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Thread: for those interested in such things, the revised Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classifications are out. Focusing on the areas I'm involved in, a few things to note. #research #twitterstorians #GLAM #universities
Starting with the FoR (Field of Research) codes, under 43: History, heritage and archaeology we have Heritage, archive and museum studies, which includes: Archival, repository and related studies; Critical heritage, museum and archive studies; and Digital heritage. Image
Historical studies is also under 43. Good to see the 'excluding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history' has been removed from the 'Australian history' code. Also, note 430306: Digital history Image
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In my undergrad #HistoryofMexico class @RutgersU this semester, I gave students the option to create digital timelines using @knightlab's TimelineJS. The results were innovative and inspiring! #twitterstorians #digitalhistory (1/
Students made creative use of digital source material & media on wide range of topics. I was impressed by their willingness to experiment with new formats. Sources incl. historical newspapers, docs from digital collections, archival photos, video, audio, oral histories, maps (2/
Why is a digital timeline assignment an effective #teaching tool? It prompted students to put different types of sources into conversation and to write succinctly while still engaging analytically. I pointed them to #digitalarchives but some also found their own sources. (3/
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As Mississippi prepares to redesign their state flag it's important that legislators pick an innovative design instead of one with ties to the Confederacy and its racist and white supremist legacy. Gather round #twitterstorians let us review rebel southern flags…1/
The most recognizable today is the ‘battle flag,’ or ‘St. Andrew’s Cross.’ The rebel govt, however, had 3 official flags with numerous variants: the ‘stars and bars’, the ‘stainless banner’ & finally the ‘blood-stained banner’. 2/
Less known, the bonnie blue was commonly used as an unofficial flag at the time. Slavers first used the flag in 1810 for the Republic of West Florida & the Republic of Texas used a version w/ a yellow star. After 1861, secessionists flew it at the Mississippi capitol….3/
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Let's talk about the local Confederate monument in Douglas County, GA for a sec. #Twitterstorians #Monuments #LocalHistory #DouglasCounty

THREAD Douglas County Confederate Monument, dedicated 1914, in fron
The American Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. Douglas County was founded in 1870. Yet we have a Confederate monument standing on the lawn of our current courthouse that reads "1861-1865 Douglas County Heroes." Again, Douglas County did not exist at the time. Douglas County Confederate Monument side description, dedica
To be quite clear on this matter: the Confederacy's purpose was to maintain and expand slavery, this went hand in hand with white supremacy. Here's the Cornerstone Speech from the Georgian VP of the Confederacy that lays it out quite clearly.…
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We are living through a terrible time in many ways, but it is a Golden Age for public-facing history. No major pundit, as far as I’m aware, has as consistently & powerfully drawn on historical scholarship to explain the present than ⁦@jbouie⁩./1…
And thanks to @madebyhistory in @washingtonpost, @TheAtlantic @contingent_mag @BostonReview @NewYorker and many other magazines & editorial pages, historians are sharing their research I. Written form with the public in a way that dwarfs the era of the “New York Intellectuals.”/2
Furthermore there are so many amazing podcasts that are either historical in nature of that frequently feature historians and historical topics. Not room to mention them all but the various podcasts of the @NewBooksNetwork showcase a huge variety of historical scholarship. /3
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As Confederate statues come down, I'm reminded of what still needs to go up. Encourage @Reagan_Airport & @Amazon to memorialize those enslaved at Abingdon: "The Virginia portion of Amazon’s HQ2 should acknowledge what lies beneath"… #slaveryarchive #DC
If you visit Abingdon ruins today, you will be transported to the past - but not to the era of slavery -- to the 1990s. At this site of a former plantation, there is no mention of the enslaved, slavery, or enslavement. Signage is entirely about enslavers. #AbingdonEasyFix 2/10
Inside the old terminal's exhibit hall, at the bottom corner of one display case, you can find the only reference to slavery. #AbingdonEasyFix 3/10
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I want to share a few thoughts on why I'm loving #AlbertPike eating dirt. It's probably not for the reasons you think. Yes, he was a Confederate general (a terrible one). But on the outset of the Civil War, Pike played a role in dragging several Native nations into the war. 1/
In 1861, Indian Territory (now OK) held the Five Tribes: Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek (Muscogee), and Seminole. These tribes enjoyed limited sovereignty, were slaveowning, and deeply reliant upon U.S. money. The U.S. bounced at war's start, leaving the Indians alone. 2/
Enter Albert Pike, a clever/pompous Arkansas lawyer who's been appointed commissioner to the Five Tribes by the CSA. He's represented several tribes legally before. Pike starts with the Cherokee, but is told to buzz off by Chief John Ross who prefers neutrality. 3/
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Takeaways from "Searching for Black Confederates" by @KevinLevin
1. Confed soldiers seem to be constantly surprised when slaves ran away from the Confed. Army. Where are they going? We've taken care of them and then the first chance they get they run off? I can't believe it! 🤣
2. Former slaves played a part in Confed. Army reunions through the 30s and 40s. Mr.'s Perry, Shields and Divinity amongst others, are used as examples in the book. They played the white people of the time to get better treatment, meals and support. Good for them.
3. Young black people have always been labeled "uppity" and radical by older whites who liked their less radical parents and grandparents. They were called this in the early 1900s. They were called that in the 1960s. They are called that today. We shouldn't fall for it.
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The past few weeks have got me thinking about ways to expand public awareness of slavery. One way can be to highlight how the history of slavery touches a wide variety of locations throughout the U.S., especially where not immediately obvious. #twitterstorians #publichistory 1/?
To show how this can be done, I'll take the example of Kolomoki Mounds State Park in Georgia, the site of Native American mounds dating from 350-600 C.E. 2/?
I've visited Kolomoki on many occasions, as my local church group held summer camps there. For me, however, the site bears a more personal significance as it is also the former home of my 4x-great-grandfather and his family. Here I am in front of their graves. 3/?
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[Thread] On Trump's appropriation of Nazi symbols (yes, really)

