresponsible.

#SundayMorning #EmptyThePews
And the U.S. flagship organization for the academic study of religion, the American Academy of Religion, like @ReligionReport accepts sponsorship from religious organizations, incl. highly problematic ones, and falls to draw a clear line between theology and secular scholarship.
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Who has two thumbs and decided to teach a new course called "History of the Present" this semester? Yeah, that would be me. Guess it's time to tinker with that syllabus, eh?
So, #twitterstorians, hit me up with some suggestions for readings or podcasts I can share with my students to help them better understand what's happening.
Slow Burn and @YAppelbaum's Atlantic article are obvious places to start. Other suggestions?
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Pelosi will soon announce a formal impeachment inquiry.

Here’s what some historians have written that can help contextualize this pivotal moment.

Barbara Radnofsky, @TXBarbaraAnn, author of “A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment,” explains how the impeachment process works.

"The Founding Fathers provided us with a way out of troubled presidency — the direct, doable process of impeachment."
@TXBarbaraAnn 3/ The process of impeachment was inherited from Great Britain.

Read Peter Charles Hoffer on the history of impeachment
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#twitterstorians of religion. Just heard a speaker claim that 50-70% of white Americans at the time of the revolution were Calvinists in their theology? Does that sound right?
Thanks to all who responded to this query. I think the point they wanted to assert was that the majority of the founding generation believed in innate human depravity in a vaguely Calvinist sense. I suppose that's true, tho one needn't have been a Calvinist to believe that.
Another highlight from the talk was when the speaker used Washington's 1790 speech to the Jewish Congregation of Newport to make the claim that America had a Christian founding. Which is, IMO, quite a stretch.…
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Okay, #CivilWar #twitterstorians. I have read both Hess' entire essay (if you'd me to send you the .pdf, DM me) and @May201856's useful critique of it, and I have some thoughts.

So: this here is a thread. /1
@May201856 First, I agree with Matt that there are some interesting and compelling segments in Hess' essay, particularly his discussion of archives and digital reproduction. This is because the survey method is clear in this section, and Hess quote archivists extensively. /2
@May201856 Second, I agree with all of Matt's critiques of the other portions of the essay that use the 2013 and 2016 surveys. Matt nots that it is "professional malpractice" to use such surveys without a discussion of methods and demographics. I concur.
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This fine new WAPO piece on pushback against frank discussions of slavery at historic plantations reminds me of one of my favorite stories that I heard working with @BlainRoberts1 on *Denmark Vesey's Garden*...

#twitterstorians #slaveryarchive…
...It was relayed to us by an excellent African American tour guide named Sandra Campbell. She recalled giving a private tour to an elderly white couple who had hired her to drive them around downtown Charleston and then out to Middleton Place plantation. Apparently unaware...
..that Campbell incorporated slavery into her city tour, the husband objected when she observed that the first white settlers to Charleston brought enslaved Africans with them. "I don’t think we want the city tour,’” he announced to Campbell, "Let’s just to go the plantation"...
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I'm starting to wonder about the ethics of reposting @HawleyMO's anti-tech drivel like his latest in the WSJ. His oft-repeated "we went to moon, but what have you done for me lately" bit has been rightly lampooned by folks listing all the amazing innovations of the last decade.
There's a legit debate to be had about whether engagement tech (infinite scroll, etc) is socially beneficial on net. But Hawley keeps inflating that into a, "Tech ain't doin' nuttin' no more" framing, which is just silly. He's too smart not to know better, so why does he do it?
He's betting anti-Big Tech populism will grease his path to political success. He, and politicians like @ewarren from other side of the aisle, believe that there is a reservoir of public discontent with tech companies that can be exploited for partisan gain.
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I'm quoted in this BBC article. I emphasize that historically, when men demand that their voices be heard in the abortion debate, they are actually demanding control over women's rights, women's bodies, and women's futures. #twitterstorians #histsex…
One quote I wish they included from me was: Men have historically been over represented in abortion debates.They have never been silent. Still, we too often assume men fall on one side of the debate and forget the many men who have worked to empower women’s reproductive choices.
As I read the article from these self-named "post abortive" men, I hear refrains of Monty Python's "Every Sperm is Sacred"... except it's not sung with irony.
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I found these fantastic WWII sources the other week as I was thinking about my sexual politics class. This 4 part series in the SF examiner warns about the sexual and moral dangers of women going to bars. #histsex #twitterstorians
To appreciate the work these articles are doing to police sexuality and gender among young women, you can read @AmandaLittauer's essential book, "Bad Girls" from @uncpressblog. Judge this book by the amazing cover!…
The ways in which these articles, authored by a woman, reveals midcentury sexual transformations and conflicting gender and sexual values is absolutely fascinating.
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Today is the first day of the semester. I'm doing the "ask three interesting facts" thing to get to know my students. I'm going to do it, too. Here are mine:

Worked as a union organizer
Climbed Old Rag
When I was 22, accidentally went to a speed dating event for geriatrics.
("If the semester goes well," I'll tell them, "I'll tell you the full anecdote one day, because it is *hilarious.*)
What are YOUR three facts about yourself? (That you'd tell students, anyway.) #Twitterstorians?
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Question for #twitterstorians. I'm starting my survey with Camilla Townsend's book on Pocahontas. Can anyone recommend a good essay on Disney's Pocahontas and the way it has shaped our historical memory of the settlement of Virginia? there a film on the colonization of Virginia you've used to good effect? I've used "The New World" by Malick before and it worked ok as a visual text to use in dialog with Townsend...but are there better options?
Now that I think about I safe to assume that my students (most born after 2000) will have seen that 1995 Disney movie? I'm assuming "yes" because it's Disney...but maybe not because it's so old?
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Question for #twitterstorians of all subject areas:

What are some of your favorite primary source readings to assign to undergraduates?
I’m teaching world history this term—I’m looking forward to giving my students the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence and Lumumba’s speech on Congolese independence for the decolonization unit.
One of the things @KevinMKruse and @julianzelizer do in his lectures is to play relevant music to bookend their lectures in the U.S. history survey.

I'm going to *try* and do that with world history.
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A couple weeks ago @goteamjoshphoto Tweeted a lovely song by 拍謝少年 (Sorry Youth). I learned the lyrics by reading the subtitles in #台文 & wrote a thread on how to utilize several great new webpages & apps to build your #Taiwanese #台語 vocabulary 1/
1st some context: I was raised conversationally fluent in #台語 but am still now only semi-literate in Mandarin. I took 1.5 yrs of weekly 台語 classes in grad school & was inspired to start learning characters again when I was shown they could be used to write 台語 as well 2/
Luckily the #台文 lyrics to《暗流》('Undercurrent') are online. In the pictures below I've provided the #台文, followed by my best guess for the equivalent Mandarin, then peh-oe-ji (most common form of #Taiwanese romanization) & *rough* English for side-by-side comparison 3/
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