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As we rest, reflect, & remember on this holiday weekend, here’s my 129th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast episodes, new & forthcoming books from the past week to help ya do all three! Enjoy, & share more below, please. #twitterstorians
Starting with a few favorites from the week as usual, including @ehphd’s delightful thread of some of the best Tina Turner scholarship in honor of the icon’s passing:
Taryn White wrote for @SmithsonianMag on Edna Lewis, the mother of soul food:…
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No American story is more pitch-perfect for the combination of #MemorialDay & #AAPIHeritageMonth than that of the 442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team, the all-Japanese American #WWII regiment that would by war's end become the most decorated unit in US military history.
The 442nd's more than 14,000 awards & honors include a posthumous Medal of Honor, awarded in March 1946 to Private Sadao Munemori for his heroic actions to save the lives of two fellow soldiers during heavy fighting along Italy's Gothic Line.
& as I write in my new @SatEvePost Considering History column, Munemori is just one of many Asian Americans who've received a posthumous Medal of Honor for their service & sacrifice. #twitterstorians…
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1/ Today’s coronation will see anti-monarchists in Britain using the #notmyking hashtag.

It is worth remembering that, historically, Britons haven’t always held the freedom to openly criticise the King/his family.
2/ Under the laws of seditious libel and seditious words, writing/speaking against the Crown were serious criminal offences.
3/ Perhaps the most infamous seditious libel in the English language was penned by radical republican, Tom Paine.

His pamphlet, The Rights of Man (1791-2), which sold 250,00 copies, had some choice things to say about hereditary monarchy... Image
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What do you get for a 125th anniversary? It’s your lucky day, ‘cause the answer is my 125th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast episodes, new & forthcoming books from the last week. Share more below & enjoy, all! #twitterstorians
Starting with a few favorites from the week as usual, including @felixmooreactor for @PinkNews on an early fight for trans rights (h/t @DamselDystopia):…
While @AaronLecklider wrote for @Slate on a fascinating discovery about queer history long in the making:…
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Attention #twitterstorians! I'm pleased to share a new digital history experiment:

Nicolay: Exploring the Speeches of Abraham Lincoln with AI

This app is part of Honest Abe's Information Emporium by @AbrahamHGibson and a great team of digital scholars. Image
Nicolay allows users to explore some of Lincoln's most important speeches. (Many thanks to the @Miller_Center for their work in sharing their corpus of presidential speeches) Image
Nicolay uses semantic search & large language models (OpenAI's ChatGPT & GPT-4) to enable users to ask questions about Lincoln and receive answers supported by quotations drawn from Lincoln's speeches. Image
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Gedenkstätte Plötzensee. Erinnerung an Johanna #Kirchner (* 1889, † 1944), Kommunalpolitikerin der SPD in den 20er Jahren, am Aufbau der Arbeiterwohlfahrt beteiligt, vom NS-Regime #otd 1944 zum Tode verurteilt und am 9. Juni 1944 im Strafgefängnis Plötzensee ermordet.

#Berlin Das Bild zeigt ein abfotogr...Das Foto zeigt einen versch...Das Foto zeigt den einstige...
Johanna #Kirchner, geboren in Frankfurt am Main, wuchs als Kind einer seit langer Zeit sozialdemokratisch engagierten Familie auf und war seit dem Jahr 1926 als Parteisekretärin in der SPD aktiv, nachdem sie als Jugendliche der Sozialistischen Arbeiterjugend (SAJ) angehört hatte.
Das NS-Regime zerschlug die Gewerkschaften und stürmte die SPD-Parteibüros bereits im Jahr 1933. Johanna #Kirchner verließ ihr Büro am 2. Mai 1933 als letzte Person und nahm dabei die Mitgliederdatei an sich.

Die SPD wurde unter dem Naziterror im Juni 1933 dauerhaft verboten.
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1. Simple policy like 'hygiene and pasteurization' doubled the human lifespan after 1889, stopping constant CoV outbreaks from milk.