It looks like others (@IwriteOK) have brought this up, but, the Trump campaign is using an unmistakably #Holocaust image for political purposes, so, let's talk about this.…
Here is the detailed ad info from @facebook. It didn't last long but looked to be a hit in...Texas.

(h/t to @MFrancisWrites who included this in his Medium article

FB Ad data:
The ad was created (or placed) for the Trump campaign by @RedCurvSolution, a conservative fundraising and management firm run by a former Romney campaigner.

@TomCottonAR was a that's fun.
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[THREAD] On defunding the police and the Nazis

Apparently, the meme below has been going around comparing moves to defund the police to the Nazi rise to power. It's apparently made its way from 4chan and
@reddit to @Facebook so, let's talk about this.
B͟o͟t͟t͟o͟m͟ ͟l͟i͟n͟e͟ ͟u͟p͟ ͟f͟r͟o͟n͟t͟: Nope. That ain't right. Not even a little bit.

As usual, the conservative Meme and Clownsuit Factory is playing fast and loose with history in an attempt to discredit the left and scare people.
They do this with gun control, too. And they are equally wrong.…
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IHR Director, Prof. Jo Fox, is among 50 signatories to today's lead letter in The Times on the need to teach colonial history in schools.

Coordinated by @RunnymedeTrust and @JJtodd1966

Full text below. 1/6

#TeachRaceMigrationEmpire #twitterstorians…
"We have witnessed a huge outpouring in response to George Floyd’s tragic death. In the UK many are also drawing attention to this country’s record on racial justice. Both the UK and US are haunted by failing to accurately acknowledge their pasts.

One key recommendation of the Windrush Lessons Learned Review is that the Home Office should teach its staff about Britain’s colonial history and migration. We welcome this call to address Britain’s colonial legacies, histories of migration and settlement,

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1/ Because everybody including #twitterstorians has apparently forgotten one of the first things we all read in grad school, here is a quick rehash on why it is perfectly consonant to be a critical historian and cheer on the destruction of racist statues and Confederate buildings
2/ “On the uses and advantages of history for life” after Nietzsche points out we are not cows and hence have pasts, he identifies three types of people who tend to the past in society
3/ Of the monumental historian, he summed up their unofficial motto by saying, “let the dead bury the living.” If you want to die under the weight of an ugly late 19th C statue of some slave-trader go right ahead but that is not preserving history.
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It’s been extremely encouraging to witness surge of energy among Asians for #BlackLivesMatter. From media coverage to countless online+offline convos to solidarity statements to direct actions, I’m hopeful that this groundswell will last. 1/x

Love this graphic by @kalamendoza
Based on queries I’ve been fielding from journalists + DM’s from people ranging from high schoolers to retirees, rounding up some reflections, links, + suggestions for further reading + doing 2/
The fact that there there’s been sprinkling of media coverage on (US+Asia) is a hopeful sign , suggesting that people throughout our communities are truly receptive to understanding how anti-blackness operates in American life 3/
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#twitterstorians! I am preparing a Yr.9 class on the causes of #WW2. What would you choose as your one main reason? I will use your answers if you reply. Thanks!

@robert_lyman @James1940 @WarGen39_45 @RobertGlenniePT @WW2Talk @Alan_Allport @ReassessHistory @marksimner
Fabulous! Thanks everyone for such prompt replies!

Last half term of remote learning to go (we hope!). It would be nice to be back in a classroom in September (my school has been delivering full timetable remote teaching since Easter).
Loving the extra-European replies. I was wondering if responses would look beyond Europe, and answers linking Japan to Versailles and 'European' matters also appreciated.

