"Will Brexit affect touring musicians?"

The BBC published this article THREE DAYS after the referendum. It has been a known issue the entire time.

And yet now the Tory wreckers are professing surprise?
Or how about this piece in the Guardian from November 2016, warning about EXACTLY the problems musicians are facing now?
Ok, ok, so those examples are from after the referendum.

How about all the people who warned what would happen BEFORE the 2016 vote?
Yes, there was plenty of information about the problem, alright...
Indeed, the Musicians' Union warned of issues too... Here they are, sounding the alarm in April 2016.

(Bear in mind they had not the slightest idea what shape a future Brexit deal might take - the referendum was still months away!)
And here's a classical music blogger, who made a pretty good fist of breaking down most of the key problems in May 2016.

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17 Feb
The Express are hyper-obsessed with Brexit.

So far today, they've published 28 stories on the subject - and it's not even 5pm!

- EU as bully
- EU scared
- Other countries want to leave
- Ha ha ha, Brexit is hurting the EU
- EU failing over the vaccine
- Unfair red tape
At today's pace, that would be over 10,000 negative propaganda stories a year. Such single-minded mania explains a lot.

It is not even a tiny bit surprising that their regular readers are left with a blinkered, funhouse mirror world of reality.

How could they not be? Seriously.
But we can get a much more precise estimate of the extent of their propaganda war...

They have published 87,664 stories that mention Brexit.

Of those, 2,860 date back to before the referendum.

So that means they've published 84,804 stories about Brexit in 1,700 days. 50 a day!
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16 Feb
Culture wars would be impossible without the internet and social media...

Take a fringe view, held by a few people per town. Before, it would never have reached critical mass.

But now those people can find likeminded souls all over the world, swelling their numbers to millions.
What happens when lots of like-minded people congregate in one place (even remotely)? A whole ecosystem develops to leech off them.

Thus the rise of far-right news channels in the US (and soon, the UK too), radio shock jocks, etc. etc.
But something more dangerous happens too: mutual reinforcement.

Whatever conspiracy theory or knuckle-dragging societal viewpoint you subscribe to, you will have a never-ending stream of people all too willing to confirm your worldview.

You bolster theirs. They bolster yours.
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16 Feb
"Travellers in quarantine hotels in England face an additional bill of up to £1,200 if they test positive for coronavirus during their stay, the government has revealed."

They have to pay to extend quarantine. Takes them close to £3,000. 😱 theguardian.com/world/2021/feb…
Boris Johnson's dismissive answer (paraphrased): since it's illegal to go on holiday at the moment, they jolly well ought to pay.

A) It hasn't been illegal throughout the pandemic. People may have left the UK before it was illegal
B) People travel for non-holiday reasons
Why not have a system like in Japan, where people are not allowed to use public transport from the airport? (They have to be picked up by family members, or take a "covid secure" special taxi.)

Then they self-isolate at home, with regular checks. (Done properly, no cut corners!)
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14 Feb
UK Government referendum leaflet, 2016: Brexit could result in 10 years or more of uncertainty.

Dominic Raab, 2021: You have to take a 10-year view of Brexit to see the growth opportunities. (Paraphrased.)

Project Fear? Project Fact! ImageImage
Here's more about what Raab said...
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12 Feb
Donald Trump's impeachment defence is weird because his lawyer is bringing up stuff he says the Democrats didn't mention, when they did.

They spent a long time analysing what Trump did in the afternoon, but he's pretending the Democrats only addressed his conduct after 6pm.
He's also claiming the Democrats didn't explain what Trump did when, whereas all the exhibits they presented were meticulously time-stamped.
Plus the idea that evidentiary videos are better with film trailer-like music soundtracks is just... odd.
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12 Feb
Whoever "Corporate Travel Management (North) Ltd" is, they've just hit the jackpot!

They seem to be behind both the £1,750 quarantine hotels, and the mandatory £210 Covid home testing kits (for travellers arriving from destinations not on the Red List).
The link from the official government webpage takes you to this mid-1990s style gateway page.
From there, you can head to the CTM-branded "Managed Quarantine" hotel booking page...

Or alternatively to the CTM-branded "Covid testing package" booking page.

In other words, their fingerprints are all over the whole thing!
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