Da{I.L.Y.} Words of Advice: Happiness IS Life Minus Expectations. Cherish it! Keep it Secret, keep it to yourSELF, lock it away and throw away the Key. The World will Do Anything to Take It. Kick you when you are down. Get up! Guard it. YOU are Worth it! (Part 1) ☀️☀️🌙🌠🌈🙏
Find yourself, Know Yourself & Love Yourself. It doesn't just happen, you need to work at Loving You EVERYday! Some call that being SELFish, I call it being REAL. True to Thyself. Love & Blessings. Creation (or, if you'd like to call it God) is NOT OUTside of You But Within. (2)
Lastly (But MIGHT Be Most Important), FORGIVE YOURSELF! Do NOT miss the GIFT of the PRESENT by Stressing the PAST & Worrying about a Future (that, truly, isn't EVER promised). Focus on What You Can Control. Your Mind. Your Word. Your Thoughts. Your Heart.

(Part 3)
AT_ONE_MENT(AL). Surrender. Release the Negativity in ALL Shapes, Sizes & Forms. They are Plentiful. And Parasitic. Negativity is like Contagious Disease that LOVES to Spread from 1 to the Other. Be the Change. If you wanna be a King or Queen (OR ANYTHING!) then ACT like ONE. P.4

• • •

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11 Jan
Everyone is hopefully familiar with the Plutonic Solids, I mean Platonic Solids, the '5 Shapes/ Elements that make up the Whole Universe, which are directly linked to the Fibonacci Sequence & the Golden Spiral of Creation & Destruction, Breath, Spirit, Shakti/ Kundalini Energy. ImageImageImageImage
Let's take a Look at a Few Models by Plato, Johannes Kepler, & Leonardo Da Vinci's Divine Porportions. If everything has a Pole, an Opposite, then so must the Platonic Solids, right? The Universe is Built on Polarity & in turn Duality, the TAO, Yin Yang. So Where's the Duality? ImageImageImageImage
Here is the Golden Spiral & the Perfect Proportions of the Yin and Yang Symbol. The Positive & Negative, One & The None (Zero), Male & Female. What if the Sacred Geometry we are shown is the Esoteric Concepts, the Basic, Simplified Concepts, while the Exoteric Remains Hidden. ImageImageImageImage
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28 Nov 20
The MAGIC of the 3, 6, 9(216 or 333), Metatron's Cube & the 60 Digit Fibonacci Sequence. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 to 🦚 The last digit in each number forms part of a pattern that repeats after every 60th number and this 60 number pattern repeats all the way to INFINITY. #1
Why is Circle 360 Degrees? Why does a Clock go for 24 Hours? In Two 12 Hour Intervals? 60 Minutes? 60 seconds in a Minute? Why?
6 is the basis of this whole reality. 6 is the First WHOLE entity. Every Physical Object must have 6 Dimensions from it's point of Origin.
What does the Fibonacci Sequence look like 0:0,1 :1
2 : 1
3 : 2
4 : 3
5 : 5
6 : 8
7 : 13
8 : 21
9 : 34
10 : 55
11 : 89
12 : 144


In many Quablistic Traditions, Archangel Metatron controls the flow of energy (Gunas) in a Mystical Cube known as Metatron’s Cube.
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27 Nov 20
In the Bible Certian Verses are tied together thru Gematria. Look for 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 33, 34 for starters. You'll see the Patterns.
Thrice Greatest. 6 Wheels. 9 Keys.
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27 Nov 20
Mahadeva means "The Great God", an Epitaph of Lord Shiva. In Ancient Vedic Texts, every person began as an Asura. In later texts, they were split between Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Anti-Gods), "The Asuras who become Devas" by seeking knowledge, understanding, harmony and balanace.
Mantras (A Word/ Mystical Formula of Incantion) appear to increase endogenous neural oscillations in the low frequency delta-band, the posterior cingulate cortex. OM or AUM in the West (3rd Eye Symbol) is said to be the Sacred Word of Creation but is it? Is it Silent like Aleph?
The (Tir or) Thirumantiram (Sacred Mantra) written by Thirumoolar in the 2nd Century. The 10th of 12 Volumes of the Tirumari a key text of Shaiva Siddhartha. Who is Thirumoolar? 1 of the Original 18 Siddars or 'Celestial Being who Reached Spirtual Perfection' or the 63 Nayanmars.
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27 Nov 20
Sirius A, B, C. The Red Dog Star. The Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Childz. Paramashiva (Rudra/ Mahadeva), Tripura Sundari ( Sati/ Lalitha), and Kartikeya (Kumara/ God of War). Rudra means "The Red One". Kartikeya's Abode is 'Mangala', the Red Planet, Mars or The Rams.
The Trident represent this Holy Trinity and is the Sacred Weapon of Paramashiva.
Ishvara (Sanskrit: Supreme Soul, Personal God, Lord Siva) is another extremely important complex Concept. Each Person or Atman (Self/ Spirit/ Soul) is only able to obtain liberation (Moksha) from the Suffering (Samsara) of the Material World thru Wisdom, Moderation & Balance.
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26 Nov 20
Hekate the True Lightbearer ImageImageImageImage
Hekate, Keeper of the Keys. ImageImageImageImage
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