Great stuff, keep it coming, and I will have to curate, maybe that thread thingy would be best...
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1/ Good morning students and teachers,

Tonight at 8pm, @Histflix on twitter will be hosting a social viewing of the Academy Award nominated documentary 13th. #histflix #dochuistory
2/ This powerful film traces the history of African Americans and the criminal justice system since the ratification of the 13th Amendment following the Civil War. This film will give you some important context to the anger that people are feeling across America right now.
3/ I encourage you to join us in watching and discussing the film. We all simultaneously push play on the film on Netflix or YouTube at 8pm. You can communicate with others via the hashtag #histflix

Here is the trailer to the film.
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ok, so a couple of things've published recently on "neo-feudalism" and a "return to the Middle Ages." these pieces are both nonsense but reveal a lot about popular conceptions of (a) the Euro Middle Ages, and (b) doing history in general. 1/ #medievaltwitter #twitterstorians
this by an urban geographer posits a "return to feudalism" accelerated by the pandemic. there's a whole book apparently. 2/…
and this by a political science professor who specializes in American election law argues that we're treating Pres. Trump like a pope and we should rid ourselves of religious superstition. yay modernity. 3/…
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Ways that Donald Trump is just like Henry Ford, And Why That’s Not Good for American Democracy: a Tweetstorm
On Thursday, speaking at a Ford Motor Company plant, Donald Trump paid his latest homage to Henry Ford 1/
lauding the family’s “good bloodlines” with Ford’s great grandson in the front row. Ford, like Trump, was obsessed with bloodlines—with the idea that race and genetic origins determined who counted as the “best people.” 2/…
Trump has put antisemitism at the center of his administration’s vision of America as a white nationalist ethnostate. Like Ford, he has built a nationwide public following by signaling his approval of a racially structured society. 3/…
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Doing research from home can be difficult, particularly when looking at antiracism in Britain. So we have brought you this thread to highlight some digitised resources that researchers can use from home. #twitterstorians
The Institute of Race Relations’ website contains lots of resources incl a directory of their journal Race and Class – you can read these articles online for free
There are some interesting books available to borrow from the National Emergency Library, incl books by Paul Gilroy, and Racism and antiracism: inequalities, opportunities, and policies (1992)…
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1/3 Watch steam+motor propulsion extend sailing season into rough weather seasons 1845-1915:
#fossilfuel shipping -> more speed, predictability AND duration of season.

#climhist #envhist #dkvid #dkhist #LivingOnTheEdge #twitterstorians #coastalhistory #EarthDay2020
2/3 1825 North Sea storm flood -> Breaching sand dune barriers northwest Denmark -> access between The North Sea and Limfjord -> natural disaster providing new shipping route ...

#maritime #history #twitterstorians #dkvid #dkhist #envhist #climhist #oceanspast #EarthDay2020 Image
3/3....Connecting Limfjord area to wider World

One of many topics in @DFF_raad funded project: Living on the Edge:

#maritime #history #twitterstorians #dkvid #dkhist #envhist #climhist #oceanspast #EarthDay2020 Image
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As a PhD candidate in my final(ish) year (I hope to submit by the end of summer, but COVID-induced library closures is making this difficult), it has occurred to me that I am extraordinarily bad at networking. 1/14 #AcademicChatter #twitterstorians #academictwitter #phdchatter
I only really began presenting at conferences last year; and though I'd been accepted to three for this year, all of them have been cancelled due to the global pandemic. 2/14 #AcademicChatter #twitterstorians #academictwitter #phdchatter
On top of this, I am quite a shy person who struggles frequently with impostor syndrome, which makes it difficult for me to "sell" myself when I do try to network. 3/14 #AcademicChatter #twitterstorians #academictwitter #phdchatter
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Hello #polyam history fam! We return from a bit of a hiatus because 1) it seems there's a worldwide pandemic on and 2) your authors were preparing and then editing (and editing and editing) a article on the work we are doing, which will form part of the introduction Image
and the theory that will eventually underlie our book. We will be sharing more about this in the future!

If you are reading this, we hope you and yours are safe&sound&healthy&staying inside! This is one of the harder challengs the #polyamory #polyam community
has faced--challenges about quarantining, not being able to see other partners, and, in some cases, being trapped with abusive partners, but from the bottom of both of our hearts we hope that all are safe and quarantining--we're all in this together now <3
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#TodayinHistory in 1521, #Magellan arrives in Zubut/Zzubu (#Cebu, #PH), and is welcomed by the "King" of this island—Raja Humabon. Relevant pages of these #incunabula (French & Italian manuscripts, c. 1522-25) by Magellan's chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta. #twitterstorians
Translation excerpt: "Sunday, the 7th of April, about midday, we entered the port of Zzubu, having passed by many villages. There[171] we saw many houses which were built on trees. On approaching the principal town the captain-general commanded all his ships... 1/
... to hang out their flags. Then we lowered the sails in the fashion in which they are struck when going to fight, and he had all the artillery fired, at which the people of this place were greatly frightened. 2/
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Part 1/?
First of all, because of many factors, you don't find it, it finds you.

While working with tagging the digital Swedish colonial archives of Saint-Barthélemy as a part of the #SweCarCol project, an interesting swathe of documents turn up in an unexpected place.

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