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As we look at the Covington Catholic students and the events that led them to be in DC wearing MAGA hats while representing their school at March for Life, I want to note that the Catholic politics of race and abortion have been intimately tied together for a long time
I've written about the racial politics of anti-abortion activism here & talked about how ideas about race migrated with anti-busing activists to anti-abortion conflicts…

#twitterstorians #histsex #amrel
Here's a classic on Catholic encounters with race:…
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Some thoughts on Speaker Pelosi’s move to postpone the #SOTU and invite President Trump to deliver a written message.

First, some background: George Washington set the precedent for an annual, in-person address to Congress—neither of which are required by the Constitution. Though continued by Adams, Jefferson switched to a written message, arguing that the spectacle was too monarchical.

For the rest of the 19th century and into the early 20th, the annual message was delivered in writing. As CRS documents in their report, these messages were (unsurprisingly) much longer than in-person addresses. And a quick look at them shows the policy detail they went into.

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Idea: Instead of trying to add LGBT content to your courses, consider queering up your entire syllabus. What do the people on the margins in your lectures tell us about your field? The so called "abnormal"? The ones that didn't belong? #twitterstorians
Queer history isn't just looking for non-heterosexual histories. It means looking at how normality produced both oppression and resistance among those who were different. As Professor Lee Edelman suggested, "Queerness can never define an identity; it can only ever disturb one.”
So yes, let's tell the stories of gay and lesbian activists like Harvey Milk and Barbara Gittings but queerness is also the story of male flight attendants, interracial couples of the South, those entrepreneurs who ran porn cinemas, and women who ran abortion clinics before Roe
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was this just another classic "I don't think shit through, whoops I blew my entire fortune on French wine" Thomas Jefferson fuckup

or was this an on-purpose thing
The Roman model was:

conquer land

sell previous inhabitants as slaves

dole out land to veterans/political supporters for ~small farms~

blow smoke up small farmers' ass about how they're the foundation of the Republic

rich Romans steal their land + work it w slaves

e.g. in ancient Rome, family farming was a key part of the war machine.

It gave ordinary Romans just enough buy-in to their society to join army, kill people for land, & hold it for a while until rich Romans came along to glom it up & build latifundia (slave plantations) on it.
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THREAD: What does a job interview and an animal shelter have in common? Read on…

#AHA2019 #Twitterstorians (to @kevinbaker...since you mentioned it...and also, (@Historiann @GordinMichael @elmilam @TheTattooedProf @STS_News who might enjoy it as well)
Around 2002, I made the short list for a history of science position for a major school which has an amphibian for a mascot. It was a good job. I knew the chair of the search committee and viewed them as a mentor.
But....his mentor had never advised students.
And it was my first real interview.
I had no clue.
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1. Really interesting piece imagining what a reborn, non-Trumpian Republican party might look like. #twitterstorians will be particularly interested in how the author draws on 18th century, Classical Republican ideals.…
2. Many points stand out to me. This, for example, is one of the more honest, conservative reckonings with that tradition's support for historical forms of oppression and exclusion that I've seen.
3. I'm struck by this disavowal of the simplistic, Buckley-ite formulation that American conservatism must be the negation of a straw figure caricature of "liberalism."
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just a reminder: it isn't coincidental that the site for this project is a medieval monastery (a brief thread). 1/ #medievaltwitter…
the Middle Ages - as many have shown - have been a site of origins for the "West" since, well, a long time. this was particularly prominent in the 19th c as the incipient nation-state looked for its genesis in the period after the end of a unified Rome. 2/
white supremacists today - both in Europe & US - have adopted that ideology from the 19th c, which was mixed (as it necessarily would be) with other 19th-c ideas like race science, colonialism, imperialism, etc. 3/…
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As the new cycle of academic conferences is about to launch, here’s some advice for #Twitterstorians hoping to secure their first book contract and facing looming deadlines to have their #tenure dossier in order 1/
Editors (who are all under enormous pressures of their own) will show interest, say all the right things. They will show genuine interest in your manuscript...but they can’t guarantee that your book will be out by *your* professional deadline. 2/
Some editors have dozens and dozens of books in the pipeline. For every prize-winning book, there are many more that received considerably less attention because, hey, there are only so many hours in a day. 3/
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Thinking about how to explain #publichistory and #digitalhistory scholarship to colleagues on academic #tenure and promotion committees, especially those who are used to sole-authored books as the gold standard #dh #digitalhumanities 1/15
The core of the work is familiar: conceptualization, research, and writing (even if the ultimate presentation is not in the form of prose). The work is original and interpretive, just like traditional monographic scholarship. 2/15
But #publichistory’s attention to #sharedauthority means that the work is developed in cooperation with the public, a process that sometimes provokes conflict and controversy that the scholar has to manage. Sometimes great potential projects can’t come to fruition. 3/15
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Proud of @SouthernLaborSA's Board - we stand in complete solidarity w @UNC's Black Faculty & brave graduate students in calling for the immediate removal of white supremacist #ConfederateMonuments like #SilentSam.

