Unionists are complaining that they are not being listened to.
1921 - 1974 Old Stormont Regime - Complaints made about Unionist govt by Nationalists, Liberals & NI Labour.
Unionist response - "We're the majority. You Taigs & Lundys have to (cont'd 1) bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northe…
"dry your eyes, stop whinging and suck it up!"
1974 - 1997
Attempts to make a fair settlement in NI based on Consent of the whole community.
Unionist response -
"We're the majority you Taigs & Lundys should dry your eyes, suck it up and accept the solution we want" (cont'd 2)
1997 - 2006
UUP position - "OK, we accept the GFA and Consent but we're still the majority & in any disputes the Nationalists and Alliance have to accept what we want, dry their eyes, stop whinging & suck it up."
DUP - "The GFA is a betrayal! We're the majority so the (cont'd 3)
Taigs & Lundys should just dry their eyes, stop whinging & suck it up! "
2006 - 2016
DUP -"OK we accept the GFA & St Andrews Agreement on Consent but don't dare criticise us or expect us to listen because we're the majority & you Taigs & Lundys should just (cont'd 4)
"Dry your eyes, stop whinging & suck it up!"
UUP - sometimes post-GFA response, sometimes the same as the DUP.
Post Brexit referendum & 2017 Assembly election.
Alliance & others - "Look Brexit is going to cause real problems for NI. Either their will be a hard border (cont'd 5)
"on the island of Ireland or more likely the EU will back Ireland & the Tories will accept a Customs border down the Irish Sea in order to make sure that GB (England) will get the Hard Brexit they want."
DUP & UUP - "We're the majority ("Ah, no you're not"). (cont'd 6)
"Well, we won the referendum so you Taigs & Remoaners should stop project fear, dry your eyes, stop whinging, & suck it up!"
Before Boris shafts the Unionists by not giving them a veto on the continuation of the NI Protocol.
Alliance & others - "Look this is better (cont'd 7)
"no-deal but you do realise that Theresa May's deal was better & that Boris will still shaft you to get the Hard Brexit he wants?"
DUP & UUP - "No Boris & the Tories will stand by us and anyway. You lost the referendum so you Taigs & Remoaners should dry your eyes (cont'd 8)
"stop whinging & suck it up!"
After 2019 election & Withdrawal Agreement Bill.
DUP & UUP - "We've been screwed over." (Alliance & others - "Yeah we told you that would happen.") So everybody else should listen to us & give us what we want even though we have no alternative!" 9
So after not listening to anyone else for probably 85 - 90 of the last 100 years Unionists are using the principle of Consent & the GFA to say that they should be listened to & get their way no matter what.
A bit of humility & contrition would be appropriate. Ends

• • •

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20 Feb
Reading this article the word that came to mind is "blinkered". Then I realised that the one of the authors is Patrick Roche, once described to me as evidence that very smart people can be bigoted, and to be it started to make sense.
I agree with most of the criticisms of 1/
Nationalists and Republicans but the complete lack of criticism of the Stormont regime is staggering. My Granny told me a story about her father who had come to Belfast from across the water & voted for the NI Labour Party all his life here.
One of the reasons was 2/
a march to protest against unemployment in the Great Depression was organised from the Lower Newtownards Road to Stormont. It never left the Lower Newtownards Road as the protestors were beaten off it by the RUC acting on the orders of their UUP masters.
The old Stormont 3/
Read 5 tweets
17 Dec 20
Another poll has support for independence at over 50% & the SNP on course for an overall majority.
I have thought about how deal or no-deal affects this & I think that the SNP are in a win-win situation. A no-deal makes the tearing apart of the Union 1/
even more harmful and we have seen some of the Indy supporters spout the same nonsense about a British border being seamless as the DUP & ERG said about the Irish Border. However, the anger at Scotland being forced out of the EU without a deal "against its will", may be 2/
enough to carry a "Yes" to independence through to victory. Thus a win for the SNP.
In a deal situation the economic effect of a British Border is much less and even with less anger against Westminster, it becomes easier for the SNP to argue for independence.
Again a win. 3/
Read 4 tweets

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