Simple policy like 'quarantine, isolation, N95 and international cooperation' ended SARS-CoV-1.

We can end CoV-2. Don't halve the human lifespan.
@ilonamotto @RealCheckMarker 93. What I see is such analysis: Creative yet generic, abstract and not reflecting existing law, policymaking, and SARS-CoV-2 literature—WHO IHR 2005 as most relevant example. We could do better as political scientists, systems scholars, parents or just as public-facing scholars.

95. One fundamental problem: IPCC and mainstream science ignore uncomfortable knowledge (@SFuntowicz PNS). Undesirable social tipping points (@ilonamotto) or positive feedback structures like aerosols are ignored in favor of politically acceptable stories.…
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Happy Ronald Takaki Day! On my short list for the greatest & most influential American historians. #History #twitterstorians…
I wrote about one of my single favorite Takaki moments, from the intro to his magisterial A Different Mirror, as part of this post on Carlos Bulosan & redefining American identity:…
It's no coincidence that Takaki grew up in WWII Hawaii, home to a Japanese American community who embodied the very best of American critical patriotism & identity:…
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150 years ago this week, the small Louisiana town of Colfax was the site of one of the Reconstruction era's most violent acts of racial terrorism (a far too competitive category), with more than 100 Black militia members killed by a white supremacist mob.
That specific sesquicentennial, like Reconstruction's broader 150th anniversary, still needs a more central place in our collective memories. So this week I'll blog about a handful of Reconstruction histories we could better remember, including Colfax & many more.
Starting with today's post on why the Freedmen's Bureau failed (fuck you very much, Andrew Johnson), & lasting & important legacies of that organization nonetheless. #twitterstorians…
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Der folgende Thread ist mein Beitrag im Sammelband: #Wissenschaftshierarchien, Hierarchien als Hemmnis in der Wissenschaft, hrsg. @DrKEichhorn & @SebastianKubon, (Kritische Reflexionen, hrsg. Frank Jacob) @buechnerverlag: Marburg 2023. #megabiblion 0/50 - Erscheint am 12.04.2023. Buchcover: #Wissenschaftshierarchien, hrsg. von Kristin Eich
μέγα βιβλίον, μέγα κακόν – Ein großes Buch ist ein großes Übel oder: Das Lob der ‚kleinen‘ Form: Digitale Historiographien in der Turing-Galaxis nicht nur in Zeiten von Corona – eine Intervention auf Twitter in 50 Tweets #megabiblion 1/50
Essais sind pointierte Abhandlungen, die auch in der Geschichtswissenschaft gute Tradition haben. Als eine moderne Spielart davon kann ein thread auf Twitter, dem gängigsten Micro-Blogging-Dienst, betrachtet werden. #megabiblion 2/50
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Almost everyone following our Twitter feed probably knows we hold the incredible Charles Booth archive.

It's his birthday today, so we thought we'd explore his connections to a city in Brazil... 🇧🇷 🧵 A portrait photo of Charles...
Booth is closely associated with Liverpool, the city of his birth and the place he started a business in partnership with his brother Alfred.

📸©️ Roger Marks: The Booth Shipping Line log...
He is also most immediately associated with London where he and his assistants documented the living and working conditions of the people for 17 years and produced those famous maps.

Booth's survey was entirely self funded. Where did he get the money to sustain it? Well... The colourful, stitched tog...
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If the UK Government goes ahead with proposals to detain asylum seekers on cruise ships and barges today, it will be repeating history 🧵Please RT #IllegalMigrationBill #AsylumSeekers @BBCNews @guardian
In 1776, British politicians decided to bring in a temporary act that authorised the use of disused trading ships to be used as floating prisons. ‘Hulks’ were in fact used for over 80 years, across the Victorian era.
Have you seen the new @BBCOne #GreatExpectations? Hulks are hitting the headlines again today, but not for the right reasons
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Here he is, the infamous subject of my PhD research: Charles B. Hudson. A native of Omaha, he wrote an antisemitic, fascist newsletter, "America In Danger!", from 1936-1948, was investigated by the FBI, and charged with sedition 3 times. THREAD 1/ Image
Hudson came to national attention with the above photo which appeared in LIFE magazine in 1939. He'd accompanied noted fascist and antisemite General George Van Horn Moseley to the House on Un-American Activities Committee in D.C. 2/
When Moseley joked that the Committee might have poisoned the cup of water on his desk, Hudson sprung into action, whisking the cup away from the general. A photographer caught him in action, and Hudson's nickname became "Poison Cup Charlie." 3/
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There’s been a lot of apocalyptic rhetoric about how ChatGPT spells doom for History and the humanities. I understand—or at least, I did. Until I used ChatGPT. If History dies, it won’t be ChatGPT that killed it.

Short thread, #twitterstorians 1/7
I’ve had positive experiences teaching with ChatGPT, so I wanted to see how high it could fly. I selfishly(?) asked it to do research my very niche area of research, drugs and the US Civil War. Honestly, I wanted to know if it could replace me. 2/7
With much dread, I asked ChatGPT to research and write me an essay about drug addiction and the Civil War. It was an epic failure. Here's what it produced ⬇️😬… 3/7
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Yesterday, I accepted a tenure-track history professorship. I'm grateful and excited to work in my field! With that said, History is in trouble. For my wargaming/reenacting followers who might not know, prospects are bleak for #twitterstorians . History needs help. 1/24
Re: my job, I don't have the space here to thank everyone who helped me along the way. Pride of place has to go to my supportive parents and my loving wife. I couldn't have done it without you. I'm grateful for my professors, fellow students, and friends for their support. 2/24
I have benefitted from having two truly great mentors and inspirations in my life: Katherine B. Aaslestad (my Doktormutter) and Christopher Duffy. Both aren't with us anymore, but I've done my best to make them proud. 3/24
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Ich habe lange überlegt, ob ich diesen #Thread schreiben sollte. Letztlich aber habe ich mich doch dazu durchgerungen, da der im Artikel erwähnte Vojin Saša Vukadinović zur Geschichte der Revolutionären Zellen "forscht" und publiziert. Wo ist das Problem? 1🧵#twitterstorians 1/20
Ich muss mich bei Simon Strick (@StrickSimon) und Johanna Schaffer @Tagesspiegel bedanken, dass sie viele Gedanken, die ich seit Monaten mit mir herumtrage, präzise auf den Punkt gebracht haben. Sie drücken mit dem Zitat etwas aus, das ich bisher nicht so formulieren konnte. 2/20
Ich habe Vojin Saša Vukadinović vor ca. 5 Jahren auf meiner Tagung kennengelernt:…. Ich hatte ihn vorher als Autor einer Fallstudie zu den #RZ, der Roten Zora und zur "verlängerten Feminismus-Obsession bundesdeutscher Terrorismusfahnder" wahrgenommen. 3/20
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There are no shortage of horrific & fascistic elements to the attacks on education from the De Santis administration & around the country. But when it comes to Black history, there's also a stunning irony: we still collectively teach, learn, & know so frustratingly little of it.
A telling example is Boston's Black Heritage Trail, which begins at the same spot as the Freedom Trail, winds past a number of amazing historic sites & spaces in Beacon Hill, & features a great museum (@MAAHMuseum) yet receives far fewer annual visitors than the Freedom Trail.
So for my #BlackHistoryMonth @SatEvePost Considering History column, on all that we have to learn from the Black Heritage Trail--& all the Black history we still desperately, collectively need. #twitterstorians…
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Happy Langston Hughes Day! One of my favorite Memory Day Calendar details is that #blackhistorymonth2023 begins with not just one of our greatest poets, but a vital voice on Black & American histories. #twitterstorians…
He offered that vital voice through poems like "American Heartbreak" that reflect on the gap between our national ideals & the histories of enslavement, racism, & white supremacy.…
He did it through poems like "I, Too" that express a collective, impassioned & inspiring African American response & alternative to those histories.…
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150 years ago today, the English-language edition of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days was published. While Verne's book is a work of fiction, it both inspired a great deal of travel writing & helps us think about complex questions of how authors depict travel stories.
Starting today with three American travelers who were connected to and/or created their own versions of Verne's travel story:

William Perry Fogg, the Ohio businessman & adventurer whose travels & book helped inspire Verne;
Nellie Bly, the investigative journalist who beat Verne's record in her own Around the World in Seventy-Two Days;

& James Willis Sayre, the theatre critic who circled the globe in a mere 54 days in 1903! #twitterstorians…
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Die Einsetzung und die Arbeit der israelisch-deutschen Historiker:innenkommission hat das Potenzial, eine Mauer des Schweigens und der Nichtaufarbeitung politischer Gewalt in der Bundesrepublik einzureißen. Was meine ich damit? #twitterstorians 1/10
Alle politischen Ebenen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland haben über die letzten Jahrzehnte hinweg häufig keinen Willen dazu bewiesen oder waren nicht dazu in der Lage, Geschädigten und Hinterbliebenen von politischer Gewalt Antworten auf ihre drängenden Fragen zu geben. 2/10
Die Aufklärungsquote von politischen Gewalttaten in der Bundesrepublik, das wurde schon mehrfach festgestellt, ist niedrig. Das gilt insbesondere für die juristische Aufarbeitung und Aufklärung von politischen Morden, Attentaten und Anschlägen. 3/10
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Which Lord Londonderry is portrayed in this caricature/portrait by Richard Dighton?

A somewhat confusing🧵

#twitterstorians #19thC #portraiture

Image: Richard Dighton, @britishmuseum (BM), 1852,1116.559 Uncoloured print, showing a...
Between roughly 1818-1828, Richard Dighton did a series of profile portraits of men in Regency London's high society. Most were etchings, and the BM has digitized many prints held in its collection--they are worth your time if you're interested in Regency society, style, and art.
The earlier prints of this particular portrait, published individually by Dighton himself, are clearly dated to July 1821. Copies show up in the collections of the @britishmuseum, @NPGLondon, and @RCT.

(details shown here are from prints in the BM and RCT collections) A detail image showing the ...A detail image of the same ...
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Here it is, my 109th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast episodes & conversations, new & forthcoming books from the last week. Add more below & enjoy, all! #twitterstorians
Starting with a few favorite pieces from the week, including two for the 100th anniversary of the Rosewood massacre. Here’s @gonzaleztennant for @JSTOR_Daily (h/t @KeishaBlain):…
& here’s @craigtimes for @SmithsonianMag on how the histories of that massacre were recovered:…
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I'm so excited to share my thoughts on @maddow Rachel Maddow's phenomenal new podcast, ULTRA. Mild spoilers ahead, along with my wholehearted endorsement (1)
ULTRA is a vivid, funny, smart podcast about the “Great Sedition Trial” of 1944. I’m a historian of the paramilitary white power movement and a major sedition trial of similar/same activists in the 1980s... (2)
...and I was still bowled over by the first episode, which details a number of elements you will recognize in the 1980s incarnation of paramilitary white power groups I wrote about in Bring the War Home: (3)
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1/This is partly why it’s so important to read Karim F.Hirji’s book on Walter Rodney’s book ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa(#HEUA)’if one truly wants to understand the historical/political and ideological/intellectual context upon which Rodney wrote HEUA…
3/“His innovative application of the method of political economy transformed the paradigm for rendition of the continent’s past.Because it stridently took the traditional historians+the prevailing neocolonial order to task,it was also pilloried by the defenders of the status quo”
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