There is absolutely NO moral ambiguity here. Only right & wrong.
I hope this helps nudge other historical and academic associations to also condemn @UNC for plans to build a NEW #ConfederateMonument to house #SilentSam, complete with a private police force.

#twitterstorians #blktwitterstorians @lawcha_org @AHAhistorians @The_OAH @myHNN
Letter referenced by @SouthernLaborSA, authored by @UNC's Black Faculty:…
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There are four things (at least happening here. Not all of them are terrible (most are). /0
1) There's a broad crisis in enrollment in the humanities, mostly because parents want kids to take job-specific majors. Training for the jobs of yesterday, mostly.
2) History weathered earlier enrollment dips in humanities better than some, so has farther to fall.
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So a few weeks ago, I put together this list of historians I follow on Twitter (below), but I wanted to follow up with some recommendations for places you can find historians outside this place.…
First of all, there are a lot of terrific academic journals you can access online.

I'm on the board of @ModAmHist, so let me single it out for attention here:…
Second, lots of us write regularly for newspapers and magazines, providing historical context for contemporary events.

One of the best places is @madebyhistory at @PostOutlook, which is run by the trio of @pastpunditry @KathrynBrownell and @brianros1:…
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1/ Inquisitorial Trials can contain unexpected finds #2. In 1542, the Portuguese Inquisition arrested Diogo de Leao, a cobbler, on suspicion of being a crypto-Jew. For historians, his trial dossier contains an unexpected historical treasure.
2/ Among his possessions, they found a hoard of documents in Hebrew (wills/marriage contracts) dating from before the forced conversion of the Jews of Portugal by King Manuel in 1497.
3/ Some more examples....
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1/Thought-provoking interview with Jill Lepore in the @chronicle, but I just can't buy her argument that we historians have left public engagement to the journalists and the non-academic presidential historians.…
2/ I've made this argument before, and I will again: if you look at the pages of our major newspapers, including @nytimes and @washingtonpost, it's a veritable golden age for historians engaging the wide public.
3) The notable change from the days when Hofstadter and his ilk roamed the earth is that there are far more historians who enter the public fray today. The range of voices is greater than it was in the past, reflecting changes--to the better--in our profession.
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Some suggest Whitaker's appointment as AG is unprecedented. It is illegal, but unfortunately there's a long history of appointing partisan hacks, cronies, and corrupt insiders as AG, with disastrous results.
It's for structural reform. My draft paper: 1/…
2/ *It’s time for structural reform.
I address @walterdellinger’s claim: “Dellinger said there was no precedent for installing a political crony as attorney general at the very moment that he could decide the fate of a federal investigation involving the president.”
Not exactly.
3/ My paper suggests that this is not correct, depending on a broad interpretation of a "very moment." First, Nixon appointed Richard Kleindienst as AG after the Watergate break-in was already being investigated and prosecuted. Kleindienst himself was a crook inside the DOJ...
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First panel of the #2018SHA (it's what's being used by the @JourSouHist) is the Hanger Memorial Panel on Belief, Belonging, and Blasphemy in the Haitian Revolution Era, featuring @JuliaGaffield, @DrEricaJohnson, Chaz Yingling, and Maria Cecilia Ulrickson #SHA2018
Matt Childs opens up by acknowledging the work of Dr. Kimberly Hanger, a past president of the Latin American and Caribbean Section and distinguished scholar of Spanish New Orleans / Louisiana. #2018SHA
I'm very excited for this panel, as some of these scholars I've known since our (very) early grad school days. #2018SHA
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Dress, 1855-65 #twitterstorians
American, 1852
Love the vibrant colors.
American, c. 1850.
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Prepacking for #2018SHA! Lemme know if you want a signed copy of #MasterlessMen, & we'll have a #giveaway of Reconsidering Southern Labor History at the Duke/UNC/@SouthernLaborSA reception!
Y'all please come join us for a @SouthernLaborSA reception, co-sponsored with Duke & UNC, Friday Nov. 9 at 5 pm. We'll have a Reconsidering Southern Labor History book #giveaway!

Please #RT - everyone welcome!🌟🌟🌟

#2018SHA #twitterstorians #blktwitterstorians #labor #South
Just got a new shipment of business cards - right in time for #2018SHA.🔥🔥🔥

And yessss, that *is* hot pink.💅
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I've been reading Civil War history for 20 years and I can say with a certain level of confidence that some of the most innovative and important scholarship in the field has been published this year. #twitterstorians
OK, here is a short list of some of my favorite books from 2018. Let's start with @EthanKytle and @BlainRoberts1 *Denmark Vesey's Garden*. This is as good an introduction to Civil War memory as you will find.
I just finished reading Jason Phillips's incredibly insightful book, *Looming Civil War: How Nineteenth-Century Americans Imagined the Future.*
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Friends, sister survivors and #twitterstorians: If you've read or know about the history in "At the Dark End of the Street" please help me out: In 1959 Betty Jean Owens was kidnapped and brutally raped by four white men in Tallahassee, Florida. She testified in a Jim Crow court..
in front of an all-white, all-male jury. She was a student at #FAMU & her fellow students rallied to her defense & demanded justice. It was a major campus movement BEFORE sit-ins. She spoke out decades before women took back the night or said #MeToo Defense attys accused her of..
being a stereotypical jezebel & claimed the assailants were just having fun. She was bound & gagged & assaulted for hours. She resisted, but they were armed. Her testimony secured life sentences for her assailants. It was the first time white men got life for raping a black woman
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1. I feel like I owe @MaxBoot an explanation and a bit of an apology for this response that I dashed off this morning when I read his tweet that inaccurately claimed that sectarian bloodshed and political terrorism doesn't happen here in America.
2. A generous interpretation was that Max meant that statement as an aspirational one, as a statement that these are not the ideals that America should stand for. That I agree with 100%
3. But here's the problem. When one implies that "this is not us, this is not who we are," one implicitly obscures the historical experiences of virtually all non-white people who have ever lived in America.
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Here’s a roundup of excellent threads from #Twitterstorians contextualizing the (generally terrible) news this week and debunking some pernicious myths.
@pastpunditry on how the anti-Semitism in Charlottesville last year went down the media memory hole.
@C_Stroop on Time magazine's dangerous normalization of Christian nationalism.
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1. This has got to be one of the worst pieces that @TIME has ever printed.

Replacing “white nationalism” with a return to Protestant nationalism is going to solve our polarization problem? Uh...

I’ve already found today’s “Holy shit!” moment. It demands a thread.

2. There’s so much wrong with @yhazony’s argument that it’s difficult to know where to start. But let’s take this notion that nationalism gets a bad rap. It’s true that historians, sociologists, et al. distinguish nationalism from jingoism. But does that mean nationalism is good?
3. Scholars of modern nationalism have often noted it as an empirical phenomenon that becomes a predominant source of identity in modern Europe, particularly in the wake of the French Revolution. More recently some have identified an English nation as early as the 16th century.
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