A pal shared this site with me, and I'm pleased to announce I've made Twilight Sparkle say "I blew out my butthole" with astonishing accuracy of tone and verve. 15.ai
This site does a pretty good Daria Morgendorffer, too. voca.ro/18rrKKH1k5YH
Beginning to sense no one in my Discord appreciates Spongebob's musical genius??

Now Fluttershy how is that REMOTELY appropriate >:C voca.ro/19PU2LhL2gQr
GlaDOS a little decorum please this is unseemly

This lack of gratitude is profoundly unbecoming, Spongebob


• • •

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14 Feb
Was listening to The Great Fail podcast, I think it was, the Quibi episode? And a guest hypothesized that the concept of "traditional" stardom was obsolete, or at least getting there.

That is to say, we're approaching a time when there just aren't "stars" EVERYONE knows.
And the longer I think about it, the more I agree.

I've lost track of the number of "famous" people with a fanbase in the millions I literally only hear about after they're basically over, or when they fuck up badly.
Half the time I settle in for a half-hour of YouTube teaspill bullshit, I have to Google the subject.

Your parents or grandparents would have never, EVER slow-blinked and been like "I'm sorry, Lucille Ball who? Tom Cruise what?"
Read 4 tweets
7 Feb
Classic geek social fallacies, really. Don't Rock The Boat! Just quietly cut contact without explanation.
Honestly, in retrospect, it was surreal as fuck. Dude was practically in a trance, saying the same shit over and over. We quit with the nervous ha-ha-yeahs early, and he just kept going.
(Also, I believe that, in your twenties, a lot of people, especially introvert nerdy types who perhaps spent the 2000s thinking "I'm gunna make COMIX on the INNERNET," are still getting a bead on what's socially normal/acceptable.)
Read 4 tweets
7 Feb
OH, another Old Comics Story, which I can't verify as true, but heard multiple times from multiple ppl and am inclined to believe.

The National Cartoonists Society is like, the newspaper comic country club. Rich old men who hire ppl to draw what they inherited from their dads.
The NCS has a convention, but not like a "comics convention." It's closed to the public, there's a black tie banquet, etc. etc.

Supposedly, the story goes, one year, someone proposed they have a "meet-the-public" day. Let the rabble in for handshakes.
And enough people said "Sure" that they tried it. Set up tables, advertised, prepared for the crowds.

And the crowds CAME.

And beelined it to one table.

Bill Watterson's.
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7 Feb
Entire strip is behind a paywall now (LOL), but it was about how Webcomics Don't Make Money And Never Will, You Loser. All of them were, really.
An important element to understanding this shit is knowing a lot of newspaper guys, at one point every one who bothered to even have public opinion on the matter, had incredibly bizarre and self-obsessed theories about webcomics. The primary one being we were out to destroy them.
It went something like

-We were all obviously failed newspaper cartoonist aspirants jealous of their platform/wealth/talent/etc.
-Therefore, we devised a plan to put comics online for free, so ppl wouldn't buy papers for them
-OBVIOUSLY the only reason anyone bought newspapers??
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6 Feb
Wanna know what happened? I mean, other than the entrenchment of ad-blockers.
By the time it was shuttered, it had run its course, I agree with that. It was time to go. But it was near-unusable LONG before that, thanks to ppl gaming the shit out of it and ruining the spirit in which it had been founded.
For folks unfamiliar: Project Wonderful was an ad network that wasn't EXCLUSIVELY for webcomics, but heavily used by webcomic artists and other "geek media" type sites. It was grassroots, easy to be a part of, and ran on an auction model.
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6 Feb
LOL god, early webcomics was rough.

- No Patreon.
- No Kickstarter.
- No Webtoons.
- No Gumroad.
- Few, if any, e-z auto-storefronts.
- Also the rest of comics openly hated/mocked you.
Replying to
Also, this was the time when people were straight-up "Oh, I don't spend money on the internet, I don't trust it. What if Paypal runs off with my credit card number?"

Yes, really.

The one reliable way to make steady money?


Let me introduce you to the concept of the CASCADE.

Early 2000s internet ad revenue was... something else. Five-fig payouts! And the key to min-maxing it was

1) Getting on the best ad networks, and
2) Making sure your ad banner code (hand-coded!) was ALWAYS serving SOMETHING.
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