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22 Feb, 13 tweets, 7 min read
@Vincredible__ Do you know W.E.B DuBois?

W.E.B DuBois was a founder of the NAACP and Japan was his comrade.…
@Vincredible__ Do you know African Samurai "Yasuke"?
In the 1600's, Shogun Oda Nobunaga took over an African who was a servant of missionaries and made him an official samurai. Yasuke was part of Nobunaga's entourage and saw him through to his end.
@Vincredible__ Do you know what the world was like before WW2?
Africa and Asia was European colony except for Japan and Thailand.
@Vincredible__ WW2 in Asia was a Race war.

Asia and Africa were able to become independent because Japan fought against the West.
And the fall of Europe started after WW2 due to loosing all colonies.
@Vincredible__ After Japan was defeated by the US, the Dutch tried to re-colonize Indonesia.
Even after WW2,thousands of Japanese soldiers stayed in Indonesia and fought and died with Indonesians in the Indonesian War of Independence.
@Vincredible__ Even now, every year on Indonesian Independence Day, Indonesian ambassadors and Japanese government officials in Japan celebrate in front of the statue of General Sudirman that Indonesia donated to Japan.
@Vincredible__ And do you know the difference between a colony and an annexation?
Colony is the use of the people of a country or a region as just a labor force.
Annexation means to treat the people of a country or a region as citizens.
@Vincredible__ When Japan won the Russo-Japanese War, Asians, Middle Easterns, Africans, and African America rejoiced.
It was a major turning point in the history of the world.
Because Japan, a country of Colored , had defeated Russia, a White superpower.
@Vincredible__ Soon after that, over 1 million of the 12 million Koreans sent telegrams to Japan asking for annexation.
It was the beginning of the annexation of Korea.
Former JP PM Ito opposed the annexation, but a Korean man assassinated him, which accelerated the move toward annexation.
@Vincredible__ Before Japan annexed Korea, 40 %of Koreans were slaves and 90% of Koreans were illiterate.
Japan gave them all infrastructure, sanitation, education and doubled the population of Koreans, who had an average life expectancy of 26 years.
@Vincredible__ During the Japan era, Korean commoners attended school for the first time.

Had Europe ever provided education to the commoners of Asia and Africa that it colonized?
@Vincredible__ Japan ruled Taiwan for 50 years.
Japan took same policy to Taiwan and Korea.

However, unlike Korea, Japan and Taiwan have always maintained a good relationship.
Have you never thought it's odd?

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20 Feb
There are many articles about the crimes: looting, rape, arson, bombing committed by Koreans immediately after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
@2016Bernie2020 @ruth08287197
@LynneleeRevis @petti_cash @Washerein17 @impishhern5
@WinThymeAgain @LongfellowJean @Hollander66 @savagestate Image
"A number of Korean terrorists were confirmed to have taken advantage of the Great Kanto Earthquake to carry out subversive activities under orders from the Koryo (Korean) Communist Party and other from abroad" Image
"A vigilante caught a Korean wandering near the town's only drinking water supply and found him in possession of poison"

”A Korean man took advantage of the darkness of the night and detonated a bomb, killing and wounding many Japanese"
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20 Feb
@kantei @yamazogaikuzo @aoyamashigeharu


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17 Feb
@nick_kapur @Harvard_Law Meanwhile, South Korean Professors and Politicians running for mayor of Seoul and Busan South Korea, sent a written statement in support of Professor Ramseyer to Harvard University.
@nick_kapur @Harvard_Law
..However, in the 30 years since the comfort women issue was raised, not a single document has been presented to prove that Korean women were forcibly taken away by Japanese government officials』
@nick_kapur @Harvard_Law The South Korean scholars said,
"Foreigners who consider themselves conscientious are using this issue to complement their own ideology, which is hindering the normalization of Japan-South Korea relations".
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15 Feb

Prof.Ramseyer's paper is almost identical to the findings of Lee Young-hoon (Former Prof of Seoul Univ )& Park Yuha (Prof.of Sejong Univ).
@YumikoFish @b_hollebeke @lloydletta @helnfitz @LarryVNN @Kate97417476 @JoaniSparkles @hsmcnp

Prof.Ramseyer's paper is almost identical to the findings of Lee Young-hoon (Former prof of Seoul Univ )& Park Yuha (Prof.of Sejong Univ).
@Rachel_McRea @robbinbythesea @Stlhd100 @EtiquetEveryday @WBowersGachesa @PattiLaura @RLAdlof @NazDreaming

Prof.Ramseyer's paper is almost identical to the findings of Lee Young-hoon (Former prof of Seoul Univ )& Park Yuha (Prof.of Sejong Univ).
@johnbla43361534 @MaryLouBolger @OOlere @elizabetm1 @Tesla1321 @DakiansD @Renee77641834 @neaner069
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12 Feb
@Robdekoter @Tamalanumber1 Do you believe that the US military are angels?

Have you ever read John Dower's "War without mercy"?
But what is written here is also an understatement.
@Robdekoter @Tamalanumber1 Why is it not a "crime against humanity" of the U.S. to indiscriminately bomb residential areas with nuclear bombs and fire retardant bombs, killing a million non-combatants in 66 Japanese cities that had already lost their combat capabilities at the end of the Pacific War?
@Robdekoter @Tamalanumber1 How could the Allies, who vomited so violently at the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews, justify the atomic bombings and indiscriminate bombings of Japan?

Aside from the genocide of the Jews, racism is rarely the subject of World War II accounts